Playboy launches animated NFT, Olympic NFT badge will be launched soon

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playboy launches animated nft olympic

With its uniqueness logo And famous lifestyle and entertainment brands 《 Dandy 》, In a program called “Raretoshi” The new NFT Its first batch of 5 An animation NFT,Raretoshi get Blockstream Of Liquid Side chain support .

this 5 individual NFT stay 6 month 3 Miami bitcoin in Japan 2021 During the preparation of the conference in .

these NFT Including three Miami themed animations , An animated magazine cover , cover logo It's a rabbit model , There's also a token “ Rabbit boarding pass ”.

Collectors can use Liquid The currency (L-BTC) Bid for these NFT,L-BTC yes Blockstream Of Liquid An asset on the side chain , Its supply is based on 1:1 Anchoring bitcoin .

“ Rabbit boarding pass ” The highest starting price for 5 individual L-BTC, Value contract 188,315 dollar .

However , up to now , Bidding doesn't seem to exist , As of this writing , No bid has been received for any of the five works of art .

The Olympic theme NFT

international olympic committee (IOC) And game developers Animoca Brands Subsidiary company nWay Achieve cooperation , A set of Olympic themed token will be launched soon NFT Badge and a video game .

This Olympic themed video game will be launched in 2022 Before the 2008 Beijing Winter Olympics , Players will have a chance to get the Olympics for free NFT collection .

These animations 3D The emblem is designed to commemorate the historical events of the previous Olympic Games , Its rarity and value vary . The first set of badges will be 6 month 17 in nWay list , And can be traded on the point-to-point market soon after the initial sale .

intelligence NFT

Sotheby's art auction house announced that it will auction the first smart NFT (iNFT), The deadline for bidding is 6 month 11 Japan .

This is called “Alice” Of iNFT It depicts a ERC-721 Token female robot image , from Robert Alice And Robotics Alethea AI Cooperative development .

Tomorrow afternoon Eastern time 1 spot , And Alice Meet? , It is Robert Alice and Alethea AI For our NativelyDigital NFT Sales create the world's first intelligence NFT (iNFT).Alice It's the incarnation of self-learning intelligence driven by the most powerful artificial intelligence in the world ,Alice Will answer your questions on the spot .
— Sotheby's (@Sothebys) 2021 year 6 month 3 Japan

The project website “thefirstinft” Describe it like this Alice:“ This is the first time in history iNFT, Represents the origin of a new medium . Collectors will take this historic iNFT Add to their collection , The iNFT It will be improved and developed according to its problems .”

According to the website , Collectors may actually be maintaining and updating the iNFT Pay the cost , The project points out that ,“ According to the collector's opinion of the iNFT The plan for ,Alethea AI Of GPT-X Of API The escrow fee related to the call will be borne by the collector .”

however ,Alethea AI It's true that for this reason NFT Provides one-time free settings . The NFT There are six days to go before the auction , At present, the highest bid is 3.5 Thousands of dollars .

To raise money for Sydney Children's hospital NFT

A twitter alias “Hipworth” Melbourne digital artists created a NFT, Will be in 6 month 10 Japanese Gold Dinner Gala Auction , All proceeds will go to Sydney Children's Hospital .

Independent Reserve What a wonderful project we launched . according to Animoca Brands Led by F1DeltaTime contribution , Australia is supporting NFT There's a wonderful history of charity auctions ,F1DeltaTime The donation raised money for last year's forest fire recovery work .
Please bid for a good cause !
— Leah Callon-Butler (@leah_cb) 2021 year 6 month 3 Japan

The NFT Is in NFT market Makersplace It's cast on the wall , It depicts a silver animated statue of the queen , With electronic music as the background . People can be in Gold Dinner Gala Bid before the event , The current maximum bid is 1000 dollar .

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