10 important projects in the blockchain

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important projects blockchain

Although I'd love to find the next Ethereum or basic attention Token, Why not invest in Ethereum or basic attention Token Well ?

 Very important in blockchain 10 A project

top Blockchain The project has obvious advantages over other projects . therefore , Instead of analyzing low-quality projects , Let's take a look at the former in the blockchain ecosystem 10 Name is the most important Cryptocurrency .

01 – The currency (BTC)

Financial freedom is measured in binary code . The currency

About which cryptocurrency is the most important , Is there really any debate ?

Bitcoin is by far the oldest 、 Most respected 、 The most valuable and popular cryptocurrency , No other coins or Token It's comparable to .

The value proposition of bitcoin is simple : A completely transparent internet currency , There is no bank to build trust , And protected by cryptography .

Bitcoin has never been hacked , It can resist inflation , And highly decentralized . What else can you ask for ?

02 – The etheric fang (ETH)

Ethereum is the first encryption project to implement smart contracts on a large scale .

No Ethereum , There will be no DeFi and NFT. Almost all advanced applications of blockchain technology are made by ETH Created by . They even have a smart contract called dead man switch , It acts as a will and activates after your death .

“ Although most technologies tend to automate peripheral workers to perform trivial tasks , But blockchain will automate the center . Blockchain is not to let taxi drivers lose their jobs , Rather let Uber unemployment , Let taxi drivers work directly with customers .“——Vitalik Buterin, The creator of Ethereum

Ethereum now needs something simple to develop . It needs better marketing , It needs to provide better information for mainstream audiences , Like I like Vitalik equally , Ethereum needs a more attractive spokesperson .

03 – Rayleigh wave currency (XRP)

XRP Did not get rid of traditional finance , Instead, try to use blockchain technology to improve the existing monetary system ,XRP It's the bank's cryptocurrency , So it's one of the most controversial coins in the crypto ecosystem .

Although other cryptocurrencies often try to decentralize , but XRP Is the first massively popular centralized enterprise encryption .

 Very important in blockchain 10 A project

Ripple Labs The recent legal disputes make many people think that XRP It will soon die . However , For now , The worst seems to be over ,Ripple Our prices are ready to fall sharply .

Put aside the controversy ,XRP It is one of the most technologically advanced coins on the market , And it is still one of the most influential cryptocurrencies in existence .

04 – Cardano (ADA)

Cardano By the former Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson On 2017 Launched in 2013 , It is the second largest smart contract platform , There's a lot to prove .

Cardano It's a Lamborghini without any gasoline . It looks beautiful , With all these cool features , But it doesn't work on shit .

Cardano The project running on is zero , One of them just ended a scam .

If we don't have a Cardano smart contract by the end of the year , I would say that caldano withdrew from the competition —— Even in the long run .Solana、Polkadot and Polygon And other blockchain projects have threatened Cardano As the second smart contract platform .

05 – Chainlink(LINK)

Although there are hundreds of different DeFi Token, but Chainlink As one of the leaders of decentralized Finance , Still in the lead .

On a technical level ,Chainlink It is a decentralized data Oracle , Designed to provide interoperability between blockchain based networks and external data sources .

DeFi Like a fresh pepperoni pizza , and Chainlink Like a pizza knife . No tool , You can still enjoy pizza , But it's more hasty and complex . You need external help to improve process efficiency .

 Very important in blockchain 10 A project

Thanks a lot Chainlink, Decentralized exchange (DEXes) It can easily provide users with accurate external asset prices .

Chainlink The possible applications of are endless , That's why LINK It will continue to be one of the most promising cryptocurrencies on the market .

06 – Monroe money (XMR)

Although at market value , Monroe coins may not be the largest Token, But based on the number of active developers , It is the third largest Token, Second only to bitcoin and Ethereum .

therefore , Monroe coins can be regarded as one of the most technologically advanced cryptocurrencies ,Monero The main advantage of is its high privacy .

“ On the bitcoin blockchain , You can see the wallet address of the transaction 、 Number of bitcoins 、 source 、 Whereabouts ,”

“ For Monroe coins ,[ Blockchain ] Confused the wallet address 、 Transaction amount 、 Who is the counterparty , This is almost exactly what the bad guys want ,”

With the Monroe money , No one knows how much you have Token、 Where do you get them and what do you do with them .

Of course , This makes Monroe coins the main Token. But in this age of media surveillance , Its high degree of privacy should be celebrated .

No other cryptocurrency can provide a similar degree of anonymity , This is it. XMR The reason for the increasing popularity .

07 – Poca (DOT)

Polkadot It is an open source blockchain protocol , All types of data can be easily shared between different blockchain networks .

let me put it another way ,Polkadot It aims to destroy the current encryption ecosystem by making it easier for different blockchains to communicate with each other , This concept is called interoperability .

 Very important in blockchain 10 A project

Interoperability , Or the process of collaboration between different blockchains , yes Web 3.0 The key function of . stay Web 3.0 in , The Internet is open source 、 Unlicensed and decentralized .

With bitcoin , Anyone can be his own bank . Use ethereum , Anyone can have the right to own his own art . With Web 3.0 Appearance , The Internet has become less oligarchic and more democratic .

just as Polkadot Founder and former Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood said , Code is the law .

08 – Solana (SOL)

olana It is an innovative blockchain protocol , It aims to create an efficient and flexible environment for smart contracts .

in many ways ,Solana And Cardano Very similar : It wants to be Ethereum , But the cost and transaction time are much lower .

It's hard to say which Ethereum competitor will be the most successful in the future , but Solana It is definitely one of the projects worthy of close attention .

09 – Polygon (MATIC)

Created by developers , For developers ,Polygon This line in the white paper perfectly summarizes Ethereum's first expansion solution ,Polygon And Cardano and Solana Completely different .

It is not trying to surpass and replace Ethereum , It is supplemented by greatly enhancing the scalability of the Ethereum main chain .

If Polygon Successfully realized the idea of providing additional functions for Ethereum , It has a real chance to become a very influential and valuable cryptocurrency .

10 – Stellar Lumens (XLM)

from XRP cofounder Jed McCaleb To launch the Stellar It's a decentralized network protocol , It aims to introduce the legal tender transfer function into the blockchain based ecosystem , image XRP equally ,Stellar Hope to become the cryptocurrency of the bank .

Central bank digital currency may mean stable currency 、XRP and XLM The end of —— Cryptocurrency was invented to directly replace part of the traditional banking industry , However , If that's not the case , that XRP or XLM Will dominate this field in the future .

If you really want to invest in a project , You need to take time to understand the ecology and vision of the project , You should have faith in the project you invest in , Instead of spraying and praying for thousands of worthless cryptocurrencies or stocks .

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