Dialogue with Olivia, founder of ass: the audience of meme culture is not the old school of Internet, but generation Z

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Meme  Changing the logic of investment . Represented by dog coin Meme Culture is spreading wildly on the Internet , Under the blessing of Musk's tweets, it caused a lot of followers , This comes with Meme The concept of cryptocurrency has attracted a lot of attention .

For a deeper understanding of Meme Culture , Mars finance and Australian Safe Shepherd founder Olivia There was an in-depth dialogue .Olivia To Mars reporter , She is from 2012 He has been focusing on the blockchain industry and bitcoin since , And continue to pay attention to the technology and ecological development behind the blockchain over the years , But never in business , It was only about three years ago that we actually started investing Chainlink, And devoted to the blockchain industry .

“ Blockchain ” The trend of thought also makes Olivia Recognize the importance of community . although Australian Safe Shepherd The project was born in Canada , But the founding team voluntarily gave up ownership , It's up to the community, supporters from all over the world . With the co-founder of dogcoin Billy Markus( twitter :Billym2k) Officially join the community and become an administrator , It also proves that the project is recognized by the community .

Of course , In this visit , We not only asked Australian Safe Shepherd Project status , as well as Meme Cultural opportunities and challenges , And the reasons for the current bitcoin slump are also analyzed .


Here is the full interview :

One 、 Strategic positioning

Q:Australian Safe Shepherd It's from SafeMoon The communities that split out Meme Tokens, ,ASS and safemoon The difference between the connection and what ?ASS What is the core problem that can be solved ?

Olivia: Yes ,ASS and safemoon There are many similarities in code construction and mechanism , It's mainly reflected in encouraging HODLing And punish sales activities . But there's a big difference , It is mainly reflected in the proportion of punitive taxes charged by buyers ,SafeMoon Give the seller 10% Punitive taxes and fees for ; but ASS But to the seller 5% Punitive taxes and fees for .

And SafeMoon comparison , The founding team has put the core smart contract code back into the community , And start a team of ASS Liquidity is locked in 69 year , This means that the team is no longer in control of the contract , You can't make any changes to the code ; about safemoon Come on , That's not the case , The team still has the liquidity to unlock , And have absolute control over the contract .

Q:ASS How to ensure high liquidity ? What are the ways to attract more users to support ASS Well ?

Olivia: As mentioned above ,ASS The working capital of the founding team has been locked up for as long as 69 year , There are no plans to cancel , There will be problems for sellers 5% The tax , Every sale will be automatically transferred to LP, It also means there is liquidity every time you sell , Make the bottom of the price higher by trading , Such a mechanism is more attractive to investors .

Q: Let's talk about ASS Our community , stay ASS In the state of project ecosystem DAO What is community governance like ? How to balance the interests of developers ?

Olivia:Meme The audience of culture is not the old school of Internet , It is Z generation .ASS In less than a month, the community has developed into the most powerful cryptocurrency 、 One of the most cohesive communities . In less than 30 In a matter of days , We are 10 Different exchanges expand to more than 25 Ten thousand holders . The community is ASS The core of the bone , We love every member .ASS The community has grown rapidly into a close family , To see so many people together in such a short time , So there's a common goal , That's it Bring ASS to the moon( The price skyrocketed ), It does seem inspiring .

ASS Not in the traditional sense DAO, The user DAO Tokens are also used to govern voting . Because I gave up ownership , Give the token back to the community ,ASS It's a community driven token . Is becoming DAO aspect , This means that every community member has the possibility to contact the exchange to go online , Every member has the ability to start a marketing campaign , Every member can do what they think will help the community grow .

When the community is involved in big decisions , Such as community fundraising and token flow or need to coordinate large-scale marketing strategy , We do community polls 、 Voting and conducting open dialogue , The community will make the final decision . In the telegraph group 5 10000 members , They all have the right to express their opinions , Share their expertise , help ASS Achieve the goal , It's amazing . More importantly , Community 5 The thoughts of more than 10000 members are still attracting more wise people to join in , The community is full of experts in all fields , It's a powerful joint force that gathers all the people together to make a difference , That's our advantage .

