73% of BTCs in circulation are still profitable, the lowest in 330 days

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btcs circulation profitable lowest days

PAData  according to CoinMarketCap The data of ,BTC since 5 month 10 A sharp correction began on July , The price of currency has changed from 58892.35 The dollar goes back to the current 36833.37 dollar , The decline reached about 37.46%, During this period, the daily maximum amplitude is about 12.78%, Much higher than the average in the first quarter of this year 8.47% The magnitude of the shock .

suffer BTC The impact of drastic adjustment , The profit status of chips in circulation ( The price when moving on the chain is lower than the current price ) There are also great changes in the near future . according to glassnode The statistics of ,6 month 1 Japan , although BTC There are still about 73.07%(7 Daily mean , The same below ) Our token is profitable , But that's the most recent 30 Within days has been from 5 month 2 Japanese 89.83% Down near 16 percentage , a 2 month 20 The annual peak created by Japan 99.26% Down about 26 percentage , And created 2020 year 7 month 7 Since then 330 The lowest in a day .

 Currency world - In circulation 73% Of BTC Still profitable , by 330 The lowest in a day

It's not just profitable BTC The number has decreased , And from realizing value ( The product of price and quantity on the chain ) Look at , The current profit loss ratio (7 Daily mean ) about 0.96, Below 1, That is to say, profit is less than loss , The total loss is bigger . Before that , The profit loss ratio is lower than 1 It goes back to 2020 year 9 month 24 Japan . however , In the last week BTC After the currency price stabilizes , The profit loss ratio has also picked up , The current value is lower than 5 month 23 A short-term low created by Japan 0.52 Has risen by about 0.44.

 Currency world - In circulation 73% Of BTC Still profitable , by 330 The lowest in a day

Profit chips are bigger than 70% But the P / L ratio is still below 1, This may mean , Although most of the time BTC Still profitable , But maybe the profit level is not high , contrary , Current minority BTC At a loss , But the losses are large .

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