What is the magic of Burberry's entry into the NFT market?

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magic burberry entry nft market

Luxury brands Burberry Introduction NFT Virtual doll

earlier ,Burberry Has announced that it is working with a Los Angeles based game company Mythical Games cooperation , In its game 《Blankos Block Party》 A limited edition of Blanko NFT Virtual doll , And in 6 Held in Los Angeles in January 2021 Electronic entertainment Exhibition (2021 Electronic Entertainment Expo) Appearing at the .

《Blankos Block Party》 Is an open world multiplayer game , Players can collect 、 Upgrade and sell a product called Blankos Of NFT Doll .Burberry Express , By introducing these interactive NFT,《Blankos Block Party》 “ Is creating a new ‘ Game realization ’ economic , And pave the way for future digital ownership of games .”

new Burberry Blanko It's a man named Sharky B The shark character , It has Burberry new TB Summer logo . It is inspired by the brand's animal kingdom house code . This is a NFT, Can be in Blankos Block Party Buy in the market 、 Upgrade and sell . The market is currently in the testing stage .

Burberry March NFT What is the magic of this market ?

As part of this series ,Burberry Will launch its own brand in-game NFT parts , Including jet backpacks 、 Armbands and water shoes , Players can apply these accessories to any they have Blanko. You can also train Sharky B Master a series of abilities , Including speed and agility , Ensure the uniqueness and rarity of toys .

Burberry Chief Marketing Officer Rod Manley Say :“ The game is our test 、 A unique space to learn and try digital innovation , These innovations reflect our values , And celebrate the creativity of our community . And Mythical Games Cooperation feels like a natural next step , It goes beyond our internal game , take Burberry The world has brought into an established environment . And Mythical Games Working so closely , Bring this new customer experience into life , It's great .”

The two companies said , Limited Edition NFT The launch of will pave the way for the future of digital ownership in the game field .

Why do top luxury brands also start to enter NFT field

If you put NFT Understood as a container of value , First, make clear the adaptability of the container , Secondly, it cannot be separated from the content value it carries . In theory ,NFT It can be anything Digital : voice 、 Images 、 written words 、 The props in a game, even the ownership digital certificate of a real object, etc , Every NFT Can be bought and sold like physical assets , However, blockchain technology enables people to track its ownership and effectiveness . Gucci (Gucci) Worked with technology companies AR Virtual shoe series . And Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton) And Burberry (Burberry) They are 《 Hero alliance 》 and 《 Glory of Kings 》 The character design in has a limited skin with brand characteristics .

From the perspective of contemporary art ,Beeple The great success of the work is a great leap forward in the form of digital art , It is the success of the integration of his creative concept and experimental presentation . Far before NFT Or digital assets , The exploration of digital art has been carried out since the birth of information industry . The use of oscilloscopes to capture light wave images began in the 1950s Laposky He was the first artist to create in digital form , He manipulated precision instruments for electronic photography and assembled them into a series of works . The nineties will be painting 、 Photography and PS And other creative tools Faure Walker For several years, he insisted on creating a digital art every day . To this day Beeple Original issuance of certified works of art on the chain , These creators are trying to expand the bearing limit of humanistic value with the help of technological innovation . Before that, it was hard to imagine a JPEG Documents how to price and Trade , And based on blockchain , Creators in their native digital environment and use their open network facilities , Completed a complete set of works to produce 、 The circulation 、 pricing 、 The process of right confirmation and anti-counterfeiting traceability , And avoid the fuzzy zone of these complex links .

In the field of commercial art and its derived art consumer goods and cultural peripheral products , The younger generation of consumers have improved their acceptance of new things and their consumption power of cultural products , Make the potential of the popular collection market gradually appear .Z Generation is the audience experience established in digital narration , Is the native of the contemporary digital world , Unlike in pure art (fine art) And digital art (digital art) The millennials growing up in the transition of narration , They naturally agree with the value of electronic form . For millennial consumers ,NFT Natural and various network memes (Meme) Highly integrated , High recognition of interest , Nature has greatly improved NFT The attraction of .

High liquidity and price Disclosure Based on blockchain 、 Transaction process transparency and other characteristics , It is beyond the reach of offline transactions .NFT Subverting the power structure of the creative and content industries , Give more control back to the Creator , I believe there will be more and more creators and IP Add to NFT In the ranks . Take the current data on the chain as an example ,NFT The average single transaction volume is about 10000 yuan , There may be 100 billion new markets like bubble Mart on the chain .

As cultural identity gradually condenses on the digital carrier , The ability of the digital world to meet various human needs is also improving , When people can carry out enough rich economic and cultural activities in the virtual space , A new way of interacting with the world has also emerged , The meta universe .

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