Dao ideal a little early

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dao ideal little early

DAO( Go to the central autonomous organization ) I learned a few years ago , Recent encryption VC The circle is on fire again , I can't remember which investor said it , current DAO It's going to be the next ”defi summer” .

Running summer The goal is to study several DAO, Feel no heat , We and DAO It may still be in early spring , Even in winter .

DAO Simply put, it's a bunch of people getting together and doing things . What is different from the traditional company organization is , No centralized powerful boss , And the landlady sitting behind the scenes .DAO Members talk about things , Vote collectively on things .

In fact, this thing is nothing new , B.c. 5 Pericles in Athens in the th century played , History calls Pericles reform . If we take more than a dozen farmers in Xiaogang Village decades ago , The first big package is understood as DAO It's fine too .

The following picture is collected by brother fat DAO Application scenarios , The media \ operating \ Community \ Development \ Risk management \ Investment, etc , Very rich .

DAO The ideal is a little early

such as , The media field is hot bankless dao, If you want to go in, you have to pay 35000BANK, The current market value is about 8000 RMB .

The fat man asked an old sister who went in to experience , She said ” They are now managing like a hive Very scattered , bankless Their own media and bankless dao It feels like two things , I don't think it will help to produce high-quality content . Kind of came to the market ,  Or the feeling of going to the night market .”

The figure below shows how to participate in this DAO The welfare of the , Some welfare programs are a little funny , For example, health \ Spiritual support , It seems like a blockchain club organization .

DAO The ideal is a little early

also , One engaged in investment DAO, If you want to go in, you also need to buy money . The difference is , If you want to withdraw money, you can return it . This DAO The main purpose is to gather a group DEFI master , Help novice mining investment .DEFI Experts choose projects , Novice follow-up , At present, there are more than a dozen institutions supporting .

This investment DAO The core of the is the Committee . The first members of the committee were recommended by the founding members , And by the DAO Election .

DAO The mining mechanism is used to motivate committee members , Let them study and vote responsibly ( Consider paying members according to their contributions and performance ).DAO Mining rewards every 2 Pay once a week . Members can vote 「 Agree with 」 or 「 veto 」 Tickets are rewarded . Members will vote in favor of projects with excellent performance 、 And get rewards by voting no to projects with poor performance .

At first glance , There's nothing wrong with logic . in fact , The founding members influence and control the members of the Committee , The assessment criteria of contribution and incentive are not decentralized . also , New leek mining will go DAO Play inside ? Wait for the back , Fat brother successfully went in and experienced , Then share your insights .

Most of the DAO Publicity of , All against the next generation of human organizations \ Efficient structure \ The banner of distributed democracy . in fact , Leeks need meat , No meat , Talk about ideals ?

The Athenian city-state system was broken in the era of the Athenian Empire , The golden age of ancient democracy ended .DAO Will you ?

Fat brother dare not make a conclusion , Hold a reservation for the time being , After all, there are more DAO No research, no understanding . Welcome to share your opinion .

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