Theta blockchain: the pioneer of decentralization in video streaming industry

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theta blockchain pioneer decentralization video

We live in the age of video streaming , With Netflix、Disney+、YouTube、Twitch And iqiyi in China 、 youku 、 Tencent video and many live platform services .

The Cisco visual network index report shows ,IP Traffic is expected to flow from 2017 Month of 122EB Rapid growth for 2022 Year of 396EB/ month , Among them, Internet video will occupy the whole market traffic next year 71%.


This growth means that streaming providers have to spend more to maintain their own content delivery networks , The solution can be to rent Amazon , Alibaba cloud and other cloud servers or other .

But either way , With the further increase of traffic , For each year, usually only in CDN For streaming media companies that pay huge fees on bandwidth , Its costs will increase rapidly .

But beyond that , People with streaming media solutions are often troubled by some problems . although CDN In many places, there are stationing data centers , But the number is limited , This reduces the efficiency of providing streaming services to users , Especially in remote and underdeveloped areas .


Streaming media users often face some problems , If the picture quality is poor 、 Often rejected and streaming media instability . As technology advances , The transmission problem is getting worse , because 4K and 8K Higher resolution than 720p or 1080p Standard much more bandwidth .

THETA The Internet

Theta Network It's a fast-growing cryptocurrency project , It's trying to use blockchains and next-generation platforms , Provide a feasible solution to all the above problems , In order to realize the decentralization of video streaming field .

With the support of blockchain Technology ,Theta Network is a new generation of video streaming media and transmission platform .


It's different from traditional solutions on the market that use centralized servers for transmission ,Theta Providing streaming services through a decentralized network .

stay Theta In the network , When watching a video, viewers can share their unused computing and bandwidth resources with others , To optimize the user experience and the quality of streaming media .

As a reward for user support , The audience will receive Theta Fuel, These are the two native technologies that the platform uses in its ecosystem Tokens One of . by Theta Users who contribute their device bandwidth and computing resources are called cache nodes .

These nodes together form a mesh network for video transmission , Responsible for providing video streaming to the audience . Although nodes provide services on a global scale , But delivery is optimized for local use , This means that the network will select the nearest node for streaming delivery ( Like your neighbor's computer ).

Because the device that viewers use to watch video is also used to deliver streaming content to others , And it's closer geographically to , Therefore, the quality of streaming media can be greatly improved by reducing the information round-trip time .


according to Theta forecast , If there are enough cache nodes , So video and streaming platforms can be used for a long time Theta To reduce up to 80% The cost of bandwidth .

The platform features point-to-point connections between viewers and nodes , Not through a central server .

That's why , image Theta Such a distributed network will not face the single point of failure problem that often leads to service interruption . contrary , The more users there are in the network, the more powerful it is , The quality of streaming media will also be better .

About Theta, It should be noted that , The cryptocurrency project aims to provide streaming media companies with a cheaper 、 More efficient ways to run their services , At the same time, for the decentralized streaming media platform through Theta The agreement to enter the market provides opportunities .


Theta The reason why we are able to successfully obtain investment and cooperate with Samsung 、 Google 、 Sony and Gumi Inc This is also the reason why famous companies have established partnerships .

THETA working principle

In order to understand Theta How it works , Let's take a look at the important components of the network .

1、 Multilayer Byzantine consensus algorithm (PBFT)

Theta It has its own blockchain platform , It uses a certificate based on delegated interest BFT Consensus mechanism .Theta The consensus on this is reached through two layers . On the first floor , A small number of enterprise verifier nodes generate blockchains at the fastest speed .

after , They communicate with thousands of community operated Guardian nodes , These nodes ultimately determine the blockchain generated by the verifier Committee on the regular checkpoint block . This architecture is called a dual defense system .


Although the verifier of the first layer is due to the small number of nodes , A consensus can be reached quickly , But he also has to guard nodes to ensure network security , It also has the final say in verifying transactions .

At the same time, the verifier of the first layer should monitor the malicious activities of enterprise nodes . Although the Committee of verifiers is becoming more and more centralized , But the second level guardians can reach a consensus on a decentralized basis . therefore , The network can be scalable to more than... Per second 1000 transaction , This strikes a good balance between decentralization and security .

2、 Aggregate signature broadcast scheme

When the block generated by the verifier committee is finalized , The guardian will choose to broadcast data to all nodes in the second layer for communication . However , Although this is a practical process , But it may greatly limit the throughput and scalability of the network .

For this reason ,Theta A mechanism called aggregate signature broadcast scheme is used to reduce the complexity of information transmission .


As part of the program , Before each guardian in the network communicates the aggregated signature to other nodes , Will combine partial signatures from their neighbors . therefore , Communication between nodes can become faster 、 More effective , At the same time, the amount of information between nodes is reduced .

3、 Micro payment fund pool under the chain

Theta Also designed a small payment fund pool under the chain , Dedicated to video streaming transactions . Although it's double flower resistant , But the function allows users to create an off chain micro payment fund pool , Others can withdraw funds through off chain transfers .

thus , Users can pay for streaming media content pulled from multiple cache nodes , Without having to trade on the chain . Do this for Theta Blockchain saves valuable resources , And allow the network to achieve better scalability .

