"Heartbroken" Tesla is not doing well, and the probability of selling 40000 bitcoins is increasing

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heartbroken tesla doing probability selling

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Earlier this year, , Elon Musk suddenly announced that Tesla had bought 15 Billion dollars of bitcoin , Make cryptocurrency to a greater extent “ Out of circle ”, After all, being the richest man , Musk has extraordinary appeal and influence . And then , Tesla announced support for bitcoin payments , Just in a short time because “ Consuming too much fossil energy ” give up .

in the meantime , Tesla sold a tenth of bitcoin ( At present, about 4 ten thousand 3 About a thousand bitcoins ), After announcing that they will no longer accept bitcoin payments , When asked if the remaining bitcoin has been sold , Musk made such a push , be supposed to “[ Tesla has a pair of diamond hands ](1)”. But then 4 Mask tweeted again , He said that he had “ heart-broken ”.

“ Diamond hands ” The word comes from Reddit The famous “ Wall Street gamblers ”(WallStreetBets) plate , Earlier this year, ,“ Wall Street gamblers ” To hype “ Game station (GameStop)” Stocks , Making Wall Street short sellers famous for their short positions , and “ Diamond hands ” Is a common word in this forum , Never sell .

therefore , The musk “ Diamond hands ” The meaning of tweets is that he won't sell , However, such a tweet does not prove that musk will always hold money , Especially before he had sold one tenth of the coins . Considering that in recent years, musk has been repeatedly criticized for tweeting SEC Accusation , And spend tens of millions of dollars on reconciliation , So in order to avoid “ Operating the market ” The suspicion of , It's clear that musk can't do it before he does it ( Whether you buy or sell bitcoin ) Make it clear on twitter .

And the situation Tesla faces today , It makes things subtle . For cryptocurrency investors , The best news we can get now is that musk has sold bitcoin , This makes the future currency price as far as possible to get rid of the influence of musk , In order to avoid the situation that musk makes a push and makes the currency price fall by half (4 The expression of heartbreak in Japan leads to the sudden fall of bitcoin 2%).

If Tesla doesn't sell the rest of the coin , As an investor in cryptocurrency , We need to be alert to potential “ Tesla double ”. Because with the fall of Tesla's share price , Its probability of selling bitcoin may increase .

Tesla needs to sell bitcoin financially

Now , Tesla's share price is not enough 600 dollar , From its historic height at the end of January 900 The dollar has fallen by a third , The huge loss of market value made musk fall from the world's richest man , Now the price of bitcoin , It's down more than a third from this year's high , From this point of view , Tesla holds bitcoin , You can't hedge against the fall in your share price .

More troubling , Now the price of bitcoin is close to the cost price when Tesla bought it , If the currency continues to fall , Instead, it will become a financial burden for Tesla , therefore , Tesla has reason to get rid of this burden before the price of the currency falls below its buying cost .

Bitcoin is not good for Tesla's carbon business

Since its establishment , Tesla's car business doesn't make money , Its profits mainly come from selling its carbon share . since this year on , The debate about the environmental impact of bitcoin has become increasingly fierce , Although there are still different views on the actual impact of bitcoin mining on the environment , But for Tesla, a company whose main profit source is trading carbon emissions , Holding bitcoin, an asset with huge environmental disputes, is no doubt not conducive to its current business model . Before Tesla stopped accepting bitcoin payments , Based on this consideration .

stay 2020 In the annual report , Tesla made its first annual profit (7.21 Billion dollars ), Among them, selling carbon points brings 15.8 Hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue , It's net profit 2 More than double . Selling carbon credits in the first quarter of this year was a record 5.18 $100 million in revenue , Far more than selling bitcoin .

Tesla's business situation is worrying Public opinion crisis in Chinese market

Research Tesla's past sales figures , It can be found that it often happens in the last month of each quarter “ sprint ” Take a look at the sales volume , It doesn't just make the quarterly better , It will also leave more room for the market to imagine . However , This June is a bit of a hassle for Tesla .

The first is the Chinese market , The Chinese market is Tesla's most important market besides the US , However, due to the rights protection incident of female car owners in April this year , Tesla's sales in China fell sharply in May , Only a few thousand cars have been sold in China . After five months of continuous fermentation , Sales of Tesla in China may be even worse in June .

Overseas market , Because of the seat belt problem , Tesla recently announced a recall [5530](2) car Model 3 and Model Y The car , This is equivalent to Tesla sales in China in May . You can imagine , This June , Tesla's sales figures won't look good , If you still want to hand in a copy of your financial statements , Selling money is likely to be Musk's choice .

Tesla's global sales in May , And the trend of currency price . If the currency continues to rise , Maybe musk won't sell , But if this month's Tesla sales data released by the China Federation of passengers is ugly , I'm afraid musk will probably choose “ lose a pawn to save a castle ”.( Head figure come from cryptoknowmics)



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