Newsweek - Ethereum main network upgraded in London

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newsweek ethereum main network upgraded

Qu coin weekly It is a weekly blockchain industry summary column launched by qucoin , The content covers the key news of the week 、 Mining information 、 Project dynamics 、 Industry trends such as technological progress . This article is one of the Newsweek , Take you through the blockchain industry events this week .


▌ The Ethereum main network has reached the height of London upgrade block

According to the data of the master of okoyun chain , Ethereum main network is today 20 when 33 The score reaches the block height 12,965,000, Activate the London hard fork network upgrade . This upgrade includes 5 A proposal to improve Ethereum (EIP), Namely EIP-1559( Fee improvement plan )、EIP-3198(BaseFee opcode )、EIP-3529( Reduce gas refund )、EIP-3541( Refuse 0xEF New contract creation starting with byte , Service for Ethereum object format )、EIP-3554( Postpone the difficulty bomb until this year 12 month ).

▌ beautiful IRS In the current fiscal year, seal up 12 US $100 million cryptocurrency

Jarrod, director of cybercrime at the IRS · Kupmann said :“ stay 2019 The fiscal year , We intercepted about 70 Ten thousand dollars of cryptocurrency ,2020 Fiscal year , The figure reaches 1.37 Billion dollars ,2021 The fiscal year , by 12 Billion dollars ( This fiscal year will last until 9 month 30 Japan ).” Besides , The U.S. government regularly transfers its bitcoin Holdings 、 The etheric fang 、 The reserves of Wright coins and other cryptocurrencies are auctioned .

US Treasury Secretary Yellen will resist the reform plan to weaken cryptocurrency

Last month, , The White House and Republican senators from Ohio Portman Agreed to a proposal , Require cryptocurrency brokers to improve tax compliance , To help pay bipartisan infrastructure bills . The agreement has been strongly criticized by cryptocurrency investors , They believe that this will give the Biden administration broad powers to weaken the growing field of cryptocurrency . Two sources said , US Treasury Secretary Yellen spoke with lawmakers on Thursday , Oppose the cryptocurrency reform plan proposed by Republican senators . The Biden administration is boycotting the proposals of senators from both parties in the infrastructure Bill , The proposal will increase federal regulation of cryptocurrencies .

▌Coin Metrics:BSV Suffer “ On a large scale ” Of 51% attack

After an attempted attack yesterday , From Tuesday morning est 11:45( Beijing time. 8 month 3 Japan 23:45) Start around ,BSV Suffered “ On a large scale ” Of 51% attack , As a result, three versions of the chain are mined at the same time .Coin Metrics Subsequently confirmed , Its FARUM The risk management platform has identified 51% attack .Coin Metrics Network data product manager Lucas Nuzzi Express :“ Someone is trying to destroy BSV. In more than 3 In a matter of hours , An attacker has been able to take over the chain . Received during this period BSV All transactions of deposits may be double spent .” It is unclear whether the attack has ended , Or whether the attacker is just resting .Coin Metrics Our update confirms , Its FARUM The node witnessed “ Maximum depth is 14 Deep reorganization of blocks ”. Although no further reorganization events were observed , But there are still... Between the main ore pools “ Synchronization conflict ”.

▌ The United States 10 One year Treasury yields fell below 1.17%

The United States 10 One year Treasury yields fell below 1.17%, by 7 month 20 For the first time , The current intraday decline exceeds 5.0 BPS , Previous data showed that the United States 7 month ISM The manufacturing index was worse than expected .


▌ The United States SEC For the first time DeFi Take law enforcement action for the project

Qucoin reported , Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Announce and decentralize financial projects DeFi Money Market Settle his allegations of fraudulent issuance , It marks the SEC For the first time DeFi Take law enforcement action for the project . The operator of the project Derek Acree and Gregory Keough It is said that by selling to investors mToken and DMG Tokens to deceive investors . Due to price fluctuations , The business plan failed , Operators choose not to disclose to buyers . They didn't press DeFi Money Market Buy a car loan as claimed , Instead, inject your own funds into the project , To pay for mToken Interest on redemption , And keep the fraud plan going . Without admitting or denying SEC In the case of allegations , The defendant agreed to pay 1,280 Million dollars of illegal income and total 30 Ten thousand dollars in fines .

The United States SEC charge DeFi company Blockchain Credit Partners Suspected of fraudulent issuance 3000 Thousands of dollars

8 month 6 Daily news , The SEC charged that DeFi Lender Blockchain Credit Partners And two of its executives raised funds through a suspected fraudulent offering 3000 Thousands of dollars . The securities and Exchange Commission said on Friday , The case is the first time that the agency has been involved in the use of DeFi Technical Securities , Florida man Gregory Keough、Derek Acree And their company Blockchain Credit Partners Use smart contract to sell and pay more than... In unregistered issues 6% Token of interest , Selling securities .

