Breakthrough path of encryption game

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breakthrough path encryption game

With Axie Infinity The success of the , People see encryption game The possibility of . In the last cycle , The encrypted cat game successfully congested Ethereum , But it has accelerated the exploration of Ethereum's scalable solution , It also promoted the birth of other different chains . In this cycle , Be similar to AxieInfinity Such an encryption game , It opens a larger channel , Change the application scenario of Ethereum from DeFi Extended to encrypted games and NFT.

Encryption game in 2021 The development of , There are many comprehensive factors , It is important to benefit from two aspects , One is Play-to-earn、NFT Union with the guild ; The second is the development of Ethereum scalability ( Such as Layer2 Or side chain, etc ).

Play-to-earn Mode and game guild

With the evolution and development of software and Internet industry , The game has gone through an iteration of the business model , From selling game software , To paid games , Then go to free games . Now we have entered the encryption game stage , It is Play-to-earn The pattern of , That is, playing games can earn money . Users can earn money by playing games NFT Virtual items or tokens , And sell them on the open market for a profit . In traditional Internet Games , Players can also get item rewards from the game , But the player has no real control over these items , And can only trade within its game .

Axie Infinity In the game Play-to-earn Successful exploration on , Bring a lot of enlightenment to encryption games .Axie Of Play-to-earn Patterns have had this concept a long time ago , But why until 2021 It gradually developed in . This also has its development opportunity , One of them is the impact of the epidemic on the industry . just as 2003 The SARS epidemic in has changed the e-commerce industry , So that the e-commerce industry has a rapid development opportunity , COVID-19 has also changed the encryption game industry to some extent , Give Way Play-to-earn The model obtained the soil of development .

Axie Infinity The development of has something to do with the promotion of the game Association in the Philippines . Game guild and Play-to-earn Patterns complement each other . When COVID-19 comes , Many people in the Philippines have lost their jobs , No source of income . And this time , They were told , By playing Axie The game of , You can earn hundreds of dollars a month . This is higher than the local minimum wage 2-3 About times .

 The breakthrough of encryption game

( There are hundreds of people playing on a street in the Philippines Axie, Picture from 《PLAY-TO-EARN:NFT GAMES IN THE PHILLIPINES》 A short recording of )

Introduce to local people Axie The game is about the player community . Some players put it Axie Lease to new players , So these new players don't have to invest in the first place . After all, three Axie Later, it will cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars , The input cost is relatively high , It's hard for ordinary players to bear . adopt Axie lease , You can minimize the capital threshold for new players .

such , New players can spend nothing , Just invest time and energy to get benefits , This is a kind of PoHW(Proof of Human Work). adopt Axie game , Players can get SLP, take SLP You can make a profit after selling , So as to solve the problem of income source of some local people under the epidemic situation .

stay YGG In guild design , It has Scholar、 Community Manager 、Yield Guild Three roles . among Scholar It's a player , Gain profit from 70%, The community manager is responsible for developing and training new people , Gain profit from 20%,Yield Guild It's a guild organization , Get the rest 10% earnings .Yield Guild Not directly with Scholar Players contact , Mainly contact with community managers . Community managers organize and manage various players .

according to YGG The disclosure of , It currently owns or plans to own illuvium、League of Kingdoms、F1 Delta Time、The Sandbox、Star Atlas、ZED RUN And other virtual assets in the game .

Besides , The encryption game guild may gradually develop into a DAO organization .DAO For some purpose , Decentralized organizations that can organize people form , It can be investment DAO Or various tasks DAO etc. . With the encryption game Play-to-earn The rise of models , Crypto game guild gets new opportunities , Later, it may develop DAO The implementation practice of , Finally, it will become the game guild layer in the whole field of encrypted games , Serve the cold start and subsequent development of the whole encryption game .

NFT Asset and encryption games

People spend more and more time in the virtual world every day , Tens of billions of dollars worth of virtual objects are stored on the network , And it's growing . Among these virtual objects , The category with fast addition speed is NFT assets , among 2021 In the first half of the year, the trading volume exceeded 25 Billion dollars . We can also see from the figure below ,6 The month and 7 Monthly comparison , Part of the main NFT The trading volume of the trading market is growing very rapidly .

 The breakthrough of encryption game

( Encryption games and NFT Trading volume is growing rapidly , come from TokenInsight The report of )

Blue fox notes mentioned before NBA Top Shot、CryptoPunks These encrypted collections , I've also introduced Beeple And other encrypted works of art by encryption artists , these NFT Have scarcity , There is also a certain community consensus . however , Relatively speaking , There is a certain threshold for encrypted collections and encrypted works of art , And the advent of encryption games may change NFT Pattern .

The user base of the game is naturally larger . If NFT Just collection value , Its scene will have a certain ceiling . If NFT It also has use value , that , The scene will be broader .Axie Not only is NFT, It also has application scenarios in the game , You can breed and fight in the virtual world , You can use it to make money in the game .DeRace It's a virtual horse racing game , The horse racing in its game is also NFT, Be similar to Axie Infinity In the game Axie, You can buy 、 Develop horse racing , And participate in the competition .illuvium It's based on Ethereum RPG Adventure games , You can capture illuvial Virtual species , these illuvia exceed 100 Kind of , Living in an alien world , Have different career and ability attributes . Players can capture them 、 Upgrade them , And win the battle . Such encryption games are increasingly pouring into the market .

From these games , We see some similar frameworks and patterns , Encrypt the assets in the game and NFT The combination of , Give Way Play-to-earn It's a reality .

Scalability provides the basis for the outbreak of encryption games

If we look at the timeline ,Axie The outbreak is introducing Ronin After side chain .Axie I couldn't hold too many players before , Even if the guild can organize more players , It will also be limited due to scalability .

Aixie Infinity Of users from 4 It's less than the end of the month 4 ten thousand DAU, When introducing side chain Ronin after , The number of daily users has soared to 25 All the above . Side chain Ronin It can improve the confirmation speed of transactions , Can be greatly reduced gas cost , Users can also Axie And other assets are transferred from the side chain to Ethereum Layer1, To meet higher security requirements .

 The breakthrough of encryption game

(4 Since the end of the month Axie Infinity Google search interest trends , come from Delphi Digital The report of )

 The breakthrough of encryption game

(Axie from 4 From the end of the month DAU A sharp increase , come from Dappradar data )

In order to solve encryption games and NFT Scalability of , It even gave birth to specialized services for NFT Of Layer 2 programme , Such as immutable X Of Layer2 technology . at present illuvium Game plan adoption immutable X Of Layer2 technology , It is based on StarkWare Developed solutions . Current side chain , Such as Matic、Ronin、xDai The safety of the depends on the condition of the respective side chains , With Ethereum Layer 1 There is a big gap in the security of , On the side chain , The transaction speed and cost have been greatly improved , However, some trade-offs have been made in terms of security . This is also a point that needs attention .

from Axie From the experience , After solving a certain degree of scalability , Encryption games have removed obstacles to rapid development . As more and more scalability schemes appear , Larger scale adoption of encryption games is coming .

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