Mars weekly tiger and futu plan to enter the field of encryption; Ethereum's defi agreement revenue hit a record high in May

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mars weekly tiger futu plan

Arrangement | Rachel

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《 dialogue ASS founder Olivia:Meme The audience of culture is not the old school of Internet , It is Z generation 》

Represented by dog coin Meme Culture is spreading wildly on the Internet , Under the blessing of Musk's tweets, it caused a lot of followers , For a deeper understanding of Meme Culture , Mars finance and Australian Safe Shepherd founder Olivia There was an in-depth dialogue .

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《Global FX In depth report : Why bitcoin has become a macro asset 》

In the long run , Will bitcoin succeed as a store of value , It's still an open question . as time goes on , Bitcoin's consumption of resources may become a resistance , But for now , The social acceptance and application of cryptocurrency are developing forward .

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《 Mars research | Let's start with the big drop , Yao Qian and V God's salvation for investors 》

With this big correction , Mars investment research believes that the new 、 Multiple 、 The prosperous economic ecology of encryption is developing steadily in this round of slump . From a broader perspective , Cryptocurrency has become one of the diversified emerging assets , In the future, the demand for retail payment is developing .

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《 Boca co-founder : Parallel chains will break blockchains Layer 1 The situation 》

This is Boca's co-founder 、 Leading the core development of parallel chain Robert Habermeier At the Boca community meeting  Polkadot Decoded Summary of the speech on . He thinks that Parallel chain is the realization of the last decade of blockchain development , Technically, it is , Philosophically, the same is true .

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《Aave In depth research report :DeFi How is the king of loan refined ?》

In terms of relative valuation ,Aave Its valuation is at an all-time low , From a horizontal comparison ,Aave Compared with similar head projects, the valuation is in the middle , But considering the competitive advantage of the project itself , Valuations are also in a reasonable range .

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《 The Peng Bo report : bull market 6 The moon wakes up , Bitcoin is up to 10 Thousands of dollars 》

The Bloomberg Galaxy encryption index (BGCI) It indicates that from 6 The bull market that starts in May will start with bitcoin discount . A lot of excessive speculation has been eliminated , The fundamentals of bitcoin are intact . At the same time, Ethereum may represent the next level of innovation , Beyond the technology-based NASDAQ index .

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A big event not to be missed

Important project progress

  • dYdX Layer2 Version Online UMA/USD Perpetual contract
  • DEX Aggregator Matcha Release v2 edition , built-in MoonPay The entrance of the coin 、OTC Service and support multiple chains
  • Kusama It's online for the first time 1 A public welfare parallel chain Statemine
  • Curve.Fi Team members Charlie Twitter suggests Curve v2 Soon to launch
  • Decentralized perpetual contract exchanges MCDEX V3 Has been deployed in Arbitrum Main network
  • DODO Smart contracts have been deployed to Arbitrum Main network
  • Sushi Already in Arbitrum Upper Department
  • Kava Announce completion and Coinbase Open source project Rosetta Integration of
  • Two layer privacy protocol Suterusu Soon to be in Polygon Release
  • DeFi Lending platform bZx Soon to go online Polygon The Internet
  • Injective And NEAR Integration to expand the Multi Chain trading ecosystem
  • Boca smart contract platform Clover First network Sakura Parallel chain auction pre crowdsourcing has been started
  • Efinity Will be in 6 month 24 in Coinlist Open public offering , Open for registration
  • Coinlist Announced on 5 month 31 Day online MINA Trading and pledge
  • Coinbase Pro Will open Dog Coin Trading
  • UK digital bank Revolut newly added LINK、MATIC、ATOM Wait for eight kinds of token transactions
  • OpenOcean And stable currency exchange platform Nerve Finance Integrate
  • Open source payment network Celo The cross chain communication mechanism is introduced Optics It has been deployed in some test networks
  • The etheric fang Two tier solution zkSync 2.0 go online zkEVM Test net Alpha edition
  • DAO Solution providers Aragon announce Aragon Voice Release test version on Ethereum main network
  • Decentralized insurance programs Nsure Network Risk markets have been integrated Polygon
  • Venus The agreement declares the ultimate loss 7700 Thousands of dollars ,Swipe The team will no longer be involved in project management
  • Bancor V3 Features and design have been set up , Coding in progress
  • SushiSwap:Masterchef V2 Will be in 6 month 1 Daily online main network , Realize the token double digging


