The vision of data economy is to let every data producer realize that he is 「 production 」, In the process 「 Be inspired 」, then 「 At your own discretion 」 What to do with it .

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Today's article is based on the data economy and ownershipLabs Thinking about what you're doing , The main research paradigm is Ocean protocol. The second part is the recent research on NFT The idea of combining data . Poor readability , It belongs to the kind that will kill people if it doesn't come out .

First lie down

Private ownership of data

Collective poverty refers to : A small group of people took everything that you and I produced , And we have nothing . Or most people are equal , Equal poverty . about 80、90、00 Later said , I haven't experienced collective poverty , That sounds like the last century 70 China's rural areas in the 1980s .

But it's like , We are also producing something all the time ?

 Data economy and DeFi、DAO And NFT How to combine ?

20 century 80 China in the S , The rise of commercial private ownership allows people to own their own cars 、 property 、 Food and clothes . People are beginning to be allowed to own some of the things they make .

Jennifer Zhu Scott stay 《TED— Why is data privatization important for Pratt & Whitney AI It's important ?》 In the said : Private ownership is a form of freedom that we never had .

If we look at data ownership from a completely different perspective , What would happen ? If data ownership is actually private 、 Individual and economic problems , What would happen ? If in the new digital economy , We are allowed to have what we create ( Data ) Part of the , And give people the freedom to own private data , What would happen ?

The future of the data economy is , Let every data producer realize that they are 「 production 」, In the process 「 Be inspired 」, then 「 At your own discretion 」 What to do with it .

The importance of data economy

 Data economy and DeFi、DAO And NFT How to combine ?

Data and AI used to accumulate in the hands of a few Internet giants ,Ocean protocol Objective to compare data with Artificial intelligence (AI) Democratization of the values of . To value the individual 、 Business and even city data .

  • Individuals have no data ownership , No control over privacy
  • Lack of normative entry , Data is hard to price
  • Signal fraud
  • Fake comments on Amazon or Twitter The robot account on
  • Interoperability

Personal data , In particular, private data is important for research ( such as AI) And business decisions are very important . But private data is in the shadow , It is difficult to obtain and easy to leak in the process , Blockchain 、 Cryptography technology makes it possible to value personal data while protecting privacy .

What you need is Google ? What you need is 「 Search engine 」

stay web3 In the economy , No force is a single force . Any service is no longer exclusive . There's only one Google in the world 、 One facebook、 One amazon It will be the same as web3 Rich application components exist at the same time . and web3 Our service is to token link , because token And get through to each other . You can use a decentralized search engine the graph Authorized by your search Swash Leave the data set ( Your search history ), And automatically generate revenue 、 Or you can choose to sell it in the data market . You'll also be able to produce and contribute good data And get the airdrop of the associated project 、NFT incentive , To reward you for some AI The contribution of model training .

 Data economy and DeFi、DAO And NFT How to combine ?

Ocean Of case study

Ocean protocol To sum up, there are two aspects :

  • adopt defi Cut into the data economy , In fact, it's more about letting the public know , Data is an asset
  • Discuss it directly from the data level , Build a data market for Data Trading

ocean and defi The combination of

 Data economy and DeFi、DAO And NFT How to combine ?


According to McKinsey's Report ,AI It will increase in the next decade 13 trillion-dollar Economic output , The data generated by individuals will undoubtedly contribute to this great development . The concrete practice of commercial companies , Like Microsoft's Decentralized cooperation program , Through data transparency and communication with institutions / Organizations build strong cooperation , Motivate them to contribute good data for AI Model USES .

ocean Creating a data market , And pass compute-to-data Let privacy data set (datasets) Sum algorithm (algorithm) It can be safely traded with the support of blockchain , This feature has recently been integrated into the data market .

Compute-to-Data Refer to , The data is with the owner , The computing demander sends the algorithm to him , After he accepted the algorithm , Calculate and return the result to the demander , Protecting data privacy .

 Data economy and DeFi、DAO And NFT How to combine ?

ocean Application cases of

 Data economy and DeFi、DAO And NFT How to combine ?

