Subquery cooperates with ACALA to provide defi data for Polkadot

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subquery cooperates acala provide defi

2021 year 8 month 4 Japan , from SubQuery Officially sponsored SubQuery View The column welcomes new guests to share , namely Acala Global community contributors Kelly, The theme of sharing is 《Acala How to achieve one-stop Poca DeFi center 》. Actually , In this year 3 month 5 Japan ,SubQuery Released the next phase of its project ——SubQuery Explorer after , On 3 month 16 Japan ,Acala and SubQuery Strategic cooperation has been completed , This cooperation allows users and developers to query and extract information from... For free in a few minutes Acala Of Polkadot DeFi Central data .


SubQuery Is a data aggregation layer , It will be in the 1 Layer blockchain (Acala) and DApp Running between layers . The solution aggregates and collates data from Acala And other blockchain data , And provide developers with well structured data for various projects . This service allows DApp Developers focus on their core functions and front ends , Without wasting time building a custom backend for data processing .

When you visit SubQuery Explorer when , You will see a new Acala SubQuery project . This SubQuery Will dynamically track in Acala All external data created on , And can quickly display the derived aggregation statistics of the following contents :

• Historical data on liquidity changes ( Breakdown by supplier )

• Historical data of all cross chain asset swaps

• Transfer records


There is no need to implement anything in the code , You can use explorer to handle Acala SubQuery Graph. Besides , We also recorded your analysis Acala Data can be in each GraphQL The type specified in the request .

real time Acala SubQuery Graph Prospects

Here is a simple example , This example illustrates how a user can Acala Mandala The network uses ACA Tokens to quickly and easily view the front 5 Transmission events . You can see here that we used a simple GraphQL Language sorts and retrieves these data , And send it to all clients .DApps You can use it to monitor loan positions , And participate in auctions to help liquidate collateral .


8 month 4 Japan ,Acala Global community contributors Kelly visit SubQuery Community AMA, I've introduced Acala The specific situation and the latest progress , Here is AMA Selected content of , To readers :


Acala & Karura It is one of the most well-known projects in Poka Ecology , Have obtained such as Coinbase Ventures,Polychain,Pantera And other international high-quality funds , before Karura With 50 w individual KSM The number of won Kusama The first parallel chain slot auction of the network .

Acala And Karura As Boca and Kusama One stop shop for DeFi platform , For Boca and Kusama Ecology has brought a series of out of the box DeFi Basic products , Such as the stable currency of excess mortgage , Decentralized exchange , Release Staking Liquid derivatives LDOT And LKSM. besides ,Acala And Karura It also has compatible EVM Smart contract module , allow Solidity Developers can enter the poca ecosystem with minimal migration cost .

First , The first function is Acala Excess mortgage loan agreement . This function is important for Poka ecology , Is the first decentralized stable currency , When users have capital needs and don't want to sell assets , You can borrow... Through this agreement Acala The stable currency aUSD and kUSD.

Acala The assets supported will have DOT,LDOT,BTC,ETH, And will expand some existing stable currencies in the future ( such as USDC and USDT etc. ).

The second is based on the automatic market maker mechanism DEX. Users can be very convenient in this DEX Exchange assets in , at present Karura Has been removed through decentralized governance initiatives Sudo The account has opened a transfer , And it's online Kusama The first decentralized exchange Karura Swap , It is now open KSM/KAR The deal is right , Next, there will be online stabilization currency kUSD Wait until the deal is right .

The third is L-Token.Acala On is LDOT,LDOT Is to help users enjoy Staking earnings , And flexible liquidity .

then ,Acala In fact, it also adds a smart contract module . This module is also convenient for developers to be based on the three mentioned above DeFi Basic products to do more innovative DeFi product .

Of course ,Kelly And about ,Acala Last month I had 300 A mobile bank in the United States with 10000 users Current Cooperation reached , Launched a HyFi The concept of , That is to say DeFi Mixed finance combined with traditional finance Hybrid Finance.Acala And Current The two sides are working together to develop a revenue engine , This will connect traditional finance with DeFi Bridge between , The dollar savings in the bank card can be used directly for DeFi, and DeFi The income generated can be directly consumed with bank cards , Of course, the two sides will seek cooperation in more aspects , It will also be taken under the compliance framework , Please wait and see .

About Acala Of DeFi The advantages of ,Kelly said ,Acala and Karura Will go online separately Polkadot and Kusama , So from a technical point of view Karura and Acala There are differences in positioning .Acala It will be deployed on Boca , Positioning is the new global financial infrastructure , More customer oriented , Providing financial infrastructure on a legal and compliant basis API And so on , Bring innovative financial products on the blockchain to ordinary users , therefore Acala Have the following advantages :

  • Enterprise security and stability
  • Conservative and steady governance 、 Risk control 、 upgrade
  • High quality assets and collateral
  • Enterprise class 、 Global partners
  • Hybrid financial products are for the public

and Karura As a pioneer network , Its positioning is finance 、NFT The innovation experimental field of , Have the following advantages :

  • The latest technology stack 、 Fast iteration
  • oriented Kusama Cultural innovation community
  • Try innovative products, new assets , such as NFT、 Collectibles, collateral, etc
  • Acala Our online preparation network

Unlike Ethereum ,Acala & Karura It is both a parallel chain and a smart contract , Its capacity expansion and customization are very strong .Acala & Karura What we need to do is push the technology to the product level , And through these products DeFi To the public . at present Karura It's almost 1 Months , Test users are very active , Less than a week after the launch, the total lock value has exceeded 470 Ten thousand dollars , Only single transaction pairs ( Unstable currency ) The daily trading volume has exceeded 270 Ten thousand dollars ,7 The daily cumulative number of transactions exceeded 2,800( average per day 400+). Although it's just Kusama ecology DeFi A small start , Believe in the future Kusama Ecological assets are becoming more and more abundant , There will be more and more assets in Karura Swap transaction .


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