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v2 online soon two-tier tier

Ethereum's fees are high 、 There's a lot of congestion in the chain , So that the market is very interested in Layer2 Our attention is heating up again , among ZK Rollup and Optimistic Rollup It's especially hot .

Two tier deal agreement ZKSwap As based on Ethereum ZK-Rollups Technology development Layer2 project , Is currently the ZK-Rollups The technology leader of the track . At present V1 Version of ZKSwap use CPU Zero knowledge proof calculation , from 100 Multiple high-end servers provide support , at present TPS Already achieved 100 above ( Theoretical value 6000+). Besides Ethereum ,ZKSwap Not long ago, it launched Layer 2 for All plan , Already in BSC、HECO and OKChain The test line on the Internet ZKSwap V1 edition , And debug through all the core functions . It is reported that ,ZKSwap V2 Version will be 6 Officially launched at the end of the month , It will be the first Layer 2 Independent unlimited currency function .

Besides ,NFT“ Financialization ” At the right time ,NFT It is the general trend to be brought into the mainstream financial application ,ZKSwap Will be in V2 After the official launch of the version , On 7 Early release ZKSwap V2.5 edition , User access ZKSwap Platform independent zero fee casting NFT And realize real-time transaction and transfer function . 

meanwhile ,ZKSwap Will also be V2 After the version goes online BSC Go public 1993 Exclusive NFT, Part of it will go to ZKS The holder of the token , And these NFT Will enjoy BSC edition ZKSwap Ecological governance 、 gold and jade as currency 、 dig 、 Agreement fee distribution and other rights and interests , It can be predicted that in the next few months ,ZKSwap Will be Layer2 Bring more technological innovation and ecological development .

 Layer 2 The track is full of heat ,ZKSwap Stand out from the crowd

In the near future , Because of the fluctuation of the market , There's a lot of activity in the chain , Affected by this, some time ago miners will be Ethereum block Gas The upper limit is adjusted to 1500 After 10000 yuan, the effect of a sharp drop in handling charges has basically disappeared . The etheric fang 2.0 Far water never quenches near thirst , therefore Layer 2, Especially considered to be “ Optimal solution ” Of Rollup Going online is imperative , And the main solution is ZK -Rollups and Optimistic-Rollups.

ZK-Rollups Zero knowledge proof is mainly used to prove the authenticity of data to the main chain , It belongs to the proof of validity .Optimistic Rollup Give up zero knowledge proof , use Plasma The punishment mechanism of the government , It's a fraud proof mechanism .ZK-Rollups The biggest advantage is safe and fast , Because of the existence of zero knowledge proof ,Layer 1 It's easy to believe that comes from ZK-Rollups The data of , So the flow of money between the two is very rapid , However, its disadvantage is that it is difficult to support the general smart contract , Therefore, it will put forward higher requirements for developers , Developers face a lot of difficulties and workload .

Optimistic Rollups Tend to nodes that don't do evil , Trust costs more , Funds from Layer 2 Exit back Layer 1 It will take at least a week or so , And a very obvious disadvantage caused by this is that it is very easy to split Layer 2 ecology , using Optimistic Rollups The difference in technology Layer 2 project , The flow between them , Or with Layer 1 All interactions are limited , Can only rely on the emergence of trump projects to attract traffic , To keep the money . But its advantage is that it takes compatibility into consideration , allow Layer 2 Run a fully universal smart contract in the , So the threshold is lower , It's easy for developers to get started quickly .

thus , It is not difficult for us to draw a conclusion ,Optimistic Rollup In the short term , For developers App Migration is more friendly , But there are requirements for high frequency trading DApp My support is much worse , And the use of funds is far less than the use of ZK-Rollups Of Layer 2 project , although ZK-Rollups Temporarily not supported EVM virtual machine , But it can meet the needs of DEX Class of product requirements , And with the development of technology, it will be more and more perfect , So it's a technology with more explosive potential and persistence .

ZKSwap Based on ZK-Rollups The benchmark of Technology , Already in Layer 2 The successful implementation of AMM The full set of functions of the model , And provide unlimited scalability and privacy . At present ,ZKSwap Be able to provide transactions for users 、 Liquidity, mining and other functions , In making sure that with Layer 1 With the same level of security , Can be in 15 Seconds to send 100 transaction , If later updated to GPU edition , Efficiency will be greatly improved , Achieve hundreds or even thousands of TPS.

At present Layer 2 Upper DEX This is rare , Use the same as ZK Rollup technology , But in order book mode Loopring comparison ,ZKSwap One of the great advantages of is that it's based on Plonk Zero knowledge proof algorithm for , There is no need to reset the circuit every time a new trading pair is added , It also makes ZKSwap V2 Version of the support of independent unlimited currency become possible . be based on V1,ZKSwap Of V2 Version supports users to add 、 Issue any token and create trading pairs , At the same time, improve circuit efficiency and optimize the embodiment of experience .

As of Beijing time 5 month 31 Japan , On the project line only 3 In the case of months ,ZKSwap Has occupied 30.05% Of Layer 2 market share , The number of general ledger accounts has broken through 8.7 m ,TVL Reached 2.3 Billion dollars ,24 The hourly turnover reached 4228 Thousands of dollars , I was promoted half a month ago 47.52%, Such achievements even in the whole DeFi The plate is still in the upper middle level . 