▌ Japan's top financial regulator : Japan regards cryptocurrency dealers as part of its anti money laundering program

Japan's top financial regulator said , His planned anti money laundering platform may include cryptocurrency dealers , He said , Cryptocurrency dealers have the same obligations as traditional financial institutions , Make sure they don't deal with criminals . Financial Services Bureau (FSA) Express , It is planning to create a common industry wide system , Financial companies can use this system to determine whether their customers may be terrorists and whether their customers' accounts are at risk of being used for money laundering .FSA person in charge Junichi Nakajima In an interview with 《 Wall Street journal 》 In an interview :“ In the sense of prohibiting dealing with those subject to sanctions , Cryptocurrency dealers are the same as banks .”

▌ The Electronic Frontier Foundation opposes the U.S. infrastructure bill for cryptocurrencies

Qucoin reported , The Electronic Frontier Foundation, a privacy oriented NGO (EFF) Criticized the new infrastructure bill in the United States . The group outlined the reasons why the act would cause significant damage to the U.S. encryption industry . First ,EFF Claims that the bill will lead to more surveillance of cryptocurrency users , This runs counter to the organization's commitment to digital privacy .EFF Express , By encrypting all entities adjacent to the , Even those entities that do not act as encrypted custodians of others are defined as “ agent ” And force them to collect users' tax information , The current draft will turn the encryption industry into a “ Cumbersome monitoring system ”.

▌ South Korean regulators will suspend at least... On charges of suspected illegal activities 11 A local cryptocurrency exchange operates

8 month 2 Daily news , Korea Financial Services Commission (FSC) It will be suspended on charges of suspected illegal activities 11 A local cryptocurrency exchange operates . According to the 《 Korea Herald 》 Citing industry sources , The names of these exchanges have not been disclosed , But they can't get FSC Operational approval for , at present Darlbit、CPDAX The exchange has issued an announcement to stop operation .

Blockchain application

Issued by China Academy of communications “ Spark · Chain net ” Underlying blockchain platform

8 month 3 Japan , China information and Communication Research Institute in 2021 Global digital economy conference “ Digital infrastructure and ecological development ” Forum , Released “ Spark · Chain net ” Underlying blockchain platform (BIF-Core).BIF-Core The release of means the whole “ Spark · Chain net ” The main chain of national infrastructure has officially started operation . This technology will be used to assist enterprises in digital transformation and future urban construction .

New York City plans to use blockchain to prevent contract fraud in land sales

Qucoin reported , New York City Treasury Department (DOF) It is planned to explore how blockchain can be used as a means to prevent contract fraud in land records . The Department will work with Medici Land Governance(MLG) Collaborative development proof of concept , To apply blockchain technology to urban land records . The project aims to improve transparency and reduce opportunities for fraud . If it works , Next, we will conduct a pilot project combining user testing and improving operational efficiency .

▌ Shenzhen blockchain invoice procedure has become an international standard

recently , Member of the Party committee of Shenzhen Taxation Bureau 、 Chief economist Xiang Qing visited Shenzhen radio and television 《 People's bridge 》 The column , Interpret for the public “ Convenient tax spring action ” And the latest tax policy . Xiang Qing revealed , Shenzhen “ Intellectual tax ” After the innovation laboratory launched the blockchain electronic invoice system , Participate in the initiation of 《 Recommended procedures for e-invoice application based on blockchain technology 》 international standard , By IEEE( Institute of electrical and Electronic Engineers ) Confirm and publish , Become the world's first international standard based on blockchain electronic invoice application . at present , Application coverage of Shenzhen blockchain invoice 117 Industries , Application scenarios continue to expand , It promotes the application and integration of blockchain technology in the field of international taxation , It has contributed to standardizing and guiding the application of global blockchain electronic invoice .

Ant chain official : Ant chain vermicelli applet is currently doing routine system optimization and upgrading

8 month 5 Daily news , Today, , User response , It was in Alipay “ Ant chain vermicelli ” Purchased by applet NFT Payment code skin cannot be displayed . The relevant person in charge of ant blockchain replied to the reporter , Ant chain vermicelli applet is currently doing routine system optimization and upgrading , The user's... Cannot be queried during upgrade NFT Hold information , The user already holds NFT The collection is not affected . The above said , Yes NFT The corresponding holder replied to the message .

▌ Bank of Fujian has accumulated trade financing business through the cross-border financial blockchain platform 6516 pen

According to Fuzhou central sub branch of the people's Bank of China 2021 News of the press conference in the first half of the year , The pilot cross-border financial blockchain platform in Fujian Province actively contributes to the financing of small, medium-sized and micro enterprises . Since the pilot , Banks have accumulated trade financing business through cross-border blockchain platform financing application scenarios 6516 pen 、 amount of money 23.58 Billion dollars , The number of financing transactions of small, medium and micro enterprises accounts for more than 80% 、 The amount accounts for nearly 60% .“ Export credit insurance policy financing ” by 2021 In, the blockchain service platform was newly launched . The person in charge of Fuzhou Central Branch of the people's Bank of China said , The scene sets up the foreign exchange bureau 、 The bridge of data interconnection and business connection between SINOSURE and banks , Provide rich cross-border trade background information and convenient document verification services , Effectively solve the high operating cost of long-term troubled policy financing business 、 Low digital level and obvious data barrier .