4、 Edge node

Theta The verifier Committee and guardian node architecture allows the video streaming platform to work more efficiently , But they are required to use their own servers ,CDN Or distributed technology to run .

however , With Theta Of mainnet 2.0 Release , The encryption project introduces another set called Edge Community managed node set of nodes .


Edge The node is Theta Of Edgecast Peer to peer dApp Provide support , So that users in the network can relay , Transcoding and sharing redundant resources with other users , Without a centralized server .

In order to solve the tasks of other users ,Edge Nodes get TFuel Reward , These rewards are placed in smart contracts , The contract acts as a distrust trustee , Until the submitted solution is verified by other nodes .

With the help of Edge node , Now you can create , Upload and view streams , And there's no need to be Theta Use any central server or CDN.

Theta Virtual machines and smart contracts

Theta There is a virtual machine with Ethereum (EVM) Compatible virtual machines , It allows developers to make simple changes , And then launch them on previous platforms based on ETH Solutions for .

besides ,Theta Support for smart contracts , Cryptocurrency projects can use smart contracts to create and launch their own TNT-20 Tokens.

Besides ,Theta Content creators on can also launch their NFT, And users can take advantage of the platform's smart contract driven DEX In exchange Tokens.


So what is Theta Tokens, (THETA) Well ? It is associated with Theta Fuel(TFUEL) What's the difference ?

First ,Theta Use two TOKEN Structure to operate . The first is THETA, It is mainly used for governance and pledge .

Although the holder can use THETA Changes in the future 、 Update and other important issues about video streaming protocol to vote , But the verifier and guardian will pledge the cryptocurrency , To generate new blocks and finalize them in the consensus process .

THETA The total supply of is fixed at 10 One hundred million Tokens, No currency will be released in the future .

On the other hand ,TFUEL The role played in the network is similar to that of Ethereum gas similar , And it has some extra functions .


although TFUEL It is used for smart contract interaction and transaction costs on the payment chain , But it's also allocated as a reward to THETA Gamblers and edge nodes 、 Audience and content creators .

TFUEL The initial supply of 50 100 million yuan , It is characterized by an annual increase in supply 5%. stay 2018 year 1 Month collected from contributors 2000 After ten thousand dollars ,THETA Our prices have been relatively stable , This situation has been maintained until 2020 year 7 month .

However , since 2020 year 12 month 8 Since then ,THETA Experienced near 1500% The growth of , By 2021 year 5 month 6 Japan , Year to date earnings are 428%.TFUEL It's a very similar situation ,2021 In the 1000% The growth of , The historical return on investment exceeds 2350%.

Theta Solutions for

Theta Our ecosystem is developing rapidly , Video streaming media blockchain platform is the most important , For all aspects of the problem ,Theta A series of measures have also been taken .

1、Theta wallet

Theta Have your own cryptocurrency wallet , You can use it to hold 、 Receive and send THETA、TFUEL、TNT-20 And the platform's NFT.

2、 The predecessor was, It's the project's own decentralized video streaming platform , You can contribute your device to improve the quality of streaming media when other users view content on the service , In order to gain TFUEL.

3、Theta Edgecast

Theta Edgecast It's the project's own dApp, Provides users with a completely decentralized way to create 、 The ability to upload and watch video streams .Edgecast By using thousands of Edge Node to maintain dApp To achieve .

4、Theta Swap

Theta Swap It's the local decentralized exchange of the platform . Through this platform ,Theta Users can use smart contracts in THETA、TFUEL and TNT-20 Exchange between tokens , And there are no intermediaries .

5、Theta Token Minter

Theta Token Minter It's a solution , For developers and cryptocurrency projects to create and launch their own TNT-20 Tokens, .

Chain gold analyst opinion

Theta It's a success story , It uses decentralization to solve the most urgent problem in the field of video streaming .

Video streaming is becoming more and more popular , But traditional suppliers face a variety of problems , Such as cost increase and last mile delivery issues .


Theta This paper aims to solve these problems by using blockchain technology to create a decentralized video streaming protocol . In addition to better picture quality and cheaper cost ,Theta Also use TFUEL Tokens Encourage users to share their device resources with others when viewing content on the platform .

Although the project only started three years ago , But it's developing rapidly all the time ,Theta It plans to release a third version of its main network in the next few weeks .

Theta Main network 3.0 Two major upgrades will be introduced :

One 、 Elite edge nodes , The upgraded edge node can obtain additional benefits by mortgaging token and providing higher performance on streaming media platform TFUEL.

Two 、TFUEL Destruction mechanisms , By introducing and using Theta Edge The cost of the Internet TOKEN The expansion of . The project will destroy at least every payment at the agreement level TFUEL Cost 25%, To reduce encryption TOKEN Supply of .

Through this main network upgrade ,theta Security and stability will be further improved , The economic model was further optimized , We believe that with the further growth of video streaming ,theta The importance of this will be further highlighted , Market share will also increase further .

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