Cross chain ecology on Solana

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cross chain ecology solana


Different Blockchain The system may form islands . When different islands cannot be linked , The liquidity of assets and data will be extremely low .

With Solana、Polygon、 Coin security smart chain (BSC) Such as the rapid development of ecosystem , Cross chain infrastructure that can connect different heterogeneous blockchain networks is extremely important . Cross chain protocols can provide cross chain functions for different blockchains , Achieve interoperability .

Now , Interoperability and scalability are still important when all blockchains meet the network requirements , An urgent problem to be solved , It is also a priority when choosing blockchain for all projects . Because they have a network release effect , It can make resources used by users in the most effective way .

Now ,Solana Great progress has been made in interoperability and scalability , It has been bridged to other blockchain ecosystems , Like Ethereum 、Polkadot etc. .

Solana The first two-way Chain Bridge ——Wormhole

Solana And Certus.One The collaboration released a connection between Ethereum network and Solana Two way chain bridge Wormhole, bring SPL Token and Ethereum ETH and ERC-20 Tokens realize connection .Certus.One It is a start-up company that creates a verifier architecture for the equity proof blockchain network .

In other words ,Wormhole Allow existing projects 、 Platform and community seamless 、 Reliably move assets across blockchain .Solana Upper SPL Tokens can enjoy security on Ethereum , The assets circulating on Ethereum can also enjoy Solana Fast on 、 Low cost .

Wormhole Allow users to lock in the Ethereum smart contract ERC-20 Tokens, , And in Solana Cast the corresponding SPL Tokens, . In order to achieve this process ,Wormhole Rely on decentralized cross chain Oracle ( Called the guardian ), These Oracle machines are operated by a group of node operators , Including the top Solana Verifiers and other ecosystem stakeholders .

Wormhole yes Solana The first of many two-way cross chain bridges in the network plan . Developers can use Wormhole Without having to rewrite their Ethereum contract , There is no need to focus on a single blockchain .

Multiple blockchains are promoting DeFi Adoption plays a key role , However, speed and cost are still the main obstacles to breaking through the adoption . By launching Wormhole,Solana Designed to mitigate DeFi Ecosystem congestion , And help in the process Solana Start your own DeFi market .Solana Official expression :“ And Solana The bridge between eliminates this friction , If you choose this bridge , Can still bring value back to Ethereum .”

Besides , Through the cross chain bridge ,Solana Committed to breaking the increasingly prominent blockchain island effect , Help users transfer assets between different public chains .

Cross Chain Protocol cluster Solana

Different cross chain bridges are important for interoperability and reliability Solana The development of ecosystem is very important .Yakovenko Once claimed that :“ These different bridges are built at speed 、 User speed 、 There is a trade-off between cost and decentralization , But you can combine them , Get the best results .”

Solana By using different methods , stay Layer 1 Provides an ultra fast 、 Secure and uncensored blockchain , So as to provide the required open infrastructure for decentralized applications . This also makes a large number of cross chain projects flock to , Be positive with Solana Integrate .

The following is the deployment in Solana Cross Chain Protocol over , Including but not limited to :


Raydius It is a system with rights and interests proof mechanism Layer 2 platform . at present , Users face many Layer 2 The choice of solutions , But these chains cannot be integrated . This allows the assets to be kept in a chain , And can't circulate to the other side .

adopt Raydius, Operators can also be used for Layer 1 and Layer 2 Solution , In order to communicate with Raydius Cross chain transactions verified before synchronization of other chains .Raydius It will be deployed in the future Solana、 The etheric fang 、BSC、Polygon Wait on the public chain .


Pocket And Solana The integration of provides developers with a decentralized API Solution .Pocket It's a decentralized API Solution , It encourages participants to run complete nodes for developers who need application data .

Solana Developers can use decentralized Pocket The Internet , Instead of relying on centralized API The server .Solana Developers only need to build their applications to communicate with one interface of multiple blockchains . When Solana The developer uses Pocket SDK when ,Pocket Network Be able to reliably coordinate developers with any operating system Pocket Core Of Solana Connection of nodes .


Apeboard It's a cross chain DeFi The dashboard , compatible Solana、ETH、BSC、Terra Wait for blockchain . Users can monitor their portfolio or other cross chain DeFi agreement .Apeboard Allow users to switch between blockchains , Or view all blockchains at once .


Decentralized cross chain switch gun pool token protocol APYSwap, Has become the gateway to Solana The bridge of ecosystem .

APYSwap It aims to extend its cross chain interoperability to incompatibilities EVM Blockchain , And solve some challenges when bridging from Ethereum .APYSwap Any token in the white list can be supported in Solana、 The etheric fang 、BSC and Heco Exchange between chains . Comparison Solana Other cross chain bridges in the ecology ,APYSwap The design of cross chain bridge is more modular , New blockchains can be added more quickly and reliably .

