How fanatical is India's encryption market? First Olympic encryption Award

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fanatical india encryption market olympic

Cryptocurrency platform Bitbns It is planned to open a systematic investment plan for digital assets for Indian athletes who won medals in the ongoing Tokyo Olympic Games (SIP). As report goes , The exchange will award gold medalists about 2700 Dollar encryption currency .

 How crazy the Indian encryption market is ? The first Olympic encryption Award

“ faster 、 Higher 、 stronger ” And earn cryptocurrency

《 The economic times 》 Reports said , If Indian athletes participating in the Olympic Games try to win medals in Tokyo , You can receive cryptocurrency as a gift .

As report goes , It is proposed that the trading place is Bitbns. The first athletes who can get the cryptocurrency reward for free are the winners Mirabai Chanu and PV Sindhu. The former won 49 Silver medal in kg women's weightlifting , The latter won the bronze medal in women's badminton singles at the Tokyo Olympic Games .

Bitbns Plan to launch a SIP Account , Award the Olympic champion nearly 2700 Digital assets in US dollars , Award... To the silver medalist 1350 dollar , Confer... On the bronze medalist 675 dollar . It will transfer the money to their account , Get to know your customers on completion (KYC) After standardization , The athletes will get The currency (BTC) And etheric fang (ETH) Such as cryptocurrency exposure .

The exchange explained that , It will build a 3-5 Year of SIP, So the medal winner will be able to pass Bitbns Long term profit .

Indian people prefer cryptocurrency

According to a recent study , The digital asset investment of Indian residents is from 2020 Year of 2 Billion U.S. dollars to the first six months of this year 400 Billion dollars , This shows that their demand for cryptocurrency has soared .

What's more impressive is , The Indian people, known as gold worshippers , Start to shift its investment strategy from precious metals to virtual currency . A local investor explained :“ I'd rather put my money on cryptocurrency , Not gold . Cryptocurrencies are more transparent than gold or assets , Generate higher returns in a shorter time ”.

The survey added , The number of people trading cryptocurrencies in India is 1500 ten thousand . This is much more than a developed country , For example, Britain , There has been a 230 Ten thousand people entered the market . platform ZebPay Co-founder of Sandeep Goenka It reveals the reasons for this sharp growth in the country with the second largest population :“ They found it easier to invest in cryptocurrency than gold , Because the process is much simpler . When you surf the Internet , You can buy cryptocurrency , You don't even need to verify it , This is different from gold .”

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