Unlike most cryptocurrency mining mechanisms , Chia There is a complete separation between the creation of blocks and the farm pool protocol , The farming pool is only responsible for the distribution of token rewards .

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stay Chia The official video conference held recently 「Chia Pools for Pool Operators」 On , founder Bram Cohen Shared with his team members Chia The latest information and progress on the farm pool protocol , In detail Chia The design principles of the farm pool protocol 、 Operation mechanism and technical background , And reconfirm that the official farming pool agreement will soon go online . The following is from 「 Blue shell cloud storage 」 Organize information from the meeting , For details, please refer to Chia Official .

Chia The team details 「 The farm pool agreement 」 Design principles and operation mechanism

Chia The team details 「 The farm pool agreement 」 Design principles and operation mechanism

Chia The team doesn't want it to be relevant 「 Farming Ponds 」 There is a situation of one family dominating , Even in some cases, this has happened , They will also ensure that these large farming ponds will not do evil .(「 Farming Ponds 」 Equivalent to other blockchain projects 「 Ore pool 」,Chia Officials call the process of getting block rewards 「 farming farming」, Corresponding to other projects 「 dig mining」)

Chia One of the heads of the farming pool protocol program in the team Mariano S. Express , In most workload proof mechanisms (Proof of Work) In the pool agreement under , The pool will go and create blocks , Miners go to hash collisions ,「 Block creation 」 Directly related to 「 The issuance of token Awards 」, Under such a mechanism, the mine pool will have great control .

and Chia In the farm pool agreement ,「 Block creation 」 And 「 The farm pool agreement 」 There is a complete separation between them , The farming pond is only responsible for 「 The issuance of token Awards 」. It collects farmers farmer ( It's equivalent to... In other blockchain projects 「 The miners miner」 This role ) All the token rewards , And distribute them to these farmers in proportion . These farmers can run their own full node (full node), You can also connect yourself to a third party and run the whole node on their behalf .

Chia The team details 「 The farm pool agreement 」 Design principles and operation mechanism

Chia The basic principles in the design of Farming Ponds

To ensure the safety of farmers : Farmers don't have to trust farming pools , Farmers will never have to upload their private keys to the pond , All of these private keys are stored locally .

Because the private key is not involved in the ore pool in the workload proof mechanism , Miners just need to do hash collisions and submit them , To win a reward , Miners need to put their own calculation into the mine pool , So there's no cheating . However, in Chia The spatial proof mechanism of (Proof of Space) Because it involves the private key to create a signature , Its farmers are not tied to the farming pool , So in theory, farmers can win Chia At the same time to the other party to sign , There's a lot of cheating . To avoid this kind of cheating and ensure its safety ,Chia Compared with the ordinary mining pool agreement, the traditional farming pool agreement will be more complex and difficult to build .

For the safety of the farming pool :P chart (Plots) Bind with related smart contracts in the form of encryption , And the contract points to a specific farming pool , This will prevent farmers from cheating .1.75/.25 Incentive segmentation mechanism ( What you get from creating blocks 2 individual Chia In the token ,1.75 The tokens flow into the farming pool and are distributed to all farmers in proportion , The remaining 0.25 A token is directly awarded to the farmers who won that block ) It can also effectively resist attacks between farming pools .

In the current version ,P The graph encrypts and stores the public key . The team tried to encrypt the farm pool address to P In the figure , In order to prevent farmers from cheating , However, this practice will make it impossible for farmers to change their farming pools , once P The disk is finished , They can only be added to a certain farming pool , It's not only very inconvenient , And it will also lead to the centralization of farming pools . Finally, the team decided to use the smart contract to bind the farming pool address , So as to effectively solve the above problems .

Block creation is more decentralized : Farmers can choose to run their own full node , To help decentralize , You can also choose the agent farming pool to run all nodes for yourself .

You can change the cultivation pool freely : Farmers can change their farming pools at any time , There is no need to P disc , At the same time, make sure that farmers can't cheat on farming pools in order to win more rewards . Don't involve 「 register 」、「 user name 」 and 「 password 」 etc. , Farmers can change the farming pool directly on the chain and start farming directly .

