Qu coin Morning Post - US IRS seized us $1.2 billion of cryptocurrency in this fiscal year

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▌ beautiful IRS In the current fiscal year, seal up 12 $ Cryptocurrency

Jarrod, director of cybercrime at the IRS · Kupmann said :“ stay 2019 The fiscal year , We intercepted about 70 Ten thousand dollars of cryptocurrency ,2020 Fiscal year , The figure reaches 1.37 Billion dollars ,2021 The fiscal year , by 12 Billion dollars ( This fiscal year will last until 9 month 30 Japan ).” Besides , The U.S. government regularly transfers its bitcoin Holdings 、 The etheric fang 、 The reserves of Wright coins and other cryptocurrencies are auctioned .

The market

By the end of time , According to the Huobi global data display :

BTC Recent transaction price 39830.47 dollar , Day up and down +1.31%;

ETH Recent transaction price 2730.93 dollar , Day up and down +2.06%;

BCH Recent transaction price 548.03 dollar , Day up and down +0.97%;

BSV Recent transaction price 139.55 dollar , Day up and down +0.59%;

EOS Recent transaction price 4.11 dollar , Day up and down -0.09%;

LTC Recent transaction price 141.98 dollar , Day up and down -1.19%;

DOT Recent transaction price 19.16 element , Day up and down +1.93%.


▌ Japan's top financial regulator : Japan regards cryptocurrency dealers as part of its anti money laundering program

Japan's top financial regulator said , His planned anti money laundering platform may include cryptocurrency dealers , He said , Cryptocurrency dealers have the same obligations as traditional financial institutions , Make sure they don't deal with criminals . Financial Services Bureau (FSA) Express , It is planning to create a common industry wide system , Financial companies can use this system to determine whether their customers may be terrorists and whether their customers' accounts are at risk of being used for money laundering .FSA person in charge Junichi Nakajima In an interview with 《 Wall Street journal 》 In an interview :“ In the sense of prohibiting dealing with those subject to sanctions , Cryptocurrency dealers are the same as banks .”

The United States SEC chairman : The crypto trading platform should be placed under the regulatory system , To protect traders

Recently with CNBC Of Squawk Box In the conversation of the program , The United States SEC chairman Gary Gensler Express , Other currencies such as bitcoin belong to the speculative asset category . He insists that bitcoin and cryptocurrency are often associated with fraud 、 Fraud is related to money laundering . In this regard , He insisted that the encrypted trading platform should be ( Encrypted exchange ) Under the regulatory system , To protect traders , Just like they trade on the New York Stock Exchange . Lack of regulation is bad for investors , It is also not conducive to the technology on which encryption is based .

▌ The Uruguayan Senator proposed a bill aimed at making cryptocurrency legal currency

Qucoin reported , Uruguayan Senator Juan Sartori A bill was introduced on Tuesday , It aims to make cryptocurrency legal tender in the country . According to the act , Encrypted assets will be recognized and accepted by law , And apply to any legitimate business , Will be considered a valid payment method . If the bill becomes law , The government will issue “ First license ”, Enable companies to trade encrypted assets on exchanges . The second license will allow “ Storage 、 Hold or keep encrypted assets ”, The third license will be used to distribute with “ Financial characteristics ” Encrypted assets or functional tokens .Sartori The bill also provides for the supervision of cryptocurrency mining . Miners will not need special permits similar to those required by doctors , But need access to Uruguayan industry 、 A license from the Ministry of energy and mines to operate . The measure also includes “ Promote electrical protection 、 Civil and computer engineers conduct technical training in virtual asset generation ”.

Blockchain application

▌ Shanghai 、 The winning rate of digital RMB red envelopes in Suzhou is expected to exceed 10%

8 month 6 Japan , Bank of Communications Shanghai Soviet Union digital RMB pilot Jingdong special event will be officially launched , At that time, we will report to Shanghai 、 Issued by Suzhou citizens 50 10000 copies in total 2000 10000 yuan digital RMB gift bag .50 The number of 10000 copies , The winning rate of the digital RMB red envelope is expected to exceed 10%.

▌ The Bank of Indonesia is studying the development of digital currency

8 month 4 Daily news , The Bank of Indonesia is studying the central bank's digital currency (CBDC) Or the development of digital shield coins . Director of the payment system policy department of the Bank of Indonesia Fitria Irmi Triswati Express , A lot has been done with CBDC Or research related to the development of digital shield coins . According to its disclosure , There are many considerations for the development of digital currency , Such as structure 、 technology 、 Mechanism, etc . The impact on the stability of the financial system , It must also be considered .


beautiful SEC chairman : It will help more government officials understand cryptocurrency

8 month 4 Japan , Chairman of the securities and Exchange Commission Gary Gensler To accept the CNBC Financial programs Squawk Box Online interview , During this period, he said , We need regulatory rules , Nakamoto's invention ( The currency ) If you want to reach your potential , It needs to be incorporated into the public policy framework . The currency 、 And hundreds of other tokens belong to the investment asset category , Their trading platform is currently not subject to regulatory constraints , Investors trade on these platforms , It should be regulated like the New York Stock Exchange . I had a wonderful one-on-one discussion with senators and members of the house of Representatives , I also discussed cryptocurrency with them in some group meetings before , And is committed to letting government officials know more about cryptocurrency .

