The supervision of virtual currency mining not only requires local governments to take the initiative to cut off the increment ; There's also a need to introduce electricity prices 、 land 、 tax 、 Environmental protection and other measures , Promote the orderly exit of stock enterprises .

Original title :《10 Day after day 6 writing , Why does Xinhua keep an eye on 「 Currency circle 」》
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10 Within days 6 A survey report , Xinhua News Agency reporter from mining to trading to financing , It involves many important links in the virtual currency industry chain , take 「 Currency circle 」 The status quo of the industrial chain is presented to the public , Arousing widespread concern .

6 month 2 Japan , The xinhua news agency 《 Xinhua viewpoint 》 I'll send another article in this column

The article said , Dog money 、 Cat coin 、 Pig coin 、 Eel coin ……「 Air currency 」 Like air , Can't see 、 Unable to touch , There is no physical support 、 It has no application value . Once the price of the target of such speculation collapses 、 The tide goes out , What it brings to investors is huge loss and regret . and , From the current judicial practice in China , Virtual currency trading contracts are not protected by law , The consequences and losses shall be borne by the parties concerned .

The article also points out that , Regulation of speculation in virtual currency transactions , It's not a single sector, single regulation , It's a comprehensive strategy . Relevant departments should participate according to their respective responsibilities , Implement functional regulation .

  • If only bitcoin and other virtual currencies are sold as virtual Commodities , Ordinary people at their own risk , Have the freedom to trade .

  • But if you package virtual money as 「 gain ten thousand percent 」 The target of speculation , Attract investors to the trading platform , We must tighten the fence of the system 、 Safeguard the interests of the people .

The popularity of virtual currency trading and financing market will inevitably lead to the prosperity of mining industry chain

In recent months , Currency circle regulation 「 yan 」 Word in the head , The state has launched a heavy attack on the virtual currency trading market . Successive developments have shown that the domestic supervision of virtual currency is rising to a new height . Among them, the regulatory requirements for mining industry have attracted much attention .

5 month 21 Japan , The financial stability and Development Commission of the State Council held its 51st meeting , We should firmly prevent and control financial risks ,「 Cracking down on bitcoin mining and trading , We should firmly guard against the transmission of individual risks to the social field 」. This is the first time that the State Council has made a clear demand for cracking down on bitcoin mining and trading .

As a virtual currency 「 issue 」 market , Mining industry is very sensitive to electricity price . Low electricity prices are what mine owners get 「 High yield 」 It's necessary to protect . therefore , Southwest China, which is rich in energy resources, has become a mining industry cluster area . For a long time , The computing power of bitcoin mining is mainly concentrated in China , And the main force of mining in China is in Southwest Sichuan 、 Inner Mongolia and other places .

And in order to get cheap electricity at the same time get government support and policy subsidies , These mines are often disguised as 「 Data Center 」, But it's still a virtual currency mining business . According to an investigation by Xinhua news agency , these 「 The mine 」 Some consume millions of kilowatts of electricity in one day ; A family in a western province 「 The mine 」 A month can 「 eat 」4500 10000 kWh ; Somewhere in the southwest 「 The mine 」 One year's power consumption is equivalent to the total power consumption of three cities ; The global electricity consumption of bitcoin mining is equivalent to that of some medium-sized countries ……

Such a high energy consumption of virtual currency mining behavior , It's not going to drive jobs and taxes , Promote the development of the real economy , It is also contrary to China's current goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutralization , Therefore, it has aroused the high vigilance of the local government . since this year on , Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has taken a number of policy measures to eliminate the virtual currency mining projects , By 4 At the end of the month, it has been closed down 35 A mining enterprise .

And in the 5 month 18 Japan , The development and Reform Commission of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region issued 《 About setting up a virtual currency 「 dig 」 Announcement of enterprise reporting platform 》, It is declared to be a thorough implementation 《 Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on ensuring the completion of 「 the 14th Five-Year Plan 」 Several safeguard measures for dual control of energy consumption 》 Deployment requirements , Comprehensively clean up and shut down virtual currency 「 dig 」 project , Give full play to the role of the masses in supervision and guarantee , Full acceptance of the virtual currency 「 dig 」 Complaint reporting of enterprise problems .

And then 5 month 25 Japan , Then Inner Mongolia released 《 On resolutely cracking down on and punishing virtual currency 「 dig 」 There are eight measures ( Solicitation draft )》, Be clear about virtual money 「 dig 」 Measures to crack down on and punish behavior . The office of the energy consumption dual control emergency headquarters in Baotou City, Mongolia, also issued a few days ago 《 About accepting virtual currency 「 dig 」 Enterprises 、 Notice on reporting personal problems by letters and visits 》, Call for a comprehensive clean-up and shutdown of virtual currency 「 dig 」 project , Give full play to the role of the masses in supervision and guarantee , Full acceptance of the virtual currency 「 dig 」 Enterprises 、 Complaint reporting of personal problems .

Except Inner Mongolia , Sichuan Province is the gathering place of mining industry in China , We are also studying the relevant regulatory measures .5 month 27 Japan , The Sichuan regulatory office of the State Energy Administration issued a report on the convening of the virtual currency 「 dig 」 Notice of the Symposium on situation investigation .

The research forum was held in 6 month 2 The meeting was held as scheduled on the morning of the 12th , The participants were mainly power grid enterprises 、 Trading center and the relevant person in charge of the power sales company . according to the understanding of , The conference mainly collected the utilization of abandoned water and electricity in Sichuan consumption demonstration area by virtual currency mining , And Sichuan Electric Power Trading Center reports the relevant situation and suggestions of big data enterprises participating in market transactions in the hydropower consumption demonstration zone , It also evaluates and analyzes the possible impact of shutting down the virtual currency mining on the abandoned water and electricity in Sichuan this year , However, the forum did not issue any specific details on how to regulate the mining of virtual currency in Sichuan , No resolution has yet been reached .

however , As Xinhua put it in the article , Crack down on virtual currency mining , It is not only necessary for the local government to take the initiative to issue a document to stop mining activities , Cut off the increment ; There's also a need to introduce electricity prices 、 land 、 tax 、 Environmental protection and other comprehensive measures , Promote the orderly exit of stock enterprises .