We recommend reading on the weekend | Uncover the secrets of data analysis tools on the chain Nansen, Compare L2 The pros and cons of the hot racetrack players

Chain news editing time

《 reveal : It's a data analysis tool with a monthly fee of 10000 yuan Nansen What's the real ability ?》
Whether the block data is worth analyzing ?
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《Pantera partner : Compare Arbitrum And L2 The advantages and disadvantages of other seeded players in the expansion track 》
Pantera Capital partner Paul Veradittakit Think ,Arbitrum For the use of Optimistic Rollup As L2 The expansion mechanism provides a powerful sample of reality , It greatly improves the transaction cost and efficiency of Ethereum , At the same time, several key security guarantees remain .
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《 Speak in non-technical language Rollup How to realize the expansion of Ethereum 》
Rollup It's Ethereum's complex calculus 「 draft paper 」.
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《 Read it in three minutes Yat: How to use NFT Expression pack makes personal digital business card ?》
Imagine , It's using expression packs instead of long, hard to remember encrypted currency wallet addresses , What will happen ?
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《 Read it in five minutes ARCx DeFi Passport: structure DeFi World 「 Credit sesame 」 Source language 》
ARCx Sapphire v3 By issuing 「DeFi Passport」, According to its holder's credit score to quantify the credibility of its address on the chain , The credit score will be determined by analyzing the holder's Ethereum address history activity .
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《 Read the power structured protocol in three minutes Alkimiya: Repricing force fair value 》
Computing Research Institute Anicca Research To launch the Alkimiya, Restructure the cash flow reward generated by computing power , It is divided into two parts: computing power contract and computing power structured product .
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Industry insight

《 from Gas Start with analysis , Explore Ethereum and DeFi The history of the agreement 》
Nansen Analysis of the 2018 The total expenditure on the Ethereum chain since Gas Cost trends , This paper summarizes the evolution process of Ethereum ecological agreement .
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《zkSync 2.0 What new information does the test online reveal ?》
zkEVM Not fully compatible EVM, This means that some developers still need to modify the smart contract .
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《 The founder of Zhibao Mikko: On the impact of US dollar liquidity on cryptocurrency market 》
The founder of Zhibao Mikko Think , In the future, the macro environment may turn to be unfavorable to the cryptocurrency market .
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Ten things you can't miss this week

  • Decentralized storage networks Swarm Will be in 6 month 13 The day is soft start-up Bee Main network
  • Kusama go online The first parallel chain of public welfare Statemine
  • MakerDAO 5 Monthly net income exceeds 2300 Thousands of dollars , Chain ratio increase 85%
  • Ethereum 2-tier solution zkSync 2.0 has go online Test net , Partial compatibility EVM
  • OpenEthereum Maintenance will be stopped after the London hard fork , The development team will transfer To Ethereum client Erigon
  • Google will open in 8 The month is right in FinCEN Registered exchanges and wallets Cancel Ban on cryptocurrency related advertising
  • Standard Chartered and BC The technology group will be a joint venture in Europe establish Institutional digital asset trading platform
  • A new fund launched by Guggenheim, an asset management giant, may investment Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin
  • The central bank Release 《 Anti money laundering law of the people's Republic of China 》 Draft for comments , Specific non-financial institutions will be included in the survey
  • Venture capital organization USV Invest in a decentralized content publishing platform Mirror, For the latter The valuation by 1 Billion dollars

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Project progress

  • Algorithmically stable currency projects Ring Protocol The main network is online , take Turn on Genesis mining
  • Filecoin plan Conduct v13「HyperDrive」 Network upgrade
  • Ethereum volatility index trading platform volmex.finance Will be on Ethereum main network go online V1 edition
  • On Chain Option Agreement FinNexus take issue New token PHX Compensated airdrop
  • Terra Ecological income aggregator ApolloDAO the Introduction


  • Two layer privacy protocol Suterusu There will be xSuter creation The auction
  • Keep Network Put forward with NuCypher The token merger proposal vote Will open
  • Coin an Jiang go online Decentralized middleware protocol Automata Network Tokens, ATA
  • London Financial Services Corporation ETC Group It's going to be in London Aquis exchange list The currency ETP
  • Multi Chain synthetic asset protocol Duet Protocol take start-up stay HackerLink Of NFT BUIDL The auction
  • Decentralized storage protocol Swarm Public offering register Is coming to an end