Sukhavati CEO Mindaugas Savickas Shared the development status of distributed storage industry and Sukhavati Platform features 、 Storage mechanism and application scenarios, etc .

Original title :《 An interview with Sukhavati CEO: Explain the development status of storage circuit in detail 、 The bottom of the technology 、 Mining participation |CryptoJ AMA review 》
respondents :Mindaugas Savickas,Sukhavati CEO
interview :CryptoJ

After the continuous improvement of various blockchains and Internet infrastructure , The market never stops responding to Web3.0 Ideas of the times , Its core vision is to build a decentralized 、 Application networks without boundaries .

however , Because of the independence of various ecological agreements ,Web3.0 Interworking services are faced with the problems of mobility fragmentation and compatibility , It limits the space for innovation and imagination between applications .

Decentralized cloud service network with storage as the core Sukhavati Network Born in Web3.0 Under the vision of , By building a decentralized data access gateway on top of the existing infrastructure , Attempt to remove from storage 、 retrieval 、NFT、PoC And so on , Break through the barriers between data and protocol , Help decentralized applications manage storage state , Complete more efficient resource scheduling .

For a deeper understanding of Sukhavati Network Platform features 、 Storage mechanism 、 Application scenarios, etc ,2021 year 6 month 2 Japan ,CryptoJ Specially invited Sukhavati CEO Mindaugas Savickas Be a guest of this issue AMA「 build Web3.0 Key components of the ecosystem —— Read about decentralized data storage infrastructure Sukhavati」, Explore the decentralized data storage infrastructure with you Sukhavati How to take decentralized cloud services as a breakthrough , Get through Web2.0 And Web3.0 Ecological agreement island .

The following is a AMA Organize the content of the text , The content has been cut down .

 An interview with Sukhavati CEO: Explain the project architecture 、 Application scenarios and mining methods

elementary analysis Sukhavati

stay AMA The beginning of , Mindaugas Savickas Yes Sukhavati This paper gives a brief introduction to the characteristics and background of the protocol .

Mindaugas Savickas ‍ Pointed out that ,Sukhavati It's a Decentralized cloud service network with storage as the core . It's made up of consensus layers 、 Storage layer and application layer .

Consensus layer With PoS Space proof /PoC Capacity proof mechanism , The existing parts can be reused directly PoS/PoC The power of the agreement .

Storage layer With TEE ( Trusted computing environment ) Based on this, the author puts forward EPoSt (Efficient-Proof-of-Spacetime, Efficient spatiotemporal proof mechanism ) To solve the verification problem of decentralized storage , Massive low-power storage devices can be incorporated into the network .

On this basis ,Sukhavati Will be in application layer Build an overlay Web3.0 and Web2.0 Decentralized data access gateway for storage services , by Web3.0 Applications provide unified data storage 、 Retrieval and management services .

Sukhavati Our mission is to motivate and improve the blockchain distributed storage ecosystem , Push it to become The real infrastructure of the next generation Internet , by Web3.0 The implementation of vision expands the application scenarios .

 An interview with Sukhavati CEO: Explain the project architecture 、 Application scenarios and mining methods

Sukhavati Birth background

From the Internet and Web Since the birth of , We've gone through the process of information read-only Web1.0 Everyone can produce information in the era and on social networks Web2.0 Time . With the birth of bitcoin and the emergence of Ethereum and other smart contract public chains ,Web3.0 Once again, the vision of the future is sprouting in people's hearts .

Web3.0 Our goal is to make the Internet more decentralized 、 Secure and verifiable . The value brought by blockchain is right confirmation 、 Consensus mechanism and incentive compatibility mechanism greatly promote Web3.0 The realization of the vision , But there is still a lack of a real large-scale application Key components , Large scale data storage and retrieval capabilities .

To solve the problem of decentralized verification of large-scale storage ,Filecoin A method of zero knowledge proof is proposed to verify . But this method requires a lot of computing power , It makes it very expensive for applications to store data , And a lot of small storage devices are blocked out of the door . As a result, its storage distribution is very centralized .

As decentralized storage moves towards practical availability , There are still many problems to be solved . stay Web3.0 There will be a lot of data generation in the future scenarios of Internet of things and Internet of things ,Web3.0 Applications need a security 、 Easy to use 、 Low cost 、 Low power decentralized data access service . This is it. Sukhavati Birth background .

