The US cryptotax proposal has limited impact on the bitcoin market, and its implementation still has a long way to go

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cryptotax proposal limited impact bitcoin


On the face of it , The United States has a proposal to pass additional Cryptocurrency Tax collection 280 The $billion bill may upset some bitcoin investors . But so far , The market reaction to the bill was quite moderate . If the bill is passed and signed into law , Its implementation still has a long way to go .

Last Wednesday , Lawmakers drafted a bipartisan infrastructure bill in Congress , It is proposed to implement new information reporting requirements for exchanges and other encryption service providers , increase 280 An additional $billion encryption tax .

According to the draft bill , Any broker who transfers digital assets is required to submit returns in accordance with the revised information reporting system . This will make the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) Be able to tax capital gains from the sale of digital assets .

Considering that digital asset markets usually respond quite quickly to press statements —— Recent rumors that Amazon will accept bitcoin as a form of payment is an example —— The bill's additional encryption tax plan has so far had little impact on the bitcoin price .

As the news of banknotes surfaced , The largest cryptocurrency by market value Coin in There has been a rise in recent weeks , However, it has declined in the past few days , As of press time , The resale price of bitcoin is about 3.8 Thousands of dollars .

“ This has not changed the rules of the game in the institutional world ,”Oanda Senior analyst Edward · Moya (Edward Moya) say .“ However , This statement really disrupted the stable trend of bullish macro trend , It is this trend that makes bitcoin expected to break through the recent trading range .”

Moya predicted , The extra encryption tax may prevent some retail traders from investing now , But he said , Most people in the field of encryption will “ Don't worry ”.

Some encryption experts say , The bill may have a positive impact on the market , Because it may bring more traction and visibility to the digital asset market . Cryptocurrency OTC traders Henrik Kugelberg Think , The bill is a positive sign of market acceptance .

“ Most people have no problem paying taxes on their income ,” He said .“ This makes cryptocurrencies more common .”

Quantum Economics (Quantum Economics) Analyst James · Dean (James Deane) Pointed out that , Cryptocurrency “ It is indeed a global phenomenon , The United States is just a jurisdiction , This means that the impact beyond it is limited .”

Dean said ,“ Although some people in the United States may be reluctant to trade under the new rules , But others will have confidence in the clarity of the new rules , So as to produce a neutral reaction .”

He also pointed out that , up to now , Limited market impact , Maybe it's because the implementation of the bill is still far away . The measure still needs to be negotiated in Congress , And by Joe · President Biden signed , until 2023 It will not fully take effect until . Lobbyists in the digital asset industry are trying to stifle or reduce additional encryption taxes .

Needham & Co. John, vice president of encrypted assets and blockchain research · Todaro (John Todaro) Also think , The short-term impact of the proposed encryption tax on the market is not worrying , Because this legislation will not come into force for a long time .

Todaro is watching whether the wording of the bill will change . He said , The bill may be further adjusted , So that it will not affect “ All companies in this field , Like mining companies , Mining companies are the starting point of the bill ”.

Todaro said : This is quite extensive .

Dean said , Although it may increase taxes , But the net effect is likely to be “ Positive impact on cryptocurrency industry ”.

He said :“ In the government's view , This effectively legalizes these transactions , It also provides a clear and powerful rule framework , Just follow these rules , Investors can operate in it , Without fear of being affected .”

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