Blockchain backup system without repeated configuration : Suppose a farmer has A and B Two computers , These two computers use the same key ( alike 24 There are two related words ), So as long as one of the computers is added to a certain farming pool , Then another computer will automatically join the farming pool and cultivate , There is no need to configure manually .

What is? Singleton?

Every Singleton They are unique , Be similar to NFT, Once created on the blockchain , Then it will always be unique . In the new Chia Farming Ponds P In the figure , Will contain specific Singleton Payment address (pay to singleton address).

Chia The team details 「 The farm pool agreement 」 Design principles and operation mechanism

User pass Singleton Founding coin (Singleton genesis coin) To create your first Singleton, This founding coin can be anything in your wallet Chia Tokens, , Because the user wants to Chia Generate records on the blockchain , You have to spend Chia Token to achieve , So that we can start to create Singleton.

In creating a unique Singleton when , Users can add specific farming pool related information to it , Including the address of the farming pool 、URL、 User's public key, etc , All this information will be on the chain .

Chia The team details 「 The farm pool agreement 」 Design principles and operation mechanism

Once the user wants to update Singleton Information on , That's what it costs Singleton To create new Singleton, This newly created Singleton Will have and original Singleton alike ID. in other words ,Singleton It cannot be modified by itself , Updating its information means destroying the old Singleton Create the same ID The new Singleton.

When a block is harvested successfully , Allocated by the farming pool 1.75 A token doesn't go directly into the hands of users or farming pools , But into Pay to singleton puzzle in , Only the farming pool has the right to receive these tokens .

When the user wants to change to a new farming pool , Need to use existing Singleton To create a new Singleton, After a certain period of time , The user will change to a new farming pool . One Singleton Corresponding to a specific farming pool , Each farming pool checks the Singleton Information to determine whether a user is one of its members .

Chia The team details 「 The farm pool agreement 」 Design principles and operation mechanism

Beta Demo

every last Pool Tab ( Farming pool label ) They all represent one Singleton. stay Pool Tab On , You can see 「 The name of the farming pool 」、「 Farming Ponds URL」、「 Has been awarded 」、「 Current difficulty 」、「Points Balance ( Balance of points )」 Etc .

Chia The team details 「 The farm pool agreement 」 Design principles and operation mechanism

Users can choose to set up their own farming pool ( Farming rewards will go directly into your wallet address ), You can also choose to join other farming pools . Want to join other farming pools , Just enter the address of the farming pool into Connect to pool In the blank column of , Information about the farming pool will pop up automatically . By carefully verifying this information , To make sure you don't join the malicious farming pool , To avoid fraud .

Chia The team details 「 The farm pool agreement 」 Design principles and operation mechanism

In the new Point In the integral system , hypothesis A The difficulty of contribution is 1000,B yes 10, that A Natural ratio B It is more important , More valuable , because A The proof ratio of B It's more difficult to prove , When the user cultivates through the cultivation pool , In the database of the farming pool , They will be awarded points corresponding to the difficulty they contribute ( If the difficulty of contribution is 10 Will be awarded 10 Integral points ), So the farming pool can track the points that users have , Users can also check their points at any time .

stay P In the setting menu of the disk, I added Join a Pool Options . In the menu, you can choose none, That is, to cultivate by oneself according to the old way , Or you can choose to create your own Singleton ( Every Singleton Point to a specific farming pool ).

Chia The team details 「 The farm pool agreement 」 Design principles and operation mechanism


Q: I can use one P Do you want to add two different farming pools ?

A: Can not be , Yours P Graph and Singleton binding , And one Singleton You can only point to a specific cultivation pool set by yourself at a time .

Q: Can cultivation pools be closed to users ?

A: Sure , because Singleton ID Encrypted storage in P In the figure , So the cultivation pool can theoretically ban users . Although the cultivation pool cannot prevent users from pointing themselves to its cultivation pool , But farming pools can ban users by not giving them rewards . in any case , The pool reward is still controlled by the pool .

Q: Is it possible for farming pools to run away with money ?