The first in Gansu Province 5G Joint Innovation Center : Focus on the in-depth application of blockchain and other technologies

8 month 3 Daily news , gansu 5G The joint innovation center was officially completed and put into use recently , The center is currently the largest in Gansu Province 、 The information exhibition hall with the widest coverage , It mainly focuses on blockchain and other technologies in education 、 life 、 government affairs 、 Medical care 、 Deep application in industry and other fields , It is also to promote the digital transformation of the government 、 A concrete practice of promoting the digital construction of economy and society .


▌ Ethereum destroyed... Of the new coin issue in two days 36%

Qucoin reported , From Ethereum improvement proposal (EIP)1559 Since activation , The network has been removed from circulation or “ The destruction ” More than 5000 gold ETH, Value contract 1400 Thousands of dollars , Of the total new coins issued in the same period 36%.

▌ Digital rights advocacy group : The amendment to the encryption tax rules fundamentally misunderstands the way cryptocurrency works

Qucoin reported , Digital rights advocacy group “ Fight for the future ” Today means , Will not support the Senator Mark Warner、Rob Portman And Kyrsten Sinema An amendment to the encryption tax rules . According to the group , The proposed amendment was approved “ Outright opposition ”, As a possible solution to the bill , The amendment “ Fundamentally misunderstood the way cryptocurrency and decentralization work ”. The group said , Original terms and conditions Portman The amendment fundamentally misunderstands that decentralized technology is decentralized . The laws they have made are completely unworkable , Ask many people in this ecosystem to produce data they never owned or could not access . The group claims , The Biden administration and Democratic supporters of the amendment “ They haven't done enough homework on decentralized technology ”.

▌ London's hard bifurcation makes V God has more faith in Ethereum merger

Qucoin reported ,V god (Vitalik Buterin) Claimed in the interview that , After the successful launch “ London ” After hard bifurcation , He “ absolute ” For Ethereum and Ethereum 2.0 More confidence in the merger .V God said , After abandoning the workload certificate to move to the equity Certificate , Ethereum's energy consumption is expected to decline 99% above . It is reported that , Originally set to 2019 Ethereum released in 2.0 The full version of is expected to be in 2022 Released in .

beautiful SEC chairman : It will help more government officials understand cryptocurrency

8 month 4 Japan , Chairman of the securities and Exchange Commission Gary Gensler To accept the CNBC Financial programs Squawk Box Online interview , During this period, he said , We need regulatory rules , Nakamoto's invention ( The currency ) If you want to reach your potential , It needs to be incorporated into the public policy framework . The currency 、 And hundreds of other tokens belong to the investment asset category , Their trading platform is currently not subject to regulatory constraints , Investors trade on these platforms , It should be regulated like the New York Stock Exchange . I had a wonderful one-on-one discussion with senators and members of the house of Representatives , I also discussed cryptocurrency with them in some group meetings before , And is committed to letting government officials know more about cryptocurrency .

▌ Russia has allocated funds to build an encrypted transaction tracking tool 20 Thousands of dollars

Qucoin reported , The authorities of the Russian Federation are advancing a plan , To closely monitor the cryptocurrency activities of illegal transactions , And de anonymize the identity of encrypted users . Financial monitoring agency of the Russian Federation (Rosfinmonitoring) A contractor was selected to develop a platform to track cryptocurrency activities . According to the data of the Russian state procurement website , The country will allocate funds from the budget 1470 All the ruble (20 Thousands of dollars ), In order to create “ Module for monitoring and analyzing cryptocurrency transactions ”. According to official figures , The contract was awarded to a company named RCO The company , The company indirectly acquired Russia's largest bank Sber( Formerly known as Sberbank) Support for . According to the contract documents ,RCO Will be responsible for building a monitoring tool , Used to track the movement of digital financial assets , Maintain a database of cryptocurrency wallets involved in illegal activities , And monitor the behavior of encrypted users to identify them .

Democratic senator of the United States : Cryptocurrency needs to be regulated

Democratic senator of the United States Warren Express , Cryptocurrency needs to be regulated . The biggest advantage of cryptocurrency may be that it has more access channels .

▌ twitter CEO Support the amendment of cryptocurrency related provisions in the infrastructure act

twitter CEO Support to amend the relevant provisions of cryptocurrency in the infrastructure act, reported by qucoin , Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Tweet that , Support the United States Senator Pat Toomey and Ron Wyden Efforts to amend the provisions related to cryptocurrency in the infrastructure act . Dorsey call , The current tax reporting language of the infrastructure act will be the bitcoin node operator 、 Developers and miners put forward infeasible requirements .

▌ Miami will 8 month 3 Launch date MiamiCoin

Qucoin reported , Miami will be in... Local time 8 month 3 Launch your own cryptocurrency MiamiCoin(MIA). The cryptocurrency will be used to fund infrastructure projects or activities in the city .MiamiCoin Will provide the city with a continuous stream of encrypted revenue , At the same time, it also produces STX and BTC earnings .MiamiCoin Can be supported by people who want to support the city and from Stacks Personal mining or purchase of encryption benefits .

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