Who represents the "bottom line" of defi in the shock

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represents line defi shock

In the face of the plunge of the currency circle in late May , The whole encryption market is filled with extreme fear . Even though DeFi I've always had high hopes , But also failed to resist the pressure , The amount of lock up is almost cut . Fortunately, , Under the crisis ,DeFi Many agreements have been upgraded many times in internal mechanism , And the neglected subdivision plate shows amazing hidden potential in this period of time , For example, the oracle and the stable currency become the two major plates of this “ Currency disaster ” The sea fixing artifact in .

Data changes in the crash

As a measure DeFi An important indicator of the scale of the project, the total lock in volume (GVL), In this slump, Waterloo fell , from 5 month 11 The highest point of the day 1283 At one point, it fell to 644 Billion dollars , It's like cutting your back . From the current lock up trend chart , Has been climbing up slowly , arrive 830 Billion dollar position .

 Predicting machine

From the ranking table of lock in volume of various agreements ,Compound With 83 Yimei gold lock ranks first in terms of warehouse volume . In terms of categories , Lending and DEX Dominate the mainstream , In the top ten lock positions respectively occupy 6 Seats and 4 mat . The biggest difference from last year is , Among the top ten lock in agreements, there are many new ones based on BSC and Polygon The protocol face of the chain , It's no longer the Ethereum chain protocol .

 Predicting machine

From the vertical plates ,DEX In the plate , be based on BSC Of Mdex、PancakeSwap、Ellipsis Outstanding performance , In terms of trading volume and number of transactions, the performance is not bad , Of course ,Uniswap、Curve And so on old brand project still strong , Always in the forefront ; Stabilize the currency sector ,USDT and USDC Always leading the track , However, this trend is also related to the market liquidity of the issuance ; In the mortgage sector ,Aave V2 The total amount of borrowing is 55 About US $100 million , Total borrowing 170 Billion dollars , And the highest point 5 month 9 Japanese 260 The difference is nearly 10 billion ; The Oracle plate is in sharp contrast to the shrinking categories mentioned above , Its presence 5 month 19 Day and 5 month 23 The daily average has created a peak , Respectively up 33962 and 35860 Time . among ,Chainlink The highest percentage of calls is .

 Predicting machine

Protocol upgrade in the changing situation

Defi Most of the external data shows are very sluggish , But in fact DeFi Development is still very visible .DeFi As early as 2017 Years of , It was very insignificant at that time , Now ,DeFi It's going to be a very visible area of the industry , Benefit from DeFi The constant upgrading and innovation of the underlying infrastructure , And in such a cold market environment , And there's no blocking DeFi We're going round and round in development .

With DEX The leading project of the class Uniswap give an example , Recently it released Uniswap V3 edition , By implementing the aggregate liquidity function , So that less lock in funds leverage greater liquidity , Improve the efficiency of the use of funds , It is no longer a simple automatic market maker's unilateral performance improvement , And UniswapV3 Network plan to lay2 Of Arbitrum transfer , Further create low Gas、 High trading , according to the understanding of , stay 5 month 19 When the Japanese market plummeted ,Uniswap V3 On the contrary, it created a month 26.2 100 million dollars , And on that day TVL Only for 8.8 Billion dollars , To a certain extent ,Uniswap V3 Basically achieved the goal of improving capital efficiency .

Compound As a leader in lending , It started in March this year DeFi The layout of the cross track , Introduction Gateway Test net , from COMP The holder governs ,Gateway  Is based on  Parity  Blockchain development platform Substrate  Framework of the blockchain network , More interoperable , Application developers can build on any underlying blockchain network , Don't limit yourself to Ethereum . With the help of Gateway Cross chain tools ,Compound It will be more than just an Ethereum loan agreement , It's about being able to have a place in the cross track .

There are also many protocols that have been upgraded , Or build a more diverse product matrix , Or look for opportunities in hot areas , Changes have revealed DeFi The whole market is no longer just focusing on the simple demand for liquidity , They will focus more on the hidden needs of the market , Honing and building a more suitable mace for the current stage of development .

DeFi The potential direction may point to stable currency and Oracle

in addition to , Advance insight Defi The potential direction of the next stage , It's also a better chance to capture the first value opportunity .DeFi In the first half of this year , The biggest performance is aggregation , From last year 8 month DeFi It's so hot now , The inflow and agglomeration of market elements , Combine a lot of financial innovation play , Layer by layer nesting brings out more new requirements , The essential requirement is information 、 The summary of the data is more direct and concise , The flow and service entrance form a one-stop mode of the whole process “ Aggregation services ”, That is the rise of various aggregation agreements this year . But at present, there is no real force , Most stay in the proof of concept phase , that , In the second half of the year Defi What market should we focus on ?WebX The lab thinks , The next round, in addition to the agreement 、 The competition in the public chain has been upgraded , The stable currency track and hard rigid demand Oracle track with stable performance will still be the areas we need to focus on .

We have already mentioned , Stable “ Stable ‘ And the hard and hard needs of the oracle , They are more important in the crisis .519 In a slump , Used on Ethereum before  3  In a stable coin , None of them deviated sharply from their anchor prices for a long time , Stable currency shows a very stable character , Even if there was a fluctuation, it lasted only a few seconds , Fully reflects the stability of the currency in “ Hedging ” And value anchoring . And 5 month 19 The daily trading volume of stable currency also set a record . only Tether(USDT) More than 700 Billion dollars , More than bitcoin and Ethereum .

And the number of times that the oracle was called in this crisis reached ten thousand times , By calling the external price to feed the smart contract on the chain ,DeFi The protocol can get all the data needed for normal operation , It exists as a middleware to communicate the decentralized protocol and the external data of the blockchain , It's often the case that , The more transactions , The more times the Oracle is called .DeFi in MakerDAO、Compound、Synthetix The price data stream service provided by Oracle is needed , image Coinbase Such a giant also needs a prediction machine for Defi The agreement provides digital currency price data , This means that the Oracle has become an indispensable tool for trading agreements and trading institutions , Provide secure and reliable connection with the real world for applications on the chain through Oracle , A large number of advanced data-driven use cases can be used on the public chain DeFi、 insurance 、 game ,NFT Protocol and other application fields , Oracle services accelerate the convergence of the online and offline worlds . Of course , The Oracle is not perfect , How to better solve the problem of decentralization and data accuracy is a trade-off problem for the Oracle track .

The world of blockchain is always changing , anytime , It may be better to observe this ever-changing market from a dynamic perspective than to try to seek unchanging laws .DeFi The value of mining also follows this truth . Focus on the stable currency and the oracle at the same time , We need to continue to focus on the innovative discoveries in this circle .

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