A: If the farm pays the reward you deserve , Then there's no problem . But some rogue farming pools can be used at pay intervals —— That's three days to roll up the money , In theory, this kind of rogue farming pool can really collect all the rewards in three days , Then don't give the rewards to the farmers , Roll up your own money and run . therefore , The reputation of a farming pool is an important matter that users need to investigate before joining a farming pool , After all, no one wants to join the rogue farming pool . in addition , Users always have the option to change the farming pool , Once users find that the farming pool they join is not right , You can immediately change it to another farming pond .

Q: How to use Singleton?

A: User pass Chia The official graphical operating system to create Singleton, Add a P chart NFT that will do . For no Chia Token or mojos (Chia The smallest unit of token ) Of users , You can go to Chia It's official , The address is faucet.chia.net, Or users can take some from their friends mojos.

Q: When proof for each user (proofs per user) Time limit , Whether it will cultivate scale for single user at the same time (farm size) set a limit .

A: Can't , The two are independent , If you have 100P Space , At the same time, the difficulty of proof is set very high , So the amount of daily proof you eventually get may be the same as having 1T There are as many people in space .

Q: For people who want to use multiple Singleton For users connected to the same farming pool , Do you need every Singleton Log in alone ?

A: Yes , At present, each Singleton You need to log in alone . But it's just Chia The first version of the farm pool protocol , More features will be added later .

Q: 1.75/.25 Whether the bonus split ratio can be changed ?

A: Can not be , This proportion exists in the source code and consensus , So you can't change . The reason why we're in this ratio , It is because if there is a certain farming pool, the scale of which exceeds a certain proportion in the whole network , So in principle , It can make money for itself by attacking other farming pools . In order to make the development of the whole network more healthy , This kind of reward division is very necessary , It guarantees that some of these attacked farming pools or farmers will still be rewarded . Those traditional pool agreements that don't have incentives to divide are bad . in addition Chia All the transaction fees go directly into the hands of farmers , Because we want farmers to create blocks , Instead of creating blocks from farming pools , It can also be a powerful weapon against the malicious behavior of some farming pools . In addition, with future rewards halved , The number of bonus splits will also be halved , But the proportion remains the same .

Q: How to set the minimum amount of withdrawal in the farming pool , Whether it can be changed according to the change of transaction fee of the whole network .

A: It's all up to the individual ponds .

Q: Is there a linear correlation between the difficulty and the chance of proof ?

A: It's completely linear . This sum Time Lord It also has to do with the speed , But most of the time we assume that Time Lord It's a constant speed .

Q: Will the incentive mechanism change in the future ? Can we ban Farming Ponds ?Chia Is it really decentralization ?

A: On the first question , The incentive mechanism will not change , Everything we're publishing right now is based on Layer 2 Of , We will not change anything in the future . We're not going to fork , Never hard bifurcate , For a long time, there was no intention of soft bifurcation . Again , The incentive mechanism will not change , We are not Chia The dictator of the Internet , It's a decentralized network . On the second question , We can't shut down farming ponds , Because it's a decentralized network , We don't own the network , So it's not under our control , So we can't ban farming pools . On the third question , Yes , We are very decentralized , Of course, I also hope that in the future Chia Can be more decentralized , To build a healthier ecosystem , We want to have multiple farming pools competing with each other , Instead of being the only one .

Currently on Chia The development of the project is within the plan , It's just that the project is accelerating .Chia The development speed after going online is beyond our imagination , So the demand for the farm pool agreement was unexpected , You know the distance Chia It has been less than a month since the currency price stabilized , At the moment, we are doing what we can , In order to launch the farm pool agreement as soon as possible .

Q: Can anyone build a farming pond ?

A: Yes . But it's not easy to build and run Farming Ponds , You need to go through a series of related applications , There's going to be KYC、AML etc. . in addition , Of course, we will not build our own official Farming Ponds , We want this ecosystem to be healthy .

Chia The team details 「 The farm pool agreement 」 Design principles and operation mechanism

Last , Officials say they won't give advance notice of when the agreement will go live , It's when officials think the current farm pool agreement is ready , And solved as much as possible bug And then go online . In addition, after the test network version of the farming pool protocol goes online , Once the official confirmation test network version of the farming pool protocol can be in no significant bug Three days in an orderly manner under the premise of the , The government will launch the farm pool agreement for everyone on the main network .