APYSwap Another important difference in bridge design is the transfer of Oracle consensus to the chain , This makes their bridge more transparent , It also makes the specialization of Oracle more possible , It does not need all Oracle machines to monitor all blockchains . Each Oracle can choose which blockchain to operate , And get paid accordingly .


Asset Cross Chain Protocol Ren Protocol It has been RenVM Integrate into Solana, Allow the user to pass RenBridge Bridge directly Solana assets .Ren It is now supported that BTC、ZEC、BCH and DOGE introduce Solana, More tokens will be supported in the future .

Ren The team is committed to ensuring that throughout Solana Ecosystem can be easily adopted based on Ren The assets of the , Includes a variety of AMM And lending platforms , Such as Saber、Serum、Solaris、Step Finance、Anchor、Jet Protocol、Mango、Oxygen、Phantom Wallet etc. . Besides , Third party developers can now use RenJS SDK stay Solana Build a cross chain on the Internet Dapp.

Class ZZ (CZZ)

CZZ It is the first company in the world to achieve decentralization 、 The public chain of cross chain transactions . It supports community developed Te Waka agreement , The cross chain of assets is realized in a completely decentralized way .Te Waka The protocol is completely open source and decentralized .

CZZ stay 4 In June, cross chain liquidity trading was officially launched . then , Users can perform Ethereum 、Heco and BSC Decentralization of native tokens on the main network 、 Cross chain transactions .CZZ We have also increased our support for Solana、Polkadot and TRON Support for .

O3 Swap

Cross chain aggregation protocol O3 Swap Support real-time cross chain transactions , Solved the problem of isolated assets and DeFi The problem that services cannot interact with each other .O3 Swap It brings together multiple blockchains and two-tier solutions DEX Mobility , Include Solana、 The etheric fang 、BSC、Neo etc. .

O3 Wallet and O3 Swap Can support Solana Native token of SOL and SPL Tokens, , It can also be Solana Users realize cross chain transactions .O3 Swap It realizes the non perceptual one key exchange of cross chain assets , It greatly improves the circulation efficiency of different chain assets .


Stable currency agreement Terra And Solana Cooperation has established a high-speed network 、 Low latency token bridge , Expand its stable currency ecosystem Solana in . This bridge will promote Terra Stable currency transfer between two networks . meanwhile , This is also helping users fully explore Solana The full potential of centralized financial applications .

The participation of stable currency is very important for injecting liquidity and hedging volatility risk .


DeFi Service provider Solbridge We have successfully built a system from Polygon To Solana The bridge of .Solbridge Participants can move assets from EVM Network transfer to Solana, So as to become a connection EVM He Fei EVM The bridge of the network .

stay Polygon With the help of the full stack expansion solution ,Solbridge Participants can make full use of Solana The advantages offered by the network . Participants can use Polygon and Solana A bridge between the two ecosystems .

Select Bridge Solana Why

DeFi The displayed value attracts thousands of traders to enter the decentralized trading platform on Ethereum , Such as Uniswap, But at the same time, too much traffic leads to Ethereum's network congestion . In order to trade faster , We need to pay the handling fee and... On Ethereum Gas Fees are soaring .

The etheric fang 2.0 And its planned upgrade is coming , But the congestion of Ethereum network shows no sign of easing , This puts traders and developers in trouble . While they are waiting to solve the scalability problem on the network , Other excellent blockchains and products are emerging and filling the gap .

Solana Chief executive officer of the foundation Anatoly Yakovenko And his team developed Solana To solve the scalability problem of blockchain , And has passed Serum、Anchor、Terra、Stardust as well as Tether And other projects have verified the feasibility of their solution .

Solana Known for its high-performance blockchain , It shows us a series of unique properties , And growing ecosystems and communities .Solana Network scalability 、 Speed and low cost , This makes it the preferred platform for decentralized applications and other protocols :

1. Ethereum processes... Every second 15 transaction , and Solana Can support 65000+TPS Without slicing , And many innovations have been made on it .Solana The average transaction cost is 0.00001 dollar , The settlement speed is lower than the second level . This shows Solana Fast and cheap ;

2. Developers can directly from Solana Labs Of Github download Solana Software code , This makes it easier to create a node and start building the project in a short time ;

3. Solana Blockchain applications are built on one of the fastest growing languages Rust Upper . about Solana Come on ,Rust It solves the problems of memory security and thread concurrency ;

4. Solana Labs Established a large-scale Solana The foundation , Funding for developers 、 Development tools and infrastructure support .Solana The foundation is interested in expansion and development Solana The ecosystem of the agreement provides a lot of help .


With a variety of blockchains Layer 2 Scalable solutions and others Layer 1 The emergence of agreements , The development trend of multi chain has become inevitable .Solana Different blockchains can be linked , by Web3.0 Lay the foundation for the vision of Wanlian Interconnection .

future , Only the most interoperable and scalable protocols and blockchains can attract more users and developers . More open 、 Cheaper 、 Faster Solana, It will always be committed to providing strong infrastructure and secure cross chain services for the whole blockchain ecosystem .

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