SEC Chairman: the SEC needs to have clear power over cryptocurrency trading or lending platforms

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sec chairman sec needs clear

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SEC The chairman said , The agency hopes to act as an agent for the sale of securities Coin and Consumer protection of tokens sold as commodities “ Bind together ”.

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Gary · Jansler (Gary Gensler) Express ,SEC Need to be right Cryptocurrency Trading or lending platforms have clear powers .

Wednesday ,SEC The chairman is accepting CNBC Of Squawk Box In an interview , The agency hopes to be a lending or trading platform for tokens sold as securities and tokens sold as commodities “ Combine ” Protecting consumers .

Gensler Express , Considering this nuance , Many cryptocurrency trading and lending platforms “ Cross border regulation ”.

Gensler Express , If they're trading securities , I encourage them to come in and have a frank discussion , He hinted that many platforms were reluctant to do so .

When asked how the desire for strong regulation naturally conflicted with bitcoin's original spirit of foreign capital ,Gensler Praised cryptocurrency “ Stay away from the Internet 、 Liberalism ” The values of , But it emphasizes the prevention of fraud 、 The importance of terrorism and other crimes , And with the recent to Colonial Pipeline For example .

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