Standard Chartered Bank launches encryption service for high net worth customers

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standard chartered bank launches encryption

Standard Chartered, one of Europe's leading banks, recently announced that , Plans to open cryptocurrency exchange and brokerage platforms in the UK and Europe .

The business customers will be mainly institutional investors . According to Reuters 6 month 2 Daily reports , A subsidiary of Standard Chartered Bank is planning to launch crypto trading platforms in the UK and Europe . The platform will be built by BC Technology group and SC Ventures( Standard Chartered's innovation division ) Joint venture creation ,BC Technology Group deals in cryptocurrency licensed for Hong Kong OSL.

According to the news , The trading and brokerage platform will focus on the European market , To trade high net worth customers with bitcoin 、 Ethereum is linked to other major trading platforms for encrypted assets .

 Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered plans to provide encrypted asset services to institutional traders , This is a new recognition of a new asset class by a large bank .

The company's innovation department SC Ventures Responsible person Alex Manson Express , Plans for encrypted trading and brokerage will target institutional clients .

Manson Pointed out that :“ We are confident that encryption assets will continue to exist , And will be accepted by the institutional market as a highly relevant asset class . We are building a safe and reliable infrastructure for investment .”

The platform is expected to launch in the fourth quarter of this year ,BC Group CIO Usman Ahmad As CEO of the platform ,SC Ventures Of Nick Philpott As coo .

Standard Chartered's move to build a crypto exchange and brokerage platform coincides with a critical moment , Despite the frequent negative news about the media in the field of encryption , Some Asian countries have also stepped up supervision , But the global demand for institutions interested in accessing and joining the field of encryption is still growing .

 Standard Chartered Bank

Wall Street continues to embrace crypto assets . The price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has risen recently , add Coinbase The exchange is listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange , It helps to legitimize this asset class , And calmed the mood of many critics .

Despite the recent decline in the cryptocurrency market , But in the past month , Many Wall Street banks are still trying to provide bitcoin services to their customers .

A cryptographic asset escrow service provider NYDIG On 5 month 5 A service was announced on May 21 , The service will bring bitcoin to hundreds of institutions in the United States . With the financial technology companies Fidelity National Information Services The cooperation of , Customers of Bank of America participating in the transaction will be able to use their existing accounts to purchase 、 Hold and Trade BTC.

After the disclosure of this information , Many major banking institutions, though widely opposed for years , But it has also begun to accept cryptocurrency . Citibank 5 month 7 Announced Wednesday , Considering entering the lucrative cryptocurrency market , The reason is that customer interest is high .

Then 5 month 10 Japan , UBS said it was considering various options for cryptocurrency for its high net worth customers .

The move of Standard Chartered Bank marks that the major banks still maintain a strong interest in the field of encryption .

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