Second, lie down

Other possibilities

except Ocean This kind of defi Combine and build data trading market , I'm also thinking about data and DAO、NFT Intersection .

data DAO (dataDAO)

DAO The context of the financial crisis is still limited in the financial field , For example, using smart contracts to manage money 、 Investment, etc . But at the end of the day, it's about motivating a group of people with expertise in a particular field to contribute their wisdom (collective intelligence). So I came up with the data DAO—— Gather a group of data scientists to program knowledge .

 Data economy and DeFi、DAO And NFT How to combine ?

Knowledge classification and structure based on specific organization , And include data 、 Information and knowledge programming 、 There are so many practical software programs to store and retrieve detailed logic . Theoretical aspect , Such as robin cowan Research paper of 《The Explicit Economics of Knowledge Codification and Tacitness》 More from 20 Years ago (2000 year ) We started to talk about knowledge ( attention ) The economic feasibility of programming .

 Data economy and DeFi、DAO And NFT How to combine ?

What has not been achieved is the successful case of making these theories mate with the value network , Blockchain 、 Intelligent contract 、 Decentralized storage will bring change . Of course , The scene of this explosion will be unknown , Can it be an open recommendation algorithm ?

My guess is , And then there will be all kinds of algorithms designed , Mostly pricing algorithms , The designer is understanding the network structure of the database 、 Variable 、 Weight, etc ( After all, theories are so diverse ), Abstract the corresponding code , Embed it in smart contracts . According to each level 、 Or each network node to price , Users come in to pay not just to get data , More to join the Internet (attenstation). There will be a / A series of events makes data curation It's profitable , Maybe, as Li said :web3 Knowledge management is financial management .

 Data economy and DeFi、DAO And NFT How to combine ?

 Data economy and DeFi、DAO And NFT How to combine ?

 Data economy and DeFi、DAO And NFT How to combine ?

Tacit knowledge (to put the economics of tacit and codified knowledge together)


knowledge ( attention ) The degree of programming is determined by incentives — That's the cost and benefit of doing it . Storage and computation based on graph database and smart contract , It seems that we have reached the critical point of breakthrough progress .——The Explicit Economics of Knowledge Codification and Tacitness

I sometimes feel that this data economy is already NFT I'm just beginning to see something , Just said turning point,web3 The killer app might be : Make knowledge ( attention ) Management automatically becomes the application of financial management .

NFT And data The combination of ,NFT As the carrier of data value . As a vehicle for rewarding people's attention , Itself is a picture with #[[]] The card of . Like tacit knowledge mentioned earlier (tacit knowledge), Or active knowledge collection (knowledge curation), It's all about paying attention .

Let's take the simplest example , In the future, you will be rewarded for collecting some bookmarks with —— such as NFT Reward ( These awards are more like door-to-door rewards , It's like the advertiser is looking for him 1000 Like a fan user ).

 Data economy and DeFi、DAO And NFT How to combine ?

NFT It's a great medium for networking , I think it's even bigger than its financial nature ( Although a lot of efforts are now being made to increase its liquidity , Let it be related to financial goods 、defi Connect ). Most of the time , I'll decide to buy one NFT It's because I approve of this work 、 The person behind this work will bring me continuous inspiration, My attention needs to be 「 By 」 Stick it here , Become a node , So this is the beginning of a relationship , You decide to stay focused here . You're investing in a relationship , It's a network of relationships , It's not limited to calculating yield all the time 、 After buying, I want to change hands on financial investment .

 Data economy and DeFi、DAO And NFT How to combine ?

The world after capital

I wrote one before thread, I'm most interested in 、 What I want to see most in the future is to let people's thoughts bring direct value , Even pure curiosity 、 Increasingly scarce attention . One side , People's attention has to be... In some way 「 Be kind to 」, This will form a virtuous circle , We will go according to our own preferences 、 Put your attention on your own ( Not passive , Addictive , Manipulated , Tiktok is what I mean ). On the other hand , Good products should look for more matching attention , To motivate 1000 individual true fans, instead of 1000k individual random doesnt care, On this basis, establish and develop the relationship network .

 Data economy and DeFi、DAO And NFT How to combine ?