Guangdong provincial taxation bureau successfully launched the blockchain export tax rebate business

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guangdong provincial taxation bureau successfully


The first application of Taxation in Guangdong Province Blockchain The certificate of technical agency for export goods was officially issued in Foshan recently , Involving exports of up to 271062 dollar . And then , Guangzhou 、 Dongguan and Zhongshan have successively issued several certificates of agency export goods through the tax blockchain , It marks the successful launch of the blockchain export tax rebate business of Guangdong tax system .

As one of the pilot areas of the national tax blockchain export tax rebate business , Guangdong Provincial Taxation Bureau has been committed to giving play to the decentralization of blockchain technology 、 big data 、 Accurate and reliable features , Expand its application scenario in export tax rebate business , Further improve the efficiency of tax rebate , The blockchain technology is mainly used in 《 Certificate of agency for export goods 》《 Certificate of entrusted export goods 》 During the issuance of these two certificates .

In the past ,《 Certificate of agency for export goods 》《 Certificate of entrusted export goods 》 The transmission of information depends on the information transmission between enterprises , The enterprise can't really grasp the progress of certificate handling , meanwhile , Taxation 、 The information sharing between customs and other government departments is incomplete 、 Not in time , The data of the entrusted party's competent tax authority is more than the workload , Long waiting time for review .

This pilot is mainly aimed at incomplete information sharing 、 An untimely question , It is proposed to link all the basic information of export tax rebate , Provide data support for business processing , Realize the exemption from submitting various certificates of linked information 、 Provide technical support for paperless circulation of export tax rebate .

According to the relevant person in charge of the second tax branch of Guangdong Provincial Taxation Bureau , stay 《 Certificate of agency for export goods 》《 Certificate of entrusted export goods 》 During issuing , Blockchain technology can export tax rebate customs data 、 Basic taxpayer information 、 Risk data 、 Invoice data is based on the uplink , Form a customs data ledger 、 Invoice data ledger 、 Integration of tax data on the ledger chain , Achieve the effect of one household data collection of export tax rebate , Further improve the tax bureau of the entrusting party 、 Entrusted party: Tax Bureau 、 Efficient data sharing between the State Administration of Taxation and the customs , Ensure that export tax rebate data can be shared in real time 、 Safe and reliable 、 Easy to use , Shorten the time limit for issuing the certificate of agency export goods , Realize the real-time transmission of electronic data . secondly , It can also provide convenient automatic data comparison and audit function for the entrusted party's competent tax authority , Accelerate the issuing process of the above two export goods certificates , Follow up the whole process of issuing , Provide technical support for improving the handling efficiency of export tax rebate business , It also opens up channels for further expanding the application of blockchain technology in the export tax rebate scenario in the future , Provides confidence .

The first blockchain agent export goods certificate is issued by Foshan yidatong Enterprise Service Co., Ltd , It is reported that , The company started from 2016 Since it settled in Shunde, Foshan in , The business is growing rapidly , Most of the customers are small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises , only 2019 The annual tax refund declared amounted to 2.73 One hundred million yuan , Acting export goods certificate issuing demand is large ,2016 So far this year , The certificate of export goods has been processed to reach 3.9 copies .

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