Financing progress

Sukhavati It has been attracting the attention of many investment institutions ,Mindaugas Savickas When it comes to the current financing progress, it points out that ,Sukhavati Network Just finished 800 A new round of financing .

In the process of financing ,Sukhavati Network It has attracted wide attention from all parties in the field of encryption , A number of investment institutions from the seed wheel are interested in Sukhavati Network Continue to show enthusiasm for the project , And continue Catch up .

The participating institutions include AU21、OKEx Blockdream Ventures、 LD capital、YBB Foundation、Kernel Ventures、Blocksync、CryptoJ、NSG Ventures、Chain Capital、Gate Labs、PrimeBlock Ventures (MXC Labs)、Hot Labs、CatcherVC、CCFOX Fintech、Krypto Research、LBK Labs、7 O'clock Capital etc. .

Sukhavati Network It has been successfully completed before 200 US $10000 seed round financing .

Sukhavati The future will continue to explore W eb2.0 Application and Web3.0 Ecological bridge 、 Offer something similar to AWS Lambda Of serverless Cloud computing services and support 5G Network and edge computing are widely used , Enrich the more practical functions of the key component of the decentralized data storage infrastructure .

Three basic layers

Sukhavati Mainly by Consensus layer 、 Storage layer 、 application layer Three basic layers constitute ,Mindaugas Savickas This paper gives a brief introduction to the application and positioning of the three basic layers .

Mindaugas Savickas Pointed out that , stay Consensus layer ,Sukhavati With PoS Space proof /PoC Capacity proof as a consensus protocol . It is characterized by the completion of the initial initialization operation , Only a small amount of calculation and IO Resources can maintain the consensus of high security , So that more resources can be used for other meaningful work , Ready for the storage layer and application layer on it . meanwhile Sukhavati just so so Compatible with existing parts PoS/PoC The power of consensus agreements , Use it as a foundation for quick start .

stay Storage layer ,Sukhavati be based on TEE The design realizes EPoSt (Efficient Proof-of-Spacetime) Efficient spatiotemporal proof mechanism . The storage node is in LivingPoSt and WinningPoSt Two verification processes complete the proof of storage commitment , And will prove the results on the chain , In order to get The incentive of the storage part .

EPoSt Make the most of it TEE The advantages of hardware architecture , Rebalance between performance and security , Compared with zero knowledge proof based on pure cryptography , It can be faster than 100+ times . Thanks to this , Like family NAS Servers and other massive long tail low-power idle storage devices in the edge network, as long as their CPU Support TEE technology , You can participate in Sukhavati Storage and mining , Give full play to its low cost and low cost P2P The advantages of network transmission .

Why say TEE Can support such a high verification speed ,Mindaugas Savickas I borrowed a picture from the white paper to make a brief explanation :

 An interview with Sukhavati CEO: Explain the project architecture 、 Application scenarios and mining methods

stay application layer ,Sukhavati It will be based on the node's local trusted computing capability and Substrate The flexibility of the framework , With the storage layer as the medium , Build an overlay Web3.0 Storage ecology and Web2.0 Decentralized data access gateway for storage services , Connecting all protocol Islands , by Web3.0 Applications provide a unified 、 Data storage that meets compliance requirements 、 Retrieval and management services .

These three basic layers correspond to Different functions , Each layer is based on the previous one .Sukhavati The development of network is divided into three stages , From the most basic level of consensus to gradually realize Finally, the vision of decentralized cloud service network .

 An interview with Sukhavati CEO: Explain the project architecture 、 Application scenarios and mining methods

The status quo of storage development

Sukhavati One of the core foundations is storage , For the development of the current storage circuit , Why? Sukhavati Also choose to join the storage track and Sukhavati The differentiation positioning and advantages of ,Mindaugas Savickas He also expressed his own views .

Decentralized storage is Web3.0 The premise of application landing , At present, there are some representative projects in various sub fields .

for example Contract storage (contract-based storage) On the track , There's zero knowledge proof based Filecoin And based on TEE Of Crust; stay Permanent storage On the track , There is Arweave; stay Distributed object storage On the track , Then there are Storj wait .

