Blockchain has great prospects, and digital currency will not disappear

Liu Kunpeng 0 2021-08-07 15:04:11 阅读数:440

blockchain great prospects digital currency

The idea of blockchain is very good , There are also many application prospects . I believe there is no objection .

In a way , Digital currency is an application of blockchain . So what will happen to the development of digital currency ?

First , Digital money will not disappear . Maybe not a big development , Or slow development , It will certainly continue to exist . in other words , Now familiar with blockchain , Not only is it not too late , Not too bad . Of course , Familiarity is one thing , Personal ability is another matter . Although most recruiters don't distinguish .

Will digital currency become legal tender ? Or say , Will banks issue digital currencies ? In fact, this has gone beyond technology 、 economic , It has become a political issue . From this point of view , What will happen ? Let me see .

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