NFT The process of financialization has accelerated ,ZKSwap Advance layout

Overview NFT( Heterogeneous token ) My trading history , The characteristics of periodic fluctuation are obvious , It can be seen that it is still in its early stage . Unlike short-term heat fluctuations , around NFT Our ecological construction is becoming more and more perfect .

In the near future , An online auction and shopping website with millions of users around the world eBay announce , Will provide customers with NFT Trading Services . As one of the earliest online auction platforms ,eBay face NFT Upsurge also has keen market insight , Become the first to access NFT Business e-commerce companies , And it's also a way to NFT It's an excellent channel for transactions to enter the mainstream online trading market from the encrypted asset circle , The future is accompanied by NFT The increasing perfection of industry norms ,NFT Blending with multiple fields will create more imagination .

Combined with the ,Uniswap V3 Version has also been officially launched recently , It USES the ERC-721 The agreement replaces the original ERC-20, Support position differentiation management , Realize the function of stage market making , This is also for the later NFT The design and expansion of the application scale in the financial field reserve great feasibility and operation space . With the increasing improvement of this kind of early bottom design and the further expansion of the application scale , Foretell the future NFT Ecology is bound to usher in a more stable and sustained all-round outbreak .

And for NFT The continuous fermentation of the boom ,ZKSwap In fact, the team has a layout . at present ZKSwap The team has completed a two-tier network-based NFT Protocol design work , And began to deploy on Ethereum test network , According to the current design specifications , The Layer2 The agreement will support other NFT Platform access , And support users in ZKSwap Of Layer2 On the Internet Transfer NFT, And buy it on the second tier network NFT, And support users to NFT Cash in to Ethereum's one layer network , Guarantee Layer2 Of NFT and Layer1 NFT The consistency of .

With 6 End of month ZKSwap V2 Release of version ,V2 Version will support users in layer2 Independent unlimited money , And support all ERC20 Free real time transfer and exchange . ZKSwap The team is expected to be in 7 In June, it was officially on Ethereum's main network to connect the two-tier network NFT agreement , When the ZKSwap Will support AMM Of DEX Functionality and atomic manipulation based NFT issue Transfer The function of trading , And no matter what DEX Function and NFT function , All are 0 Gas cost , And all NFT The transfer of money is also 0 Gas And real time , The Layer2 It's an open protocol , Other Ethereum based products that are already online NFT The platform can be accessed at any time Layer2 The agreement , So that their users can 0 Cost creation and release NFT, No need to be influenced by Ethereum Gas Limits and capacity limits . The details of the agreement are as follows :


1. The user can be in ZKSwap L2 Create and distribute NFT, Every L2 Account ownership NFT The maximum number of is 65,536 individual ;

2.NFT Can be found in L1 and L2 To achieve interoperability between , Users can NFT from L1 Recharge to L2, You can also get it from L2 Extract to L1;

3. The user can be in ZKSwap L2 Yes NFT Transfer money ;

4. The user can be in ZKSwap L2 Buy on NFT(NFT Token + Token Transfer accounts , Atomic manipulation );

5.ZKSwap On the platform NFT Will and AMM Function coexists ;

6. Support other Ethereum based NFT Platform access to the Layer2 agreement . meanwhile , By carrying out NFT Related product technology exploration , And for the future NFT Platform layout and services provide valuable practical basis and prior experience .


Pantera Capital partner Paul Veradittakit When I participated in the activity recently, I mentioned ,NFT The reason why the frenzy is happening now is not 2017 The reason for this is infrastructure .NFT From a very small number of marginalized application scenarios, we gradually come to the front of us , Infrastructure and DeFi The increasing popularity of , by NFT The rapid expansion in recent years has provided important nutrients .

It is worth noting that , As the first batch to ZK-Rollups For the technical model Layer2 AMM DEX,ZKSwap Take bitcoin “ De centralization ” thought , Designed to achieve universal Layer2 Trust free infrastructure .ZKSwap Take advantage of ZK Rollup Advantages in transaction performance and transaction cost , hold Layer2 The calculation on proves that the real-time link , While ensuring the security, it shortens the withdrawal time and reduces GAS fee .

and Layer2 For NFT Come on , Greatly improved NFT The operability and experience of transaction in practical application scenarios . The development of digital economy is accompanied by the digitalization of assets 、 Commodity digitization 、 Financial digitization and other multiple digitization processes go hand in hand ,NFT With the help of DeFi The potential for protocol and infrastructure links to real application scenarios is being unleashed , And that's for ZKSwap It's also an opportunity not to be missed . future ,ZKSwap As Layer2 The advantages of trust free infrastructure will also include NFT Financialization has been continuously verified in many scenarios .

It's continuing to consolidate Layer2 On the basis of technological advantages ,ZKSwap It doesn't stop there ,DeFi and NFT The tide of technology application and industrial development is surging , A series of experiments around these concepts 、 Opportunities and challenges bring us a new digital economy experience , It's already taking advantage of technology ZKSwap Will continue to innovate in a new round of competition , by Layer 2 Even DeFi Ecology provides a valuable reference .


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