Two 、  Opportunities and challenges

Q:Meme What are the opportunities and challenges for culture in the whole blockchain industry ?

Olivia: In fact, a lot of people are right about Meme There are misunderstandings about tokens , There are even a lot of senior cryptocurrency supporters .Meme It's a replicator of culture , Spread by imitation ,Meme Token is one of the important ways to enter the field of blockchain . Besides ,Meme The cultural audience will not be the old school who just use the Internet as a communication tool , And most of the living space is on the Internet Z generation , therefore Meme Tokens have the appeal of viral transmission through social media platforms .

Q: With the ecological development of the whole industry, the competition is becoming more and more intense ,ASS How to stand out ?

Olivia: In my submission , At present, there is no need to worry about the development trend of other project tokens , Because no matter what, there are always other tokens in the industry . for example ,ASS Community 100% Support DOGE.DOGE Have been to Meme The token paved the way , Make it accepted in the field , It can be said that , No, DOGE, There is no ASS, So we respect other tokens for Meme The contribution of . However ,ASS It's a very loyal 、 A motivated and friendly community , Welcome all new people to join .

Q: Current constraints Meme What are the factors of development ? ASS Is how to solve ?

Olivia: As founder , I gave up ownership of the project contract code , And it limits buying 、 Taxes on sales and transfers . in addition to , up to now , Nothing can limit ASS The development of , There are a lot of good developers in the community 、 The designer 、 Marketer 、 Opinion leaders , They are all part of the success of the project .

Q: Please introduce ASS Some of the achievements , And near-term plans and goals .

Olivia:ASS The team has a lot of exposure , Some achievements and goals are as follows :

(1) In a short span of 30 Days. , We did 25 The outstanding achievements of 10000 holders , This is also on behalf of public recognition ;

(2) Co founder of dogcoin Billy Markus Join the community , Become an administrator ;

(2)Ray J Recently MTV Roll call at film and Video Awards ASS, The project established a relationship with him to expand the brand , He's also one of his team advisors ;

(3) Of course , Many famous news media have reported on us , These include Bloomberg、business insider、tech crunch、cryptoslate、yahoo、stockhead、investor place wait ;

(4) stay 30 It has been in for days 10 A different exchange goes online , These include Gate.io, PancakeSwap, BitMart, Bilaxy, MXC, WhiteBIT, Bitrue, Coinbene, BiKi, HOTBIT wait ;

(5) The project has been coingecko、coinmarket cap、poocoin、dexguru、BSC scan、lunar crush、blockfolio And other professional projects .

3、 ... and 、 Other

Q: Let's talk about something else .5 month 19 Japan , Bitcoin fell to 30000 Below USD , What do you think of bitcoin selling ?

Olivia: in my opinion , The sell-off is a combination of many factors , For example, laws and regulations affect ; Elon Musk make complaints about Twitter on twitter “BTC Mining is not environmentally friendly ” The comments of the government triggered a sell-off , But the current encryption market should have been revised . In my submission , In hindsight ,BTC The sell-off is inevitable , Maybe it's not that serious , But we are bound to see an important correction , No token can go up forever . In a healthy market , You need to make corrections before you go up again to replenish the energy . For me, , This kind of price fluctuation has existed in the field of cryptocurrency for some time, which is a very healthy and normal trend for traders . Bitcoin price fluctuations provide investors with a way to “ discount ” Opportunity to buy at low price .

Q: Without blockchain , What can you do? ?

Olivia: I Believe , Blockchain technology is the future . I can't imagine where this technology will go , Especially like Vitalik Buterin、CZ and Sergey Nazarov Such blockchain visionaries . Beyond cryptocurrency , I'm a junior nursing undergraduate . My goal is to change the way people live , Make it better , This is also my growing reputation in the field of cryptocurrency , What excites me most is .

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