▌ Russia has allocated funds to build an encrypted transaction tracking tool 20 Thousands of dollars

Qucoin reported , The authorities of the Russian Federation are advancing a plan , To closely monitor the cryptocurrency activities of illegal transactions , And de anonymize the identity of encrypted users . Financial monitoring agency of the Russian Federation (Rosfinmonitoring) A contractor was selected to develop a platform to track cryptocurrency activities . According to the data of the Russian state procurement website , The country will allocate funds from the budget 1470 All the ruble (20 Thousands of dollars ), In order to create “ Module for monitoring and analyzing cryptocurrency transactions ”. According to official figures , The contract was awarded to a company named RCO The company , The company indirectly acquired Russia's largest bank Sber( Formerly known as Sberbank) Support for . According to the contract documents ,RCO Will be responsible for building a monitoring tool , Used to track the movement of digital financial assets , Maintain a database of cryptocurrency wallets involved in illegal activities , And monitor the behavior of encrypted users to identify them .

Democratic senator of the United States : Cryptocurrency needs to be regulated

Democratic senator of the United States Warren Express , Cryptocurrency needs to be regulated . The biggest advantage of cryptocurrency may be that it has more access channels .

survey : Americans have partisan differences over the encryption tax provisions in the infrastructure Bill

Qucoin reported , According to the intelligence company Morning Consult A recent public opinion poll ,52% Of Americans support the controversial cryptocurrency tax reporting provisions in the infrastructure act . However , There are clear partisan differences on this issue .34% Republicans and 15% Of Democrats “ A little against ” or “ Strongly opposed ” The impact of this clause on cryptocurrency . This may not come as a surprise , Because according to early investigations , Republican voters tend to be more friendly to cryptocurrencies .

▌Melanion Capital It plans to launch the first bitcoin price tracking system regulated by the EU ETF

Famous French investment management company Melanion Capital An exchange traded fund will be launched (ETF), The fund tracks the price of bitcoin through a basket of stocks . The ETF It will be listed on the pan European stock exchange in Paris . The ETF Of UCITS( EU Collective Investment Scheme for transferable securities ) Status means that it is regulated throughout the EU .

▌ Fidelity has bought... Through the fund Marathon Digital 7.4% Shares of

Fidelity has purchased bitcoin mining through four index funds Marathon Digital 7.4% Shares of , Including fidelity extended Market Index Fund (FSMAX)、 Fidelity NASDAQ Composite Index Fund (FNCFX)、 Fidelity whole market index fund (FSKAX) And fidelity series whole market index funds (FCFMX). It is reported that , The total market value of these funds is 1700 Billion dollars . Although each fund holds Marathon The percentage of shares is very small , But many of these index funds are popular with retirement accounts .

▌ Ethereum client Besu Release v21.7.2 edition

Qucoin reported , Ethereum client Besu Release v21.7.2. This release contains improvements and bug fixes , For best compatibility with other London client versions .

▌ It's just Alerian The former CEO served as ETF person in charge

Grayscale (Grayscale) Custom index providers have been hired Alerian Former CEO of David LaValle As its exchange traded fund (ETF) The global leader of , He will promote the gray bitcoin trust ( Stock code GBTC) Convert to ETF. Besides , Grayscale also seeks to fill at least 10 The other is related to ETF Related positions .

Important economic trends

▌ US Treasury Secretary Yellen : Inflation will rise in 2021 Meet the Fed's goal by the end of the year

US Treasury Secretary Yellen said , Expected by the end of this year , The monthly inflation rate will fall back to a level consistent with price stability . Inflation will rise in 2021 Meet the Fed's goal by the end of the year .

Fed Kaplan : We will reassess... Next month 2022 Whether the annual interest rate increase is appropriate

Federal Reserve Kaplan said , The Fed should “ Soon ” Start to gradually reduce the scale of bond purchases . I will reassess myself next month from 6 The view of the beginning of the month , namely 2022 The view that an annual interest rate increase would be appropriate .

Fun coin encyclopedia

The algorithm stabilizes the currency : Unstable stable currency

The algorithm stabilizes the currency , As the name suggests, it is a method to adjust the total amount of money in the market according to the algorithm , Increase market supply when the stable currency price is higher than the anchor price , When the stable currency price is lower than the anchor price, the supply will be recovered , Or balance and stabilize the currency price by providing arbitrage space . The establishment of this model , Do not anchor real legal currency 、 No collateral is required to stabilize the currency , It is all regulated by market will and algorithm , The market is also called a flexible currency . At present, there are two mainstream models to provide algorithm support , One is ampl, The other is esdbac Compound stable currency .

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