As the long tail of intangible assets turns to unlicensed blockchain , New mechanisms for efficiency improvement and income generation will be expanded .

Original title :《 Exclusive NFT Activate the value of long tail intangible assets 》
writing : Mason Nystrom,Messari analysts

The most valuable assets are intangible assets , Is that right ?

stay 20 century 90 S before , The most valuable asset ( According to standard & Poor's 500 The component classification of index ) It's tangible . manufacturing 、 Equipment and real estate are more valuable assets on a company's balance sheet . With the emergence of the Internet and the transformation of the United States to a service economy , The valuation of intangible assets has changed .

Now the most valuable asset in the U.S. economy is intangible assets . In mergers and acquisitions of companies ,「 goodwill (Goodwill)」 Often added to financial statements , To reflect a good customer relationship 、 The value or brand of know-how . The standard & poor's 500 The index is about 90% Our market value comes from intangible assets ( That is, intellectual property 、 brand ), Tangible assets ( Cash 、 Land, etc ) Only for 10%.

Messari:NFT How to activate the value of long tail intangible assets ?

The following is a classified list of intangible assets and tangible assets :

Messari:NFT How to activate the value of long tail intangible assets ?

The upward trend of intangible assets is well understood . Disney + It's the marvels and the Mandalorians who are worth it . Consumers like to buy jordan shoes , Although Jordan hasn't played in nearly 20 years . People drink Coca Cola instead of Pepsi , Because they like cute polar bears . lately ,Fortnite Skins——Fortnite Digital clothing that doesn't offer game performance advantages in —— It's a multi billion dollar industry .

In many economies , Value is shifting from the physical to the digital .

The next step in the evolution of intangible assets and intellectual property

NFTs Intangible assets can be turned into programmable assets on blockchain without license .

The largest category of intangible assets is intellectual property (IP), In the next decade , A lot of intellectual property ( patent 、 Trademarks and copyrights ) Transfer to the chain . Put existing assets ( Especially those assets that are not fully digitized ) Such as patent 、 The copyright or labor contract is transplanted to the blockchain to generate tokens , Creating new possibilities for programmable assets and streamlining efficiency .

We can NFT Mobile intellectual property as all forms of digital content , It's a trillion units ( About to be token ) market .

—— jack - Bruckman

Intangible assets , Especially intellectual property , It's often considered illiquid and inefficient , The reasons include that the market is not transparent 、 Valuations are inconsistent 、 And the lack of Standardization .

The market is not transparent

according to 2013 A study in , The intellectual property market is mainly composed of bilateral transactions secretly negotiated between multinational companies , Including sales or cross licensing . Besides , The study found that , There are few efficient or transparent online platforms for intellectual property sales 、 License or patent exchange . When buyers and sellers try to find each other , They usually negotiate under great uncertainty : The price of similar intellectual property varies greatly in different transactions , And the terms of the deal are often confidential .

Licensing intellectual property is a cumbersome process , Individuals have to track intellectual property owners ( for example , The copyright owner of the song ), Then request to use the intellectual property . Usually , Multiple entities claim to own an intellectual property , This makes approval and payment challenging .

Lack of standardization

Different countries issue patents in their own countries . Some countries are slow to distribute intellectual property to individuals , Other countries have difficulties in enforcing intellectual property rights . Although in the physical world there will always be the necessary enforceability factor , But blockchain networks provide a way to standardize intellectual property into NFTs Or smart contract opportunities .

Inconsistent valuations

There is no standard way to value intellectual property , So before you buy , The value of a patent or intellectual property is often unknown . essentially , This means that determining the market value of intellectual property is challenging , And it leads to the relative lack of liquidity of most intellectual property rights . On the blockchain as NFT The intellectual property issued will have a history of transactions , And as intangible assets become more accessible , Liquidity has been increased .

The benefits of Intellectual Property Token

in general , Intellectual property token can simplify key intellectual property lifecycle Events , Include :

  • Tracing the source of ownership —— By managing intellectual property on the blockchain , It can realize the normative log of intellectual property and its owners and licensors . This can track more seamlessly IP Now the owner .

  • Approval permission —— The user agrees that the preset terms and conditions can automatically approve the license .

  • payment —— Use IP The payment can be made automatically after a small amount of payment or after the completion of an event on the chain .

  • Verify unregistered intellectual property —— Similar to provenance tracking , Normative logging makes it easier to determine whether users have permissions and under what circumstances specific intellectual property rights can be used .

Intangible assets other than intellectual property

Although intellectual property is a big category of intangible assets , But it's not the only category . stay NFT There are several early experiments in the field , Especially about images 、 music (EulerBeats)、 video 、gif and MEME The creation of . Besides , Domain name is one of the largest digital original intangible assets , And has passed ENS (Ethereum Name Service)、Unstoppable Domains as well as Handshake And other blockchains are transplanted to Ethereum .

Brand is a unique intangible asset , Because companies with valuable brands ( Like Nike 、 Louis Vuitton 、 Gucci ) It is often necessary to introduce artificial scarcity into its products . In the physical world , Fake goods are very common , They dilute the value of the brand . On platforms like online games Roblox The digital world , As we spend more time in it , These brands already have potential value . stay Roblox in , One Gucci Wrap it up with 35 ten thousand Robux Or about 4115 The price of US dollars for resale , And the price of the same wallet in real life is 3400 dollar .

Big brands don't wait to die for a long time , Because real and verifiable NFTs It's going to be more and more attractive . In the real world , Companies can use digital certificates as NFT To every limited edition shoe , To strengthen their brand , Making fake souvenirs more challenging .

The long tail of intangible assets

As the long tail of intangible assets turns to unlicensed blockchain , New mechanisms for efficiency improvement and income generation will be expanded . Like most intangible assets , They will follow power law dynamics , Among them, the performance of top assets far exceeds that of others 80-99%.

image OpenSea and Rarible Such an open style NFT The market is the early purchase of mobile intellectual property ( Such as EulerBeats Or projects representing social status in the digital world NFT) Place . as time goes on , This may change , Because there are more niche markets for specific types of intangible assets . Intangible assets are on the chain , And release billions of dollars in value in the process .

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