Past, present and future of blockchain applications interoperability is the key

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present future blockchain applications interoperability

author :Paul Song

so to speak ,2020 This year is the first year of industrial blockchain . With the continuous development of blockchain Technology , The number of enterprises actively laying out the blockchain is growing exponentially . However , Blockchain is still in a very early stage of development , The implementation of blockchain applications still needs continuous exploration .

In the last ten years , Blockchain technology has had a wide impact on a global scale . Compared to the beginning , The face of the blockchain industry has changed dramatically . 

The blockchain market a few years ago was more like 2000 The Internet years ago ,2000 Years ago, the Internet went through a period of agitation , I've also experienced ups and downs , And then there's a big wave , Only those enterprises with real strength can develop . 

In attendance Cointelegraph Chinese activities ,Avalanche Asia ecological partner Wilson Express :“ stay 2018 In the year , The ecology of blockchain is totally different from what it is now , At that time, it was more conceptual . The last year , The blockchain industry is very different . More and more reliable projects are born .”

You bet , In addition to initially limited to the application of digital currency , Simultaneous interpreting block chaining technology has gradually become the infrastructure of different traditional industries . After more than ten years of exploration and development , Blockchain has also found more application scenarios that can highlight its value . 

The trend of growth is not decreasing , But it hasn't been applied on a large scale yet  

so to speak ,2020 This year is the first year of industrial blockchain . With the continuous development of blockchain Technology , The number of enterprises actively laying out the blockchain is growing exponentially . Under the background of novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak , Blockchain technology also shows its huge potential to be developed . 

In the past year , Global blockchain companies continue to grow , But the speed has slowed down . According to the information and Communication Research Institute of China 《 Blockchain white paper (2020 year )》 data display , Due to the 2020 year 9 month , Globally, 3709 Blockchain enterprises , And mainly distributed in the United States and China , The United States accounts for 27%, China's share of 24%. 

Obvious , As countries around the world continue to introduce good blockchain policies , Promote blockchain technology to enable the real economy , Block chain industry bubble net , The industry has also returned to rationality . More and more enterprises enter the market , Actively use blockchain technology to expand business . 

Even now, blockchain related enterprises have sprung up , But blockchain is still in a very early stage of development . From the bottom protocol layer , It's a long way from being mature and complete . The middleware layer may be very far away from maturity , And the middleware layer may be a very important infrastructure for the future blockchain to combine with the real world and the real economy . 

When these things have gradually become standardized and mature , Only in this way can we usher in a stage when the blockchain will move towards the mainstream and explode . 

For the development of the whole blockchain Technology ,Helium China Managing Director Plateau points out :“ Now the user experience of various blockchain applications is not very good , The development of middleware and the maturity of client , It's the key to large-scale application . Finally, the blockchain can be implemented 、 Can be part of the real economy , It needs to be mature and clear at the regulatory level .” 

However , The implementation of blockchain applications still needs continuous exploration . If the performance of the underlying infrastructure of the blockchain is not improved , It's very difficult to realize the commercial large-scale application in the future . that , What is the reason why a large number of blockchain applications have not been successfully implemented ?Polygon Head of China Charlie Hu Think :

One is not friendly to developers ;

Second, the capacity expansion performance is limited ;

Third, the lack of interoperability , Its core logic is that there will not be only one chain in the future blockchain world , Multiple chains coexist . There are different chains based on different business applications , Cross chain interoperability is important .

Why interoperability is critical for different blockchains ? 

Block chaining “ Interoperability ”, It means that different blockchain networks can easily communicate with each other , Share Information . Interoperability mainly refers to application layer interoperability 、 Interoperability between chains 、 Offline data interoperability . 

IOHK The CEO and Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson In an interview with Forbes, he said , The interoperability of blockchain will bring easy migration from one system to another . 

In the blockchain industry , One that meets the needs of users 、 And running an efficient blockchain is a necessity , Its position is weightless . Although Ethereum innovates and creates smart contract technology , And build a super ecosystem with all kinds of applications , But it's far from meeting business needs , At least in Ethereum 2.0 It was like this before it was completely launched . 

Why the interoperability of blockchain is so important ? With the continuous expansion of blockchain technology and its application in different industries , It's hard to interoperate between different chains 、 It's hard to connect different applications 、 It's hard to trust interactions on and off the chain , These problems largely limit the large-scale application of blockchain . 

Different blockchains may have different scenario requirements , And in these different needs, you need to generate a lot of interaction . For interoperability ,Edge & Node Head of Asian business strategy Iris Express :“ If there is an island between chains , There's no way to interact , This will greatly affect the application . There are different levels of interoperability across the chain , From assets to data , And then to a lower level of consensus . Many projects have realized the cross chain of assets , The next difficult step is data cross link .” 

It is far from enough to realize the interoperability between different blockchains . In the view of Zhixian, the founder of leitu Technology , Interoperability should not be limited within the blockchain ecosystem , Only through the interoperability between the blockchain and the Internet , To maximize the user base . 

Cross chain technology is the key to interoperability . at present , Cross chain technology includes notary mechanism 、 Side chain / The trunk chain 、 Hash time locking and distributed private key control . 

For data trust in the process of interaction 、 safety problem ,O3Labs product VP Tim Think , Interoperability of different chains may have some challenges . He added :

First of all , User experience . Products should be made for more users , No matter in the enterprise 、 It's still consumers in institutions , Will consider the user experience . Even in terms of Technology , But also to be able to achieve in terms of experience .

second , Security . Different chains will need to transfer some data under the chain . Different chains work in different ways , It's important to keep the data accurate . Because it's going to become a foundation , If there are many applications in this chain in the future , The accuracy and speed of these data must be very consistent .

Just like the traditional Internet, which focuses on privacy protection , We should also pay attention to privacy protection between different chains and in the process of interaction between chains . Every interaction should avoid privacy leakage in the process of interaction .Suterusu CTO Lin Huang said that , at present , There are too many cross chain projects , You can see that there are many products in this area . However , There are few products that support multi chain privacy protection ,Suterusu Now a lot of work has been done on privacy protection , And then it's going to be deployed on some chains . 

The future of blockchain —— Multiple chains coexist  

The blockchain industry has been in constant evolution . In addition to Ethereum , There are also many blockchains with the same vision as Ethereum , such as EOS、Polkadot、Cosmos、Avalanche、Polygon etc. . 

The development, competition and cooperation of various industries are inevitable , So is the blockchain industry . Only competition , In order to continuously innovate . 

future , Ethereum will not be “ How strong shearing ”, It is bound to form a situation where multiple chains coexist . Different public chains and different infrastructures will have some differentiated competition , Finally, these different chains are connected together through cross chain technology . 

When asked about the future development of blockchain ,BSN Executive director of development alliance and Beijing jujube Technology Co., Ltd CEO He Yifan looks forward to :

3 to 5 After year , Especially when the operating system layer is more and more mature , Blockchain technology should become a conventional technology . If developers can't even use traditional databases , There's no need to work at all .3 to 5 After year , Every developer should be able to build basic applications with blockchain technology .

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