Jack Dorsey: if I'm not on square or twitter, I work for bitcoin

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author :Mary Liu

Twitter and Square Founder and CEO Jack Dorsey  A complete believer in bitcoin : He compared the bitcoin white paper to a laudable “ poetry ”, He has a bitcoin clock at home 「BlockClock mini」, And donated money several times to accelerate the adoption and development of bitcoin .

Jack Dorsey

today , In Miami 2021 At the bitcoin Conference ,Dorsey Double emphasis on this love . With the Human Rights Foundation Alex Gladstein near 30 Minutes of fireside conversation ,Dorsey It's also a way of showing love :“ Bitcoin absolutely changed everything …. I don't think there's anything more important in my life .”

“ If my company can do something to make it available to everyone ( The currency ), That's how I spend the rest of my life . If I'm not here Square or Twitter, I'll work for bitcoin . If it's better than Square or Twitter Need more help , I'll put them down and run to bitcoin .”

Jack Dorsey

When asked how bitcoin can help people who currently don't have a bank account ( By 2017 It is estimated that there will be 17 Hundreds of millions of people ) when ,Dorsey Put forward the reasons for abolishing the current banking system .

“ ok , We don't need banks anymore … There's a lot of work around account accessibility , There is also a lot of work to be done in education , So people can have their own ideas .”

“ We don't need the financial institutions we have today …. We have a thriving , Sound , Community owned and community driven [ The currency ], With this incredible and amazing consensus , Always try to do the right thing over time . It's noble 、 So rare and unique . Anything we can do to build and protect it , We all do it .”

Jack Dorsey

Dorsey He also talked about his relationship with rapper and entrepreneur in February Jay Z The endowment fund we started together . The two donated 500 BTC( Now it's about 1860 Thousands of dollars ), To encourage global bitcoin development starting in Africa and India . Dorsey Express , They are setting up a board of directors for the Fund , And then it will start to BTC Provide grants —— He doesn't control or comment on board decisions .

“ Jay Z Like bitcoin ,”Dorsey say ,“ He's very deep in what he loves , He believes it , And he believed in the idea , That is, if we are determined to create this wealth for the world , It has to be able to develop around the world .”

Early Friday ,Dorsey Announce on twitter ,Square is “ consider ” Create a bitcoin hardware wallet , And will be publicly created with community participation . When Gladstein When asked about it , He seems more certain that this will happen .

“ We don't want to compete with those hardware wallets . We just want to take it to a new level , Benefit more people with unmanaged solutions . We are likely to do so soon .”

Dorsey The necessity of supporting lightning networks is also discussed , In order to make bitcoin more feasible in daily use and payment .

in fact ,Dorsey Completely abandoned other cryptocurrencies , For example, Ethereum and dogcoin . He said :“ For me, , All the other tokens are not taken into account , That's why we don't deal with any other currency or token . We focus on making bitcoin the native currency of the Internet ”.

About the government's pursuit of CBDC As an alternative to bitcoin ,Dorsey say ,“ They're in trouble , It's just a bunch of nonsense . We have a better alternative to bitcoin .”

The fireside talk was dominated by far right activists Laura Loomer A brief interruption , She's been banned from twitter .Loomer call Dorsey by “ The king of censorship ”, And he said “ No right to be here ” Talk about the freedom bitcoin offers .

Gladstein ask Jack Can social media become as censored as bitcoin .

He replied :“ I know a lot of you don't agree [ twitter ] Policies and the way we make them . My current goal is to eliminate the entrepreneurial nature of our company as much as possible ”.

He talked about Twitter's efforts to establish decentralized standards for social media Blue Sky plan , And suggest that it will not be subject to censorship and corporate influence on Twitter's main platforms :“ It won't have any restrictions you see on twitter . Completely inspired by bitcoin , We want to do the same thing for social media …. I want to show you , We'll talk about it then ”.

Jack Dorsey

As an advocate of the unity of knowledge and action of bitcoin ,Jack Dorsey Has been respected by the circle ,Square Once bought 2.2 Billion dollars of bitcoin as a reserve , Since February this year ,Dorsey I run my own bitcoin full node , His personal twitter profile has only one word —-“ The currency ”.

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