Musk's power is gradually weakening

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musk power gradually weakening

The Fed's monetary policy orientation has always been the vane of global financial markets , Some recent fed policies are pointing to , Tightening expectations are intensifying , yesterday , The New York Fed announced that it will 6 month 7 Japan sells... Of the corporate credit instruments in the secondary market ETF, This thing actually sells corporate debt , Because of the epidemic , The United States is involved in some corporate debt , To help enterprises tide over the difficulties , Now it's recycling , Whether it indicates the coming of shortlist ? According to a Fed official , Reducing corporate debt has nothing to do with monetary policy , The Fed is still buying... Every month 1200 Billion government securities . But the US dollar index showed a big strength yesterday , And the stock market has fallen sharply , It shows that the market's expectation of tightening still exists , So today's decline in cryptocurrency is no surprise , But madman still thinks , Cryptocurrencies will be more resilient than other capital markets in the future , More than any other market , Falling major will become the norm , Because money is still pouring into this emerging market .

Today's dropsy stick that caused the crash , Still an old friend of ours , musk , I tweeted in the morning : Bitcoin heartbreak . And then a picture of a man and a woman breaking up , It probably means breaking up with bitcoin . A lot of people wonder if musk is going to break the set , And there was a wave of panic , Later, I reply to the comments of netizens in the message , Say you want laser eyes, too , It's schizophrenic , It's amazing , The madman estimated that his laser eye , It's supposed to be money for dogs . Anyway, this guy is boring , Musk had been killed before SEC To denounce , Two violations of court orders , It's all because its push affects the stock price , So Musk's approach to this business is actually perfect , That's why every time he tweets, he can accurately attack the key nodes in the variable disk , I have a criminal record .

Sun Yuchen responded very quickly to this , It means that it will buy all bitcoins sold by Tesla and musk , Let's not comment on it , Pick up the richest man's plate , It's not just anyone who can handle it .

The mayor of Miami also mentioned , Musk is the trigger BTC One of the factors of volatility , He has bought bitcoin and Ethereum . The long-term and short-term differences between big guys are continuing .

According to the report of Peng Bo , The fundamentals of bitcoin are still intact , Should go back to 10 On the $10000 track , The bull market may be in 6 In the beginning . The logic is that the supply of bitcoin is declining , A lot of retail and institutional money has been flowing into bitcoin .

Fidelity executives believe that , The bottom of bitcoin will eventually be 23000 Above the dollar , This is the worst that he envisions . Big institutions are basically maintaining the bull market , Full of faith .

Encryption platform Celsius The report , Hold now 10 Ten thousand bitcoins , In total assets 25%, Another big money holder ,2100 Ten thousand bitcoins , Can you stand such a lock up ?

India HDFC The bank withdrew “ Warning against encrypted transactions ” The mail , It seems that India has begun to transform its encryption industry , Maybe one day the whole people will be infected with the new crowns , One after another at home , It's also a new scene .

data display , The coin printing pool flowed out yesterday 3271 Bitcoin , These big cakes are likely to rush into the market , value 1.2 Billion dollars . There's also a sleeping whale address , Suddenly it shifted 900 A bitcoin comes out , The cost is per 13.5 dollar , Profit exceeds 2700 times , These currencies are likely to be a short-term sell-off , Fortunately, the quantity is not too large , It's still within control .

SpaceX Will work with SpaceChain cooperation , Send the first Ethereum node to the International Space Station , Cryptocurrency solves the problem of global currency , In the future, the earth will become a whole , Have a unified currency , With the continuous development of aviation industry , The concept of the state will become the concept of the planet , Blockchain technology will become one of the most basic and core technologies .

Anchorage And 200 The Bank of America, with a history of 20 years BankProv Launch Ethereum mortgage , The way bitcoin used to go , Ethereum has all followed , The future of Ethereum is still to be seen , Like yesterday Gemini The twin brothers predicted the same , At the end of the year, Ethereum may reach 5000-10000 dollar , In the long run it will reach 4 Thousands of dollars .

panic 27, In the medium and long term, it is still in a position where opportunities outweigh risks .

Market analysis

The currency :

Bitcoin's pullback today is much deeper than expected , It's the same as Musk's mouth smashing , The rise of the US dollar index due to the expected contraction of the table , As well as the miners and the change of ancient address , But the overall pattern of bitcoin has not changed , If we smash it again today and tomorrow ,34000 It's going to be a good bottom spot , But in view of the fact that it's been a bad day , The short-term supply consumption is almost over , It is very likely to stabilize and go straight up since then , All in all 37000 and 34000 They are two good medium and long-term positions , You can participate on your own according to your position and risk preference .


Today's correction is not small , The market has been very volatile recently , So this callback is acceptable , It's not broken in form , But in the short term, it will continue to step back 2500 The possibility of nearby support .


There is a big drop , If the back rebound is not strong , The short-term strong market will come to an end .


The pressure level drops when it is blocked , Basically, it's still linked market .


After a big correction , Support position 26.5, Wait patiently for the opportunity .


Speculative funds have all gone , It's hard to be sustainable in the short term , It's just that the selling pressure is not big as a whole , Mainly shock .


The pressure level drops when it is blocked , So far, we have got support , Short term rebound is dominant .


The decline is not significant , On the whole, it's still going up in shock .


It's getting weaker , It's hard to have an independent surge in the short term , Linkage is the key .


coinbase After the listing, the price fell down , Plus the collapse of the musk establishment , I don't know if the consensus will break up ? I'm not going well these two days , Sustainability is open to question .


sth. seldom seen or hardly possible , Start to rebound , But there are too many individual investors in this coin , Up a little, the whole network is not excited , It's hard to keep going up .


Step back and support , The fundamentals are still very good , Chain lock 5 The month grew 1102%, At the same time BSC The total value of chain lock is reduced 50%, The potential is still great .


There's no quantity , Wait for the rebound , Normal throw pressure at pressure level .

Musk's voice is in the area with the most market pressure , Many investors quickly throw away their chips by taking back their capital , This kind of space for time trend is also very good , The end of the horizontal time can be faster later ,4 It's just a matter of time , It's just a little rough .

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