Louis Vuitton launches themed commemorative NFT games, draws postcards or wins at least 10eth bonus (with participation tutorial)

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louis vuitton launches themed commemorative

The original title :《 Walk through the meta universe Louis:The Game》

1821 year ,Louis Vuitton Born in a small village in Jura mountain, France .1854 year ,Louis Vuitton Founded the brand of the same name in Paris Louis Vuitton. from 1867 After winning the bronze medal of the World Expo in ,Louis Vuitton Our products are famous , And out of France . Now ,Louis Vuitton It is already a well-known world brand .

2021 year 8 month 4 Japan , yes Louis Vuitton The birthday of the founder of the brand with the same name 200 Anniversary . So ,Louis Vuitton Open the 「Louis 200」 Themed commemorative celebrations , Display forms include video games 、 The documentary 、 A novel 、 Artwork 、 Window device .

The first is mobile games 《Louis:The Game》 as well as NFT A series of collection sweepstakes .《Louis:The Game》 It's an example. LV Classic dolls go to Paris 、 London 、 Beijing 、 Scenes inspired by places such as Tokyo and New York , seek 200 Zhang Ke represents Louis Vuitton Postcards of historical milestones .

Get into Louis:The Game

NFT Welcome to Louis Vuitton Of Metaverse:《Louis:The Game》. After entering the game, players can choose two game modes : Plot mode and time trial .

Novice players need to enter plot mode first , And get familiar with the game . After entering the game , What appears in front of you is the protagonist of the game controlled by the player :LV Classic doll Vivienne.

NFT Players need to collect candles to unlock different postcards 、 Accessories , And go to the next map .

NFT Take a hot-air balloon to the second map

Click on the protagonist Vivienne, You can see the postcards collected by the player :

NFT There are... In the postcard collection 200 Zhang , Each Postcard tells a story about Louis Vuitton The little story .

NFT In the accessories collection , Players can collect, including belts 、 hat 、 The necklace 、 sunglasses 、 The scarf 、 Surf board 、 The kettle 、 Different fashion items such as postman bags .

NFT In the third Vivienne focus , Players can choose different styles Vivienne As the protagonist of the game , And it can be matched according to players' preferences Christopher or Palm Springs Shoulders and backs as accessories .

NFTLouis:The World Photos of tourists in

When the player is familiar with the plot mode , Players can try time trial mode . In time trial mode , Players need to collect all the candles in the map in the shortest time to complete the achievement .

After enjoying the game , Can enter the https://we.new/louisvuitton/postcard-1 extract NFT, from 8 month 15 Take a moment every day from the th (Moment), Continuous pumping 30 God .

It is reported that , There are three moments ,Louis Birthday 、Louis Vuitton Brand establishment 、Louis Vuitton And Beeple 2019 Spring and summer fashion show . Draw... At each moment 10 God .

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