After dydx, find the next value airdrop

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dydx value airdrop

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dydx The governance token was released yesterday , And to early users Airdrop , Judging from the current valuation , Users have really made a profit . Other previous projects, such as Uniswap,1Inch,Instadapp,gitcoin Have airdropped valuable airdrops to users ( From a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, an address ), So who could be the next value airdrop project ?

First , We from dydx Investor Paradigm Invest in other projects and start searching , From past history ,Paradigm The investment DeFi The project has developed to a certain stage , Most people issue money , such as Uniswap,Compound,dydx etc. , at present paradigm Invested but not yet issued DeFi The project includes

1. Argent wallet twitter @argentHQ)

Argent Wallet is a wallet based on smart contract , No private key , Users do not need to manage private keys , After the wallet is lost, you can retrieve it through the set guardian , To reduce the DeFi User's threshold , Can now participate in Layer2 Test of , It is recommended to use its guardian function .

2. Options agreement opyn( twitter @opyn_)

opyn It's a decentralized Option Agreement , Although the current trading volume is small , But derivatives are early , Worth waiting for , Users can experience from both option providers and option users .

3. Fixed income agreement Yield( twitter @yield)

Yield It's a fixed income agreement on the chain , solve AAVE and COMP And other products can not provide fixed interest rates . Its similar products notional Money has been issued .

4. NFT Deal agreement Zora( twitter @ourzora)

This is Paradigm Recently invested in Ethereum NFT Auction agreement , at present NFT The track is hot , Worthy of attention .

5. Layer 2 protocol optimism( twitter @optimismPBC)

In the layer 2 agreement Paradigm The bet is Optimism, at present Uniswap and synthetix All from and Optimism Integrate , among synthetix Now online , Can pass Uniswap and Synthetix and Optimism Interact .

In addition to the above Paradigm The project of the Department , The following items are also rumored to be issued

6. zksync( twitter @zksync)

It's also a two-tier agreement , Everyone donated gitcoin When , If used zksync, It should be interactive .

7. ENS( twitter @ensdomains)

Decentralized domain name based on Ethereum , For example, you can make a yourame.eth Domain name of , Isn't it cool ?

8. matcha( twitter @machaxyz)

Aggregation on the chain , The user experience is quite good , The development team is said to be 0x, You can experiment , and 1inch,uniswap and sushi Compare the .

9. Metamask( twitter @metamask)

The little fox made a wallet defi Many people have used , It is said that it is its swap function , So you can experience it more swap function , Pay attention to the swap There will be an additional cost for the function .

10. opensea( twitter @opensea)

This is nft The biggest trading platform , Will you issue money , We'll see . I suggest you can try the whole process , Including buying nft And sell nft.

11. Paraswap( twitter @paraswap)

and 1inch,matcha similar , yes dex Aggregate trading platform , The feature is that there are some private liquidity pools , Investors are also good , Include The Lao,coingecko,aave Founders, etc , It's worth experiencing .

12. Zapper( twitter @zapper_fi)

Decentralized asset management , For example, your assets can be through zapper To show and manage , Not only can you view wallet assets , And you can view the mining assets , The future is defi One of the entrances , Competitive products debank And the following zerion. In the early stage, I did some tasks NFT The activities of , Will you issue money , We'll see .

13. Zerion( twitter @zerion_io)

Same as above zapper similar , It is also a decentralized asset management ,zerion This project is defi The old projects inside , Twitter shows 2017 year 8 Month join . You can experience , Look and zapper and debank The difference between .

14. Element Finance( twitter @element_fi)

It is also a fixed income agreement on the chain , The investor is a luxury , Include a16z,place holder etc. , It's worth experiencing .

15. Phantom wallet ( twitter @phantom)

Solana The best wallet on it ,a16z Lead investment 900 Thousands of dollars , play solana My friends must experience .

So many projects can experience , This summer I'm sure we won't be idle ;). in addition , There are a few tips about experience tip, First of all , You can use multiple addresses ; second , To experience the whole process of the product , Such as providing liquidity and trading ; Third , Where time and cost allow , Try to increase the volume and number of transactions ; Fourth , Whereas the United States SEC Tighter regulation of cryptocurrency , Try to avoid using American IP.

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