Privacy computing + blockchain to help data trusted governance practice

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In recent years , Blockchain technology application and industry have a good development foundation , In the anti-counterfeiting traceability 、 Supply chain management 、 Judicial deposit 、 Government data sharing 、 A number of representative blockchain applications have emerged in people's livelihood services and other fields . Blockchain technology is decentralized 、 Open and transparent 、 Tamper proof features to build a new trust system . But for now, on the whole , The development of blockchain is still in its infancy , There is still insufficient privacy protection , Weak computing and storage capacity .

therefore , In the current frontier development exploration of the blockchain industry ,“ Privacy computing ” Gradually show your head , It is considered to be one of the key technologies to solve the problem of weak privacy protection of blockchain . Compared with traditional data security methods , The most innovative highlight of privacy computing is the physical dispersion of data 、 Logical concentration , While ensuring data security and privacy , It can also mine data value 、 Promote value circulation .

At present , The industry generally believes that privacy Computing 、 Blockchain and other technologies are effective technical models for building a trusted data circulation environment .2021 year 5 month 26 Japan , National development and reform commission 、 Central network information office 、 Ministry of industry and information technology 、 The National Energy Administration jointly issued 《 National integrated big data center collaborative innovation system computing hub implementation plan 》.《 programme 》 It is also mentioned in : Test multi-party security calculation 、 Blockchain 、 Privacy computing 、 Data sandbox and other technical modes , Build a trusted data circulation environment , Improve data flow efficiency .

Data construction : Technology R & D and Application “ striking one snag after another

2013 year , It is called the first year of big data , thereafter , Data has gradually penetrated into every industry and business functional field today , Become an important production factor . And in the process , The significance of data to enterprises has also undergone subversive changes .

At the beginning of big data development , Big data is regarded as the cost input in the process of technology R & D and innovation . That is, in the process of building a big data platform , The government or enterprises rank the budget in the top of technology research and development ,“ Rate of return ” It is regarded as an important indicator of technological construction achievements . Now , Data is regarded as a new asset and a new factor of production , Not in terms of cost “ product ”.

When enterprises invest in R & D in the direction of data , Constantly mining data assets and data elements , In the process , Data as internal cause , Played a strong role in promoting . For example, in recent years, blockchain 、 The landing demand of technologies such as privacy computing is an important embodiment of the current data as a factor of production .

Data trust governance : A people-oriented value concept

With the development of the Internet of things, the kinetic energy is constantly enriched , The market potential is generally recognized by the industry , The speed of development is accelerating 、 Business and technological innovation are emerging one after another , It indicates that the rapid development of the Internet of things has become an inevitable trend .

However, technology, a double-edged sword, makes the Internet of things develop at a high speed , It also exposed a significant problem : Potential “ Attack side ”. This potential “ Attack side ” Make the data security in the era of Internet of things extremely vulnerable to destruction . therefore , In the age of the Internet of things , Data governance has become an urgent problem to be solved .

therefore , The end of data governance , The root cause is to provide more perfect technology upgrading and solutions . In this respect , The perfection of data governance is actually the implementation of people-oriented values . Technology changes with each passing day , People oriented is always a necessary condition for the sustainable development of technology .


In the digital economy , Data has become an essential element in production and life , It has a great impact on the efficiency of resource allocation . Today, with the rapid development of productivity , The importance of data continues to be highlighted . But in this context , The data reveal that 、 big data “ Kill ” And so on .6 month 10 Japan , The 29th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress voted and adopted 《 Data security law of the people's Republic of China 》, The effective supervision of data has realized that there are laws to follow , It fills the gap of data security protection legislation , The legal system of Cyberspace Security Governance has been improved .

Data security and social security 、 National security and the security of citizens are closely related , Data security and data governance are not only the key construction contents within the current enterprise and industry , actually , It will be integrated into the country's infrastructure construction and all aspects of citizens' daily life .

Only when the data security mechanism is improved , stay “ Blockchain + Privacy computing ” In the built Ecology , To really serve everyone's “ Digital identity ” Secure data storage escort , So as to carry out credible and safe social activities , And really release the value of data .

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