Sichuan investigates cryptocurrency mining industry, bitcoin miners' income dropped sharply in May

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sichuan investigates cryptocurrency mining industry

Reporter Wang Yongfei Ran Xuedong Beijing reports

Sichuan regulatory office of the State Energy Administration 2021 year 6 month 2 It's day “ Virtual currency ” Symposium on the investigation of the situation , This forum has become the focus of the encryption industry . As of the issue of , The results of the forum were not officially published , Infill mine “ Sword of Damocles ” Still hanging overhead .

The present , In the context of an uncertain global encryption environment , Cryptocurrency market is in a volatile horizontal .5 Since January, China has intensively issued policies to crack down on intensive mining , Bitcoin prices have plummeted , Computing power drops , The income of miners has been significantly affected .

The change of Sichuan encryption policy is still unclear

In recent years , xinjiang 、 Sichuan is the largest gathering place of infill mines in the world , Once occupied the world 80% The above mining power . According to previous years , Stepping into 6 month , The flood season is coming , Most of the infill mines in Xinjiang have been relocated to Sichuan , Sichuan has become the largest concentration of computing power in the world . and 2021 year , Infill mines have to consider policy requirements , Sichuan is no longer the main migration site , The mines in the mountains are shifting .《 Chinese times 》 Previously reported , Many mines are actively moving to Kazakhstan 、 Canada and even countries like turbulent Iran .

In this context , The symposium held in Sichuan naturally attracted much attention , Sichuan's attitude is related to whether there will be a historic shift in bitcoin computing power . It is reported that , In this Symposium , State Grid Sichuan electric power company 、 Sichuan energy investment group reported the virtual currencies in their respective supply zones “ dig ” Relevant information and suggestions 、 Shut down virtual money “ dig ” Analysis on the impact of this year's abandoned water and electricity in Sichuan Province ; Sichuan Electric Power Trading Center reports the situation and suggestions of big data enterprises participating in market transactions in the hydropower consumption demonstration zone ; The power sales company reports the situation and relevant suggestions of acting as an agent for big data enterprises to participate in market transactions .

Relevant people told this reporter that :“ In this Symposium , The situation reported by relevant departments , Decision makers and participants learned about current hydropower usage , However, for the further implementation of the follow-up policy, there is no certain tendency and specific content .”

The personage inside course of study analyses to our reporter , Sichuan has more than 600 Medium and large mines , The miner exceeds 2000 Taiwan is in the majority . It is estimated that , One a year 2 A mine with 10000 mining machines has to pay more than 1 100 million yuan of related expenses , exceed 2 There are many mines with ten thousand mining machines . Once shut down , During the wet season , Sichuan's power transformed from green energy , Will become abandoned hydropower .

Consume a lot of electricity , It led to power failure in some areas , Bitcoin mining has also become a much criticized point . According to the report of Sichuan electric power trading department , expect 2021 The electricity consumption of bitcoin mining will reach 113 Million kilowatt hour . In the dry season , The pressure is also quite high .

Those in the industry said :“ After this crackdown , It is the general trend for bitcoin hash rate to spread out of China , Some mines have been withdrawn from Sichuan 、 xinjiang 、 After Yunnan , Some of the remaining mines are also relatively powerful , The number of these mines will not have a significant impact on electricity and carbon neutralization , It can also absorb abandoned hydropower in wet season , It's the best result .”

Bitcoin miners' income plummeted

suffer 5 The fall in the price of bitcoin last month , Bitcoin miners' income plummeted . Okoyun chain OKLink data display ,5 Monthly income of bitcoin miners 14.66 Billion dollars , fell 14.09%. But thanks to the rise in chain fees , Ethereum miner income 23.23 Billion dollars , Sequential rise 45.86%. data ,5 month 13 Since then , The average computing power of bitcoin network is from 179.25 EH/s Drop to 150.48 EH/s; The difficulty of the whole network starts from 25.05 T Drop to 21.05 T, The decline is more than 15%; It is estimated that , It is expected that the difficulty will drop to 18.49 T, Go down again 12.14%. Our reporter noted that ,6 month 4 Japan , The computing power of many major mines is declining ;Antpool falling 6.71%,1THash falling 3.31%,BTC.TOP The decline is more than 15%.

Senior miner Li Yun introduced to our reporter , The profitability of bitcoin mining is complex , And the price of bitcoin , Mining difficulty , There is a great correlation between the total network power and transaction costs . Fees and rewards are the most important part of a miner's income , Network computing power depends on whether the mining machine is running . overall , The price of bitcoin is inversely proportional to mining power . The difficulty of mining is decreasing at the same time , Computing power is also declining .2020 year 5 Since bitcoin halved last month , With 2021 The price increase since 2000 , Bitcoin miners seem to have made up for half the amount of bitcoin through price .

“5 The monthly income of bitcoin miners decreased by more than 14% The main reason for this is the sharp drop in the price of bitcoin , Before that, the price of bitcoin reached 69000 Near the dollar , The income of miners has far exceeded 2020 year 5 month 21 The income before the cut in half . Halve the number of bitcoin mines , The price is low 7 More than double , It can be said that this year's bitcoin miners have made a lot of money . Even if prices plummet , It's just a drop in income , Profitability is still very high .” Li Yun explained to our reporter that .

Li Yun said :“5 In May, the mine was relocated 、 Power rationing and delayed rainy season in Southwest China 、 Policy repression and other factors , At one time, computing power plummeted , Many mines are suspended or time limited , It has a great impact on the income of Chinese miners . My miner is 5 After the middle of the month, almost no all day operation . It's usually ten in the morning and seven in the evening , Mining machines have become office workers . Sichuan policy is not clear yet ,6 There may be a lot of variables in the month , If the price of bitcoin goes down , Predictably, the income of miners will continue to decrease .”

according to the understanding of , The Income Fluctuation of miners is basically consistent with the fluctuation of currency price .2019 Every year we dig out a piece , The system would reward the miners 12.5 Bitcoin . It is estimated that , Global miners 2019 The total income of this year exceeds 52 Billion dollars ,2019 The highest month of the year is 7 month , The total income of global miners is just 6.57 Billion dollars ,7 May is also the highest month of the year . The lowest monthly total income of global miners is only 1.96 Billion dollars . and 2021 Since then , After the mining reward is halved , Higher 4 In June, global miners' income also reached 16.8 Billion dollars . So the bitcoin mining reward is halved , For miners , It's also mixed .

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