Ethereum London hard bifurcation is coming, and how will the encryption exchange deploy?

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ethereum london hard bifurcation coming

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With The etheric fang (ETH) The upcoming London hard bifurcation of blockchain , Some exchanges are taking precautions , To ensure that the user's funds are still safe after the successful deployment of the hard bifurcation .

Ethereum's long-awaited London hard bifurcation is expected to take place in 8 month 4 in 12,965,000 Block launch . For this bifurcation , There are two possible scenarios ; Or the chain is divided , There is a competitive network with new tokens , Or there are no new tokens . Most exchanges will resume after a hard bifurcation ETH and ERC-20 Token business , Such as withdrawal and deposit .

How exchanges prepare for hard bifurcation ?

BINANCE( Currency security ) Announced in 2021-08-05 11:45(UTC) Pause ETH and ERC-20 Token deposits and withdrawals . This is to ensure that if a new token is generated during the hard bifurcation , Can reduce transaction risk , This may lead to extreme fluctuations in prices .

Some money security products , Such as spot and margin trading will not be affected . however , The exchange warned users to do a good job of prevention , Because during hard bifurcation , Prices tend to fluctuate greatly . The exchange's cryptocurrency loans will be suspended 42 Hours .

Cryptocurrency exchange OKEX Express , If ETH Split and produce new tokens , The platform will put the ETH Save user . It also warns users , Don't continue 10 Transfer during snapshot of minutes ETH.

According to the announcement of the exchange ,“ Then we will also calculate the block height 12,965,000, Or about 2021-08-05 11:55(UTC) Of ETH Balance snapshot , With 1:1 The proportion will loan tokens from the minority chain to users .”

London's hard bifurcation is conducive to long-term development

When commenting on the latest hard bifurcation ,OKEx CEO Jay Hao Express :“ The Ethereum London hard bifurcation event introduced a new pricing mechanism , Eliminate relevant problems through major reform of the existing charging structure GAS Soaring fees . It looks like it will improve ETH Value proposition and user experience of the network , But it's just the beginning . Because of more layer 2 protocols and Ethereum 2.0 Under development .”

Besides , He said :“ We can't deny that there are more DeFi The project adopts multi chain strategy , And migrate to other blockchain networks – Especially those networks with high cross chain operability .”

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