A16z open letter to the U.S. government: encrypted networks can repair existing systems

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a16z open letter u.s. government

The US government is seeking to increase revenue through cryptocurrency Taxation . A new bipartisan decision in Congress 1.2 The trillion dollar infrastructure bill intends to raise money from cryptocurrency tax enforcement measures 280 Billion dollars , As one of its financing mechanisms . In tax law enforcement , Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Digital asset affiliated entities will be required to report any transactions involving digital assets .

8 month 4 Japan , In response to this initiative , The famous Silicon Valley venture capital organization Andreessen Horowitz(a16z) Publish an open letter , Call for amendments to the bill ,a16z Express , The decentralized cryptocurrency network provides an extraordinary opportunity for the United States , We cannot sacrifice tomorrow's economic opportunities for a flawed Bill .

The following is the full text of the open letter :

Dear majority leader Schumer and minority leader McConnell .

We wrote in support of Senator Wyden、 senator Lummis And senators Toomey Bipartisan amendments to infrastructure .

We are as worried as the senators , The existing provisions on the taxation of cryptocurrency transactions are too broad , Will sweep through non intermediaries , Such as network verifiers and software developers , And will stifle innovation by imposing unfeasible reporting requirements on these groups . The infrastructure bill is too important , It cannot be challenged in the future by laws based on existing texts . These two party amendments should be the correct solution to these problems in a simple way .

As the leader of the largest cryptocurrency risk fund , We are encouraged that the government recognizes the existence of this emerging industry and is only growing .

For different groups – From musician 、 Artists and other creators to small business owners and those who are excluded , Cryptocurrency and blockchain have a lot of untapped potential .

An appropriate regulatory strategy needs to reflect an important fact : Cryptocurrency is not a single thing . The scope of cryptocurrency in the world goes far beyond its financial origin , Including art 、 New ways of community development and organization . As the whole new economy is built on decentralized agreements , These use cases will only continue to grow , Just like the Internet is built on TCP/IP Wait for the agreement , Regulation must reflect the nuance that different cryptocurrency uses will require different road rules .

The decentralized cryptocurrency network provides an extraordinary opportunity for the United States , Promote open systems and Societies , Instead of moving towards closure , Provide power for economic growth , And create jobs .

If the bill is passed as it is without amendment , This will run counter to the goal of this infrastructure legislation . We cannot sacrifice tomorrow's economic opportunities for a flawed Bill , And this bill needs a simple amendment .

In an Internet world increasingly controlled by a few people , Decentralized networks are a credible way forward . meanwhile , China has made a huge bet on its government's centralized control of the next wave of financial and computing infrastructure . Our country can offer an alternative : Building participatory and inclusive infrastructure , Work better for everyone .

We firmly believe that , Cryptocurrency will enable society to take advantage of the full potential of digital transformation , And fulfill the promises that have not been realized in our current system .

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