  • Sushi stay Polygon The total volume of lock up is up to 10 Billion dollar
  • Blockchain venture capital companies AU21 Capital To set up 2100 ten thousand The dollar Polygon Ecosystem Fund
  • MakerDAO 5 Monthly net income exceeds 2300 Thousands of dollars , Accumulated assets 40 Billion dollars
  • The report : The overall number of active wallets in the blockchain industry exceeds 100 ten thousand ;Polygon 5 Monthly lock in volume growth 1102%
  • data : since 2 At the end of the month, the premium turned to negative since , There's no money flowing into the bitcoin trust
  • data : Already exceeded 1300 I want to get it from an address CoinDesk Test tokens DESK
  • data :NFT Our sales are from 5 It has fallen since peaking at the beginning of the month 90%
  • data :Polygon TVL super 70 Billion dollar
  • data :Aave TVL super 200 Billion dollar
  • data :Purpose ETF Overweight 288 gold BTC and 939 gold ETH
  • Ethereum in the last seven days Gas The average price fell to within the year A new low
  • 5 The monthly total transaction volume of cryptocurrency chain is 1.07 Trillions of dollars , Make history New high
  • Deribit 5 The monthly revenue reaches 1188 Billion dollar , Hit a new high
  • 6 month 1 Japan CME Open positions in bitcoin futures are 1.35 Billion dollars , It's the lowest this year Low point
  • On Ethereum USDC Circulation breakthrough 220 Billion dollar
  • Argo Blockchain Mining last month 166 gold BTC, The total amount is more than 1000 gold
  • 1inch The transaction volume of Ethereum version has broken through 500 Billion dollar
  • Zhishang Office : Bitcoin futures 5 Monthly average daily trading volume (ADV) Rose to 1.16 ten thousand hand
  • Whale Alert: The dust is close to 10 The bitcoin address was transferred out 310 gold The currency
  • about 7976 gold BTC from Coinbase Transfer to coin an , Value contract 2.93 Billion dollar
  • The etheric fang DeFi agreement 5 Monthly income is at an all-time high , super 3.7 Billion dollar
  • Federal funds of the Federal Reserve The interest rate since 4 For the first time since the end of the month
  • 2021 In may, Tether Net printing is about 110 Billion USDT
  • super 45 ten thousand individual ETH It's in Lido On
  • Ethereum miners' income in May reached 23 Billion dollar
  • Tether There are three additional issues 30 Billion gold USDT, Or the chain has been changed
  • USDC Treasury In Ethereum 2500 ten thousand gold USDC
  • YFI Core developers :Yearn v2 The total revenue of the agreement has exceeded 5000 ten thousand dollar
  • 5 The spot trading volume of the encryption exchange exceeded 2 One trillion dollar , Another one month record

Investment and financing

  • DeFi agreement Impossible Finance complete 700 Ten thousand dollar financing ,True Ventures Wait for the lead
  • Decentralized storage protocol Swarm Will be in 6 month 15 The sun is on CoinList Upper opening Public offering
  • Bitcoin mining company Gryphon Will work with Sphere 3D Merged on NASDAQ list
  • Overstock Its securities token platform tZERO Looking for a buyer , Or by connecting with SPAC Merge list
  • Solana With the blockchain accelerator in Korea ROK Capital Cooperative launch 2000 Million dollar ecological Fund
  • Borderless Will work with Algorand、Circle Launched in Miami 2500 Million dollar blockchain Fund
  • Private venture capital companies Master Ventures Launch scale 3000 Thousands of dollars in Polkdot fund
  • Community managed decentralized exchanges EmiSwap Raise 1.04 Billion dollars in private investment
  • Venture capital organization The Spartan Group The new fund completes 1.1 US $100 million fundraising , Will be used for investment DeFi field
  • Decentralized content publishing platform Mirror Complete super 1000 Ten thousand dollar financing ,a16z、USV Wait for the vote
  • be based on Solana The encryption derivatives company Hxro complete 1500 Ten thousand dollar financing ,Commonwealth Asset Management Take part in the voting
  • be based on Solana Encryption index protocol for Symmetry Complete the first round of financing ,Alameda Research Lead investment
  • The Oracle project Lithium Raise 500 Ten thousand dollar financing ,Pantera Capital Lead investment


  • Vitalik:Eth2 Will be in 2022 Have the scalability that enterprise applications expect
  • The central bank : since 2021 year 6 month 15 The reserve ratio of foreign exchange deposits of financial institutions will be raised from the next day 2 percentage
  • Aave founder :Aave About to add NFT As collateral
  • The xinhua news agency : If you only buy and sell bitcoin as a virtual commodity , Ordinary people have the freedom to trade at their own risk
  • The strategist at Pember : The fundamentals of bitcoin are still intact , Bull market or in 6 In the beginning
  • beautiful OCC Acting director : The ultimate goal of the review guide is to determine the overall strategy for digital assets
  • Mayor of Miami, USA : Musk is the trigger BTC One of the causes of volatility , I have bought BTC and ETH
  • Ying Wei Da CEO: Ethereum may still be hot for a year , Digital money will not disappear
  • hainan Multi department tips : Prevent illegal fund-raising in the name of virtual currency
  • baotou : Accept virtual currency “ dig ” report The camouflaged data center will be cleaned up and shut down
  • Gemini founder : The price of Ethereum will reach 5 Thousand to 1 Thousands of dollars , Long term price may reach 4 Thousands of dollars
  • MicroStrategy CFO: Bitcoin is in a hype cycle , But it won't stop MicroStrategy investment
  • The ECB : The financial system and monetary autonomy of countries that do not introduce digital currency may be under threat
  • The sources : At the Sichuan mining symposium, he expressed his positive attitude , There are no detailed rules for the time being
  • Jianan technology : This year, 6 Kazakhstan's self operated mining started in May


  • BSC Ecological projects PancakeHunny Encounter hacker attack
  • Safety company :PancakeHunny Encounter hacker attack , Hackers profit 43 ETH
  • The U.S. House of Representatives demanded Colonial Pipeline Wait for blackmail Software attack companies disclose the decision-making process of paying encryption ransom

Next week's Outlook

  • The algorithm stabilizes the currency Ring Protocol The main network is online , Will be in 6 month 5 Start Genesis mining on the 21st ( This Saturday, )
  • NFT market NFT STARS Complete two rounds of token private placement , And will 6 month 5 day IDO( This Saturday, )
  • Due to the delay in the contract audit process ,xSuter Genus The auction was postponed to 6 month 7 Japan ( Next Monday )
  • Coin an innovation zone will be held in UTC Time 6 month 7 Japan 6:00 go online Automata Network Tokens, ATA( Next Monday )
  • Automated market maker platform Demodyfi Will be in 6 month 10 in Ignition Conduct IDO be based on Moonbeam and Polkadot Automated market makers in China ( Next Thursday )
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