Top shot will sell exclusive NFT moments in live basketball games

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shot sell exclusive nft moments

Dapper Labs Popular professional basketball NFT Collection platform NBA Top Shot It will be held in Las Vegas next week NBA Exclusive sales in the summer league Tokens, .

These tokens will be the first to be called “ Instantaneous (moments)” Of Top Shot NFT, It can be purchased exclusively from the physical site , They mark the moment for the first time in NBA Sell... In the game .

These exclusive NFT Will commemorate 8 month 8 Japan 、9 Day and 10 The highlight of every game on the day . Each edition will cast at least 1000 individual , The total number of casting moments will be determined according to the demand . Each fan can only buy 10 Tokens .

People who participate in the competition can be in Las Vegas · Mark center Top Shop The kiosk is sold with each 5 Book uncut tokens at a price of US dollars . these NFT Will be transferred to the buyer's after creation Top Shot In the account .

NBA Top Shot Will be in... In an important way NBA Stand out in the summer league

For the first time ever ,Top Shot Collectors will be able to buy moments on the field , And in Las Vegas Top Shot The kiosk got the moment they saw the game with their own eyes .

— NBA Top Shot (@nbatopshot) 2021 year 8 month 3 Japan

Although these NFT afford much food for thought , But the first moments are unlikely to become valuable collections in the future . Because the event is held in the off-season , these NFT It will mainly show the newly selected rookies and minor league players .

according to DApp Radar The data of , In terms of sales and active traders ,Top Shot It is now the second most popular NFT platform , in the past 30 In the day ,Top Shot The market is about 109,600 User executed 675,350 transaction —— Although the total trading account has decreased 53% above .

according to CryptoSlam The data of , Last month ,Top Shot Our average daily turnover is about 70 Thousands of dollars .

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