"Delivery" and "existential experience": can Facebook solve the two most basic technologies of the metauniverse?

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delivery existential experience facebook solve

「 delivery 」 And 「 Existential experience 」:Facebook Can we solve the two most basic technologies of the meta universe ?

I've been swimming in the virtual world recently , But it's not Meta universe That kind of , But a relative 「 Immersive space 」.

In this immersive space , You can make friends 、 Participate in various activities , From a scene ( Experience ) Transfer to other experiences , And it has its own economic system .

This virtual world is also a powerful social network , Founded in Zuckerberg Facebook It has existed since the beginning .

Take me , I won't choose Secod Life This game is used to perform the function of social network . Because this game has long been unable to compete with 15 Compared with the grand occasion years ago —— At that time, such as circuit city (Circuit City)、 Nissan companies are still building their own virtual stores 、 Virtual Exhibition Hall , Customers can buy virtual exhibits .

Second Life Should have been a meta universe , But eventually with Facebook、Instagram、Twitter,Snapchat and TikTok The rise of such social networks , Or inevitably become the plaything of a small crowd .

We talk about the meta universe , Largely because Zuckerberg decided to build his own metauniverse —— Want to get Second LIfe Failed success .

Facebook Is in 2004 Launched in 2013 , But the meta universe and this independence 、 The difference between non interconnected social networks is , The meta universe should be a brand new one 、 Borderless 、 to open up 、 Interactive Internet .

Zuckerberg The Verge This podcast announced his idea , Since then, the idea of the metauniverse has been in the scope of his discussion .

In a recent earnings conference call , Zuckerberg spent a lot of time discussing the metauniverse , This is how he described the meta universe in his mind :

“ One of the most important features of the meta universe is the sense of existence ( namely presence), It's the feeling that you can feel yourself and others in the same space at the same time . A literary creation 、 avatar 、 Digital objects will be crucial to the way we express ourselves , At the same time, it brings us new experience and economic opportunities .”

Implementing Zuckerberg's idea is very expensive , The idea of the metauniverse covers most of the existing technologies you can imagine , There are new and old :VR、AR、PC、 Smart phones and other communication technologies 、 Game handle 、 Community, etc. .

In the idea of the new meta universe , Two techniques basically summarize Zuckerberg's version of the metauniverse , namely 「 Transmission technology 」「 There are technologies 」 What these two solve is “ Where can you go ” and “ How did you get there ” The problem of .

Zuckerberg said he had this idea as early as middle school , But Neil · Stephenson was in 1992 The novel of 《 An avalanche 》 This idea was put forward for the first time .

Now that it is clear that the meta universe is not a new thing , Then we must face the obstacles in front of realization , That is, more real 「 delivery 」 and 「 Existential experience 」 Technology .

Limited by the laws of physics and Technology , We still can't do Star Trek . But Zuckerberg wants to figure out how to achieve 「 There is 」 Experience the most basic implementation method .

stay Second Life In this game , I can walk normally 、 Flying and arbitrary transmission , But this is only through PC End to end experience , I'm not in the game myself , Just watch your avatar chat with friends in the game 、 Interaction .

And want to put Second Life The experience of moving to VR A lot of technical means need to be used in the equipment .

Second Life And other communities 、 Experience rich immersive environments ( Animal Crossing 、 My world ), It always makes players feel that one point is missing and really exists in the game .

User Facebook Experience is not really in it , Just get the information that appears randomly on the front page —— Regardless of user involvement Facebook How deep is the experience , Users themselves can't perceive all this .

As Zuckerberg gave Casey Newton As explained , He himself believes that the concept of the meta universe is not just deeper 「 Internet participation 」, But how to integrate into the Internet more naturally .

So in Zuckerberg's vision , Including augmented reality devices , Combine real and virtual experiences , Players in the metauniverse can and wear AR Interact with friends on the device . If you wear the appropriate tactile device , It can also achieve real 「 Contact 」.

Zuckerberg has seen his idea of the metauniverse and 《 No. 1 player 》 What this novel has in common ——

《 No. 1 player 》 yes Ernest Cline stay 2012 A novel written in , Depicting a broken world , The inhabitants choose to escape from reality in the meta universe , Provide virtual and real experience in the metauniverse , And under the action of tactile suit, players will also have real tactile pain .

Virtual experience is the trend of technology development , I believe that . With Zuckerberg's ambitious plans and almost conceited qualities , He's right Facebook Made a useful attempt to lead to the meta universe , After all Facebook At present, there are enough users all over the world 29 Hundreds of millions of .

Apple The full size AR What exactly is a suit like , No one knows , But according to the current news and Apple According to the patent application ,Apple Of AR The equipment is lightweight 、 Features of appearance science fiction , And help achieve more natural 、 Immersive experience .

Apple and Facebook frenemy , But the possibility of cooperation between the two is very low .

Realizing the idea of meta universe also needs an open development model , Or something like HTML Such a universal markup language , Bring different communities together . Because it is impossible for users to transmit between communities without a master key , Every community / Experience can't compile the code that makes up your avatar .

When you transfer to another experience , Previously preset player information , Like gender 、 Appearance, etc , And previous achievements 、 The trophies are all gone , This is simply unimaginable .

Look back Second Life And countless games of the same type , I have a deep sense of powerlessness , Because none of these games can communicate with each other , Put it another way , Even today's social networks are independent , stay Twitter,Facebook and YouTube The information resources shared on are controlled by access rights , And very limited .

  And the current protection of user privacy also makes data sharing a bubble ( see Apple) Zuckerberg's vision is broad 、 The efficient and unlimited digital world is in the stage of making cars behind closed doors because of the existing data sharing mechanism .

For all that ( Or maybe that's why ), The yuan universe is still alive , Even in the face of antitrust action by the federal government , Zuckerberg and his Facebook Will rally , Strive to break the barriers between its platforms (Instagram,Facebook,Facebook Messenger,WhatsApp,Oculus).

Even though Twitter、Google and Apple Ignore it ,Facebook Small scientific and technological enterprises will still be encouraged to join Facebook Metacosmic Ecology .

Even if Zuckerberg failed to build this new Internet , His vision will also be right Facebook Make a big difference .

Five or ten years later , The social media experience can be very different .

Imagine , No need to log in via mobile phone or computer , You can just face a microphone equipped AR Glasses speak , Tell the voice assistant that you want to find an aerobics coach , A moment later, the coach will be around you and ready to go .

You and the coach Don't have to be there in person , But in virtual space-time , You two can still interact together .

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