Chain news ,Decrypt People familiar with the matter were quoted as saying ,「 Public Chain Project Solana Raising money 3 Million to 4.5 US $100 million .Solana I was going to 3 Complete a small amount of financing in June , Later, due to the strong demand, we decided to expand the scale of financing . Even though Solana Declined to comment on the financing information , But in a recent interview ,Solana Executives did not deny the financing information .」

before Solana There have been several rounds of fundraising history , A total of over 2650 Thousands of dollars , Historical token sales are :2018 year 3 In May, the seed wheel raised 320 Thousands of dollars ,2018 year 6 Moon creation raised 1260 Thousands of dollars ,2019 year 7 The monthly verifier round raised 570 Thousands of dollars ,2020 year 2 It's the turn of the month to raise 240 Thousands of dollars ,2020 year 3 The passage of the month is in CoinList To raise money from a token auction 176 Thousands of dollars .

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