At present, most of these storage projects are still in Early online , There is still a lot of Need to improve The place of , Whether in the The ecology is complete Up or Real application costs On , Or in Web3.0 The real realization of the idea , There is still a long way to go from the actual application and business .

perfect Web3.0 Storage infrastructure

It is to see the current situation of the development of storage track, as well as the problems and role vacancy , Sukhavati Network Decide to perfect Web3.0 Storage infrastructure as the goal , Join in the construction of ecology .

Different from the projects mentioned above ,Sukhavati The positioning of the project is to build a Cover Web3.0 Storage ecology and Web2.0 Decentralized data access gateway for storage services , Connect the existing storage protocol islands , by Web3.0 DApps Provide Unified data storage 、 Retrieval and management services .

To achieve this goal ,Sukhavati There needs to be a broad and solid Consensus layer , After research , Decided to go from Hard disk mining is the largest PoS/PoC Starting with , By reusing existing PoS/PoC Computing power to quickly build a solid consensus layer , Covering the world at the same time Hard disk storage space Largest group .

And then on that basis ,Sukhavati Will give full play to PoS/PoC Consensus and hardware based TEE The advantages of high efficiency of Technology , Build a Storage layer that can provide thermal storage capacity .

Thanks to the Sukhavati The overall design of , Any support TEE Technology devices can join the storage network , Form a real Storage networks with decentralized Topology . because Filecoin More suitable for cold storage scenarios , and Arweave It is used to store permanent data with high value density ,Sukhavati Of The thermal storage layer can be used as Web3.0 Storage Middleware in the ecosystem , according to DApps The storage content is sent to different storage networks .

「 Storage mining 」 The threshold of participation

Talking about mining , from Filecoin To the recent hot Chia, It once led to mining machine 、 The price of hardware is soaring , For this series of market phenomena ,Mindaugas Savickas Express , For now ,Filecoin Of The entry threshold is already very high , Complex cluster solutions and customized hardware are no longer directly involved by ordinary miners , More by buying Hosting professional miner's hardware To participate in Filecoin Network of .

relatively speaking ,Chia The threshold for participation is much lower .Chia The price surge of hard disk brought by the launch is actually a Very extreme market conditions , Excessive speculation on the price of hard disk is irrational , Unlike other commercial hardware , The capacity of hard disk is relatively flexible .

about Sukhavati Come on , More hope to be able to To accommodate more mining machines and hardware in the market to participate in the network , Instead of wasting resources too much .

Looking back at history, we can see that , from BTC To ETH To the present Filecoin and Chia, The wave of decentralization is sweeping from computing to storage , In the end, it will change every link in the computing system , As well as the production relations and organizational forms on it .

From the perspective of historical evolution , More confident All kinds of mining based on hard disk will play a greater role in the future .Sukhavati I hope that in this wave , Take on its historical mission , by Decentralized storage Ecology Make efforts to realize and mature .

How to participate Sukhavati dig

For how users participate Sukhavati Of mining , Whether there is hardware 、 mill 、 Hard requirements like equipment ,Mindaugas Savickas He replied , Before the release of the test network ,ERC20 The mining that token can participate in is the liquidity incentive mining , Detailed rules and awards will be announced in the near future .

After the release of the test network , Storage mining will be started for the first time , Detailed rules will also be published soon . In terms of mining hardware, it is relatively simple Filecoin It's a lot less demanding for me , Especially in Cluster threshold On ,Sukhavati My original intention is to let more people like pos/poc And storage of mining hardware Participate in the construction of the network .

Sukhavati Application scenarios

Mindaugas Savickas In addition to storage 、 Beyond mining ,Sukhavati Topic representation of application scenarios , At an early stage , Consensus level PoS/PoC dig , And the mining of storage layer will be the key to build a solid foundation .

But apart from the two , Early based on thermal storage layer For the existing huge Internet CDN Service delivery and traffic distribution , In the middle and later stage, it is based on the node's local trusted computing capability by Web2.0 Application provides migration to Web3.0 Bridges and things like that AWS Lambda Of Serverless Cloud computing services , These are all Sukhavati Application scenarios that can be served .

stay The further future , hope Sukhavati Nodes in the network can participate in 5G In network and edge computing , With efficient consensus and storage mechanism , Become a reliable support node .

