Why do JPMorgan Chase and Peng Bo hold the opposite attitude towards the future trend of the special currency?

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The past six weeks have been one of the worst in bitcoin history . Although bitcoin, the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world, only exists 12 year , But it has experienced quite a few gloomy days and sharp price fluctuations .

However , According to a new report from financial giant JP Morgan , Bitcoin, which has been plummeting in recent weeks, may fall further before it stabilizes .

since 12 Since it was founded years ago , After bitcoin's most difficult time , The price of this asset is ultimately 4 It reached about in the middle of June 6.4 The peak of $10000 , This is the highest point in its history .

Although since then, in terms of market value , Bitcoin, the world's most valuable cryptocurrency, has fallen by about 3 Thousands of dollars . Far ratio 2014 Years and 2018 Bitcoin's performance was much worse in 2000 , The bad performance of bitcoin in the past two years is still fresh in traders' memory .


CNBC J.P. Morgan strategist with Yahoo financial report Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou According to the Research Report of , The price of bitcoin may fall further after the correction , Then it will stabilize .

“ It seems unlikely that we will see volatility return to last summer's x2 level . Our best expectation for the medium term is , Volatility from the current x6 The left and right parts recovered to before the end of the year x4 about ,”

since 5 Since the bitcoin crash in January , The price of bitcoin has been volatile .4 The price of bitcoin has increased from nearly 6.4 The high of $10000 fell to 3 A low of ten thousand dollars .

According to the report , Bitcoin is the world's largest cryptocurrency by market value , The medium term value is 24,000 USD to 36,000 dollar .

JPMorgan believes that one of the reasons bitcoin may fall further is , Major institutions have suspended buying bitcoin . As long as bitcoin continues to fall , Large scale investors will avoid it like a plague .

The report states that ,“ without doubt , The boom and bust of the past few weeks , Represents the encryption market ( Especially bitcoin and Ethereum ) Retrogression in institutional adoption . We noticed that , Rising volatility , Especially the rise in volatility relative to gold , It's an obstacle to further institutional adoption , Because it reduces the attractiveness of digital gold relative to traditional gold in institutional portfolios .”


According to this report , JPMorgan said , The fluctuations are likely to be in the whole 2021 Years on , And by the end of the year , The situation can only improve slightly .

However , Contrary , It's like a special coin for the news agency , As usual , Experienced market professionals urge investors to take a longer-term view of the currency .

Senior traders Peter Brandt forecast , In the present situation ,BTC/USD The final lower limit of the will be 21,000 dollar .

Now that the market has emerged 80% The worst case of , Why do people get away from the deleveraging Bulls ?” He pointed out earlier this week that .


Another openly bullish view comes from the intelligence agency, the Bloomberg , It says in its latest monthly report that cryptocurrency is “ Discounts and updates ” Of .

It concluded :“ Bitcoin is more likely to return to 10 The resistance level of US $10000 , Instead of maintaining 2 Less than US $10000 .”

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