NFT + sports, how to promote new play?

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nft sports promote new play

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If you don't know NFT, Then you may have been left behind by the art vane . today ,NFT Not only is the fire out of the loop , It's also more integrated with multiple tracks , Let everything be NFT The time of the new century is approaching .

6 month 3 Japan , Hunting cloud Finance 《 Friends of the coin circle 》 The first 1 At the scene of the event ,Blocksport Head of China Ember It brings us a vivid sharing .

Here's what we're sharing ( Edited ):

How does the film and television industry interact with NFT Combination ?NFT What is it ? Many people think NFT It's art on the chain , It's a picture , But it is not .

1、NFT Definition

If the NFT To explain NFT(Non-Fungible Token), It's a nonhomogeneous token , It's the only one 、 Indivisible Token, The equivalent of a numbered token . What you have in your hand Token And what I have Token It's totally different .

Bitcoin is a homogeneous token , The bitcoin you have is exactly the same as the bitcoin I have . Many people mistakenly believe that NFT It's a picture , Why a token ? 


  Actually , I'll explain it another way ,NFT It's more like a tradable , Numbers that are endowed with value ID, every last NFT When generated, it can represent any asset in all dimensions , That is, everything is possible NFT.

 2、NFT classified

trace NFT The origin of , In fact, the earliest NFT It's a colored coin that can represent different assets for different purposes , Later, we hope that NFT Combined with art .

Everyone is right. NFT All have different understandings , Let me explain to you from a multidimensional perspective what I think NFT.NFT It can be enabled by assets existing in any dimension space , Let's talk about four dimensions for a moment .

A one-dimensional NFT: One dimension is a straight line , The original assets on the chain are composed of NFT In one dimension NFT, For example, the tokens on a chain are combined into one NFT.

A two-dimensional NFT: The mapping of virtual assets , It's two-dimensional NFT. such as , The digital art mapping we make through code NFT, Game asset mapping NFT Or other combinations of tokens on the chain NFT.

The three dimensional NFT: It refers to the mapping of physical assets , It's three-dimensional NFT. such as , The art we often talk about now 、 collection 、 Real life cards and other real-world assets are mapped NFT.

4 d NFT: Add the concept of time to the three-dimensional dimension , Or other concepts , This is more abstract , At present, we can temporarily understand it as NFT Marked assets are variable . This asset is the instantaneous transformation between virtual assets and real assets , Added the concept of the future . 


Of course , We're staying in three dimensions now NFT, But there are still big problems to be solved in the actual landing of 3D . such as , How physical assets map to the chain , How to ensure that the physical assets are real ,NFT How to accept physical assets , How to cash and so on . All these problems restrict the development of three dimensions NFT The development of .

Actually ,NFT It's not mature yet . that ,NFT Why can we represent the assets of various dimensions ? Who defines this ? There needs to be an overwhelming majority of consensus , That's the end of the asset to NFT The real mapping of . therefore ,NFT We can't develop without a strong consensus group .

3、NFT The valuation

When we put NFT As a mapping of various dimensional assets , In fact, we can evaluate the assets of various dimensions NFT The valuation . Based on this dimension ,NFT Value should be equal to the original value of the mapped asset , The sum of asset liquidity premium and market expectation .

The original value of mapping assets is evaluated based on the value logic of mapping assets , Assets of all dimensions can be divided into functional assets 、 Experiential assets 、 Equity assets and consensus assets , It can be based on market supply and demand 、 Economic cost and other dimensions determine the value of assets ;

Liquidity premium can be measured by calculating the time and cost required to convert it into capital . Market expectations are driven by speculation , Influenced by factors such as supply .

4、 Sports assets NFT

Just now NFT Classification in multidimensional dimensions , So these dimensional assets are synthesized from NFT Then to the circulation and application of the whole Ecology ,NFT Ecological projects can be divided into four layers : Basic agreement 、NFT synthesis 、NFT Circulation and NFT Four layers of application .

If it's based on industry segmentation ,NFT At present, it mainly exists in works of art 、 game 、DEFI、 Meta universe 、 In music and sports , The most obvious growth is NFT The art market , And with the coming of the European Cup and the World Cup , sports NFT The market is also growing . that , Sports and NFT How to play with the combination of ?

Based on the above mentioned dimensional assets , First, we classify the sports assets into different dimensions : One dimensional sports NFT It refers to the original token of sports on the chain , Represents the functional utility on the chain ; Two dimensional sports NFT It refers to the mapping of virtual sports assets , For example, sports game skin mapping, etc ; Three dimensional sports NFT It refers to the combination with physical sports assets , For example, the mapping of sports collections , Or the mapping of management power of entity clubs, etc ; Four dimensional sports NFT It refers to the mapping of physical sports assets with time dimension . It doesn't exist in our three-dimensional space yet , So this kind of NFT It can only be priced by our abstract definition . 


Sports as an experiential culture of our reality ,NFT It will completely change the culture and dimension of sports . At present, sports on the market NFT Mainly focused on sports games 、 Sports collection and fans economy .

At the end of the day , sports NFT The value of sports assets mainly comes from the original value of sports assets 、 The sum of liquidity premium and fan consensus , therefore , sports NFT You can't live without a strong fan base .

sports NFT The most important thing is to get the consensus of fans , So sports IP The big fan base is the current sports NFT The most important factor in development . This kind NFT Just need to be empowered and develop sports  NFT product . sports NFT The advantage is that there is already a fixed fan base . The more fans you have , It means that the more likely the blockchain will realize the existing fans from the original field . However , If the authorization is cancelled , that NFT  It's going to be much less valuable . 


in addition , sports NFT Value has a strong content media attribute , The audience is interested in NFT The acceptance of , And real life IP identical . for example , Football player 、 Real people like basketball players and idol stars . user 、 Fans are right IP、 The identity, acceptance and pursuit of idols , Will attract more capital attention . This is where the fan economy comes into being , So as to further shape the business model that can produce economic benefits .

At the nodes of the European Cup and the World Cup ,NFT Integration with sports is still a trend , It represents the imagination of the future . But in the end , Whether it's sports NFT collection 、VR+NFT And the fan token is an extension of the fan economy . Behind this is the big IP Interaction and appeal with fans , Sports launched NFT How to meet the needs of fans is the core issue of the industry , Only in this way can we open the way to sports NFT The gate of the new world .

It is worth mentioning that ,Blocksport The project is from NBA Former Vice President Sam The recommended , Founded on 2019 year , It's a Swiss based sports technology company , Mainly for E-sports clubs and sports clubs APP saas service , I have served nearly 100 Home club , With Real Madrid 、 Manchester united 、 Dortmund and other clubs have established cooperation . It's coming soon NFT platform , Offer a variety of sports collection auction 、 Fan token issue and NFT Mining and other businesses , Build a set of games for sports fans 、 sports NFT Collection 、 Fans community management in one of the sports NFT Aggregation platform .

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