Sukhavati The bottom of the public chain

From the perspective of the public chain at the bottom ,Filecoin 、 Arweave 、Sia Distributed storage related projects are based on their own public chain , about Sukhavati Whether they will also choose to build their own public chain bottom ,Mindaugas Savickas He replied ,Sukhavati Although interpreted by the market as 「 Storage middleware 」, But all the time It has its own main chain .

This is similar to other distributed storage projects ,Sukhavati The public chain itself also provides storage services to the market . All the content that needs to be stored is uploaded to Sukhavati After network , The network can provide storage 、 Search and other basic premise , At the same time, it can distribute the content to other storage networks according to the different requirements of the order ( Such as :Filecoin、Arweave), To satisfy Web3 The diversity requirements of applications for data storage .

however Sukhavati The bottom of the public chain is different from most other public chains , Because we can reuse the existing PoS/PoC The computing power of the Internet , therefore Sukhavati The public chain consensus layer of Very efficient and environmentally friendly , It only takes a very small amount of energy , Can provide very The consensus layer of security . And at the beginning of the launch Massive expansion of computing power , With the existing PoS/PoC While agreements coexist , And for these bottom mining equipment New values and imagination .

Actively catering to regulation

From a storage perspective ,Sukhavati Whether there will be regulation 、 Compliance concerns ,Mindaugas Savickas Respond to the following :

Sukhavati At the beginning of the design Taking into account the local laws and regulations and regulatory compliance problems , Node based local trusted computing technology Actively catering to regulation , So that the relevant laws and regulations around the code can be trusted to execute , Not only can we implement regulation , It can also extend its capabilities , Make it more fine-grained compliance management .

Project progress

Mindaugas Savickas Next, I'll talk about so far ,Sukhavati Project progress 、 Development stage and expected mining on-line time, etc .

Sukhavati The first stage of the main network has been developed , At present Internal test phase , If the process is smooth , So expect Test network mining Can be in 9 It was successfully launched before September .

besides , current ERC20 Tokens, (ERC-20) Our liquidity incentive plan will be put into the market in the near future , You can follow the relevant update plan in the official channel .

Token value capture

About value capture ,Mindaugas Savickas Shared Sukhavati How to encourage users to hold tokens for a long time by using the token economy model of , Token application scenarios and other topics .

Mindaugas Savickas Express ,Sukhavati The core of our token economy model is Around the evolution and long-term stability of the entire storage network To design , Block reward in different periods of the network for a variety of participants incentive is different .

  • The first stage , That is, the network consensus building stage , The main token award will go to miners who contribute to the online consensus . At the same time, for the sake of long-term security and stability , A large part of the reward will be allocated to the network miners who provide long-term pledge for their computing power .

  • The second stage , In the process of establishing the storage layer , In order to promote the evolution and development of the network , Some of the rewards will be turned into storage mining rewards . In addition, there will be one in the early days Reward pool , It is used to reserve rewards for developers who contribute to ecological development , Ordinary users can also participate in the funding of the reward pool , In order to get a longer-term currency based return .

  • The third stage It's the application layer . In order to achieve Sukhavati The wide use of the Internet , Some consultative nodes with important strategic resources will be set up , After investing heavily in ecology at the beginning , The corresponding subject can become a governance node with special functions .

How to participate Sukhavati dig

Sukhavati Support use Personal computer You can also use a professional server for mining .

The mining process is divided into two processes :

  1. Plotting (P disc )
  2. Mining ( dig )

among Plotting (P disc ) It's a one-off process , Using ordinary computers CPU that will do P disc , With high memory and SSD It can be done more quickly P disc , But the cost is also higher .

At the completion of P After the dish , You can enter the real The stage of mining .Sukhavati The process of mining The energy consumption is very small , Only a small number of local disks are needed IO and CPU that will do , So whether it's personal computers , family NAS The server , Still like Raspberry Pi That kind of equipment can be involved in mining , The energy consumption of mining is also very low .

Sukhavati In addition to considering the physical equipment for mining , You also need to understand Sukhavati Of Economic model .

stay Sukhavati In our token economy model , Pledge mining It is much higher than the income of non pledge mining ; Before the early pledge function was opened , All miners can only dig directly with machines . After the pledge function goes online , After meeting a certain amount of pledge , Mining profits will be as high as 100 Double the rise . So how to choose your own Mining Strategy , It's an issue that miners have to keep thinking about .