"Filecoin on Ethereum"? There are three problems with swarm

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In the near future , It's called V god ( Founder of Ethereum ) The distributed storage project developed Swarm Start exploding the ore circle . Many mining machinery manufacturers publicize Swarm Node time , All of them Swarm Put on a label like this :“ Ethereum foundation incubates ”、“V God develops ”、“ next Filecoin”、“ A luxury investment team ” wait

A series of bright labels , It does Swarm Become a hot topic nowadays . however , Behind the project aura , There are a lot of uncertain risks that can be selectively ignored .

Swarm, A decentralized content storage and distribution network based on Ethereum ecology .Swarm stay 2015 It was launched in as one of the official projects of the Ethereum Foundation , In the early stage, Ethereum Foundation led the incubation , Since then, the project has been separated from the Ethereum foundation , Gradually, independent teams are responsible for development and external financing .

It is reported that ,Swarm Complete two rounds of financing before and after , The latest round of private equity financing is 600 Ten thousand dollars , Tokens, BZZ The average subscription price is about 0.25U, The investment institutions that subscribe include KR1、HashKey、NGC Ventures etc. . From the public list of institutions , The portfolio of investment institutions is not very luxurious .

Swarm At present, it is at the end of the test network , Because the test network has 100 m BZZ Airdrop Awards , Attracted many miners to participate in . So far Swarm The number of test active nodes exceeds 27 m , Nodes are widely distributed around the world ( As shown in the figure below ). Test network miners get different scores after creating nodes , The main network stage can be used to exchange BZZ. The online time of the main network is uncertain .



build swarm Test nodes have evolved into a hot business . A number of swarm Miners are selling to retail investors swarm The node of , The selling price of a single node is different , But mainly in 10000-30000 Between .

Besides , Not long ago, there were a lot of money circle proxy investors subscribing for resale institutional investors bzz share , Over the counter private placement bzz Our price has reached 30 Over US dollars . If according to bzz The average price of private placement 0.25 In dollars , The profits of early institutional investors have reached 100 times .

Early investors sell private equity shares 、 Retail investors are snapping up outside the market BZZ Share or swarm Test node 、 Miners actively participate in the test network and sell swrm node , The seemingly contradictory phenomenon is worth pondering .Swarm Is it really worth investing in ? Before I answer that question , Think about the following three questions .

Swarm The economic model is not clear

From the present Swarm Information published , Less can be found about economic models .BZZ Initial release 6250 m ( Initial release , There may be additional issues ), The distribution is as follows :


Swarm The foundation will initially issue BZZ Medium 50% For fundraising ,20% Give it to the team . And didn't see BZZ Assigned to the miners in the mine , This is quite different from the route of many other storage projects .

The economic model determines the life and death of a blockchain project to a certain extent . that ,BZZ stay swarm What is positioning in the network , What role to play ? What's the value ? from swarm There is no explanation in the published white paper , But this time BZZ The sale of private placement money is extremely hot , There are great risks hidden in the unclear economic model .

The mining mechanism is uncertain

At present, the test network stage ,Swarm As long as a connection is established between the nodes of the network , You have a chance to get a check , And then exchange BZZ. Checks of different denominations , It means exchange BZZ The probability is different .

Swarm The mechanism of the test network , It gives miners a better chance to cheat . It is reported that , because BZZ Nodes don't need to take up too much storage and computing resources , therefore Swarm Miners are running multiple virtual machines on one machine , Run multiple swarm node . And then different nodes connect to each other , To get more tickets . It means , Miners run Swarm The cost of nodes is very low , A lot of retail miners bought it Swarm node , It's not independent swarm mill .

from swarm It's learned in our public monthly , There are some differences between the future main network and the test network . At the beginning of the network, we will choose from the nodes of the test network 35 A node with high connectivity as “ queen bee ” node ,“ queen bee ” Nodes are the main force of the network , Guarantee the stability of the network .

The future main network stage , You will select... From the nodes of the test network 35 A node with high connectivity as “ queen bee ” node ,“ queen bee ” Nodes are the main force of the network , Guarantee the stability of the network .Swarm Miners have nothing to do with “ queen bee ” Node connectivity , It works , This is quite different from the current test network mechanism .

Whether the main network stage needs to store data , Whether it takes up too much computing resources , Whether the bandwidth requirements of nodes are adjusted or not determines the configuration of mining machines . Buy virtual machine nodes that are popular in the current market , How long does it take , It's like being unable to evaluate .

Swarm Is there any value in the application of

From Ethereum , For Ethereum Ecology dapp Provide data storage and shared bandwidth services , This is the response of the outside world to swarm The cognition of location .swarm As a storage protocol adapted to Ethereum , Consensus process 、 The infrastructure is based on Ethereum . That means ,swarm There are limits to the generality of .

Swarm More similar to IPFS agreement +filecoin, More suitable for thermal data storage , More dependent on bandwidth resources , It will be of great significance to Dapp Data transmission and storage produce great value . But at the moment Dapp The number and size of data are limited to a certain extent by the performance of Ethereum public chain .

in addition , Ethereum has supported in the data layer IPFS agreement , The data on Ethereum can be stored in IPFS The Internet ( Not filecoin The Internet )Swarm To a certain extent, it is related to IPFS There is a competitive relationship in the agreement .

How to determine their own positioning and application scenarios , Better data storage service for Ethereum , And accept the challenge of external competitors , It will be Swarm Continuing problems . At the same time, how to empower its service to token BZZ On , To determine the BZZ The long-term value of .

However , At the business level ,Swarm Data storage and bandwidth sharing services have not been carried out yet ,BZZ You can't capture value ; At the level of consensus mechanism ,BZZ How to participate in mining 、 Consensus is not clear ;BZZ How to support the short-term value of the enterprise only by consensus , Who will be the main force of this support ?

Back to the title of this article ,Swarm Mining investment or not . Benefits and risks often coexist , Based on the Swarm Public information , Please confirm whether you can accept many uncertainties , Unclear risk points . Behind the parrot , The Miner you bought may be someone else's harvester .

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