Overview of arbitrum application Ecology: what are the current major defi stations?

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overview arbitrum application ecology current

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high GAS Costs and network congestion , bring DeFi and DEX Class applications have an increasingly strong demand for Ethereum expansion , The etheric fang Layer2 The expansion plan has really entered the white hot competition .

From the early Optimistic、zkSync Up to now, it's very hot Arbitrum as well as Polygon, Decentralized exchanges and DeFi The project side has to choose among these solutions “ Gamble ”. and Arbitrum It may be the first one to realize large-scale application Layer2 programme .

5 month 29 Japan ,Uniswap The community ended voting , So close to 100% The approval rating of was passed in Arbitrum Deploy Uniswap v3 Proposal for .

According to the previous Uniswap founder Hayden Adams Commitment ,Uniswap The development team will be in Arbitrum Deploy Uniswap v3.

Compound Of the founders Robert Leshner Express :“ No one knows which network is more attractive , If Uniswap Only decided to deploy in Optimism, result Arbitrum Is the most popular Rollup programme , That's good for the competition ……

But will v3 Deployed in Arbitrum, Uniswap It doesn't need to change any contract to solve the problem in a short time Gas The question of cost .

after SushiSwap Also announced in Arbitrum Upper Department . As early as this year 2 month 7 Japan , be known as “cryto_navi” Our community members are in SushiSwap Forum release “ stay Arbitrum Rollup Deploy SushiSwap” Proposal for , There was also a vote , The support rate reached 89%.

Such as Uniswap etc. DeFi Big deal players start to choose between different Layer2 In the plan “ little ”, On the one hand, it comes from the urgency of the current expansion demand , On the other hand, it's like Robert Leshner said , Now no one is sure which expansion plan is better .

But if the project side chooses only one or wrong , It's an opportunity for competitors . It's not so much a choice , It's better to say that Layer2 The expansion plan is a contest between them .

Arbitrum Why is it the first one that can be applied on a large scale Layer2 programme ?

Layer2 The capacity expansion technology is mainly divided into state channel 、 Side chain (Sidechain)、Plasma、Optimistic Rollup、ZK Rollup、Vadium etc. .

In the Middle East: ,Rollup It's the most popular and the most likely expansion solution at present .Vitalik stay 《Rollups Incomplete summary guide 》 About ,Rollups Compared with the previous Layer2 The plan is different .

It can support universal EVM Code , This allows existing applications to migrate easily , It's still an early Technology , But it's growing fast .

Arbitrum It's also Rollup One of the , It is Offchain Labs The team is based on Optimistic Rollup Technology creates .

At present, the test network has been released V4 edition , This is a candidate for the future main network .Arbitrum Built on Ethereum , utilize L1、L2 The ability to communicate between , Theoretically, any form of Ethereum assets can be transferred between the first and second layers without trust .

It is worth noting that , although Arbitrum The deal is still going on in Ethereum , But because of Arbitrum Only submit the original transaction data to Ethereum , Execution and contract storage take place under the chain , So compared to the Ethereum main network ,Arbitrum The cost of GAS It costs very little .

This and Arbitrum At the beginning of the design, the principles are consistent .

Arbitrum Rollup Founding partner Ed Felten Express ,Arbitrum The agreement follows three core principles :

First, it's compatible with Ethereum ;

Secondly, let as many transactions as possible be executed under the Ethereum chain ( save GAS fee );

Finally, there's no need to trust , That means it's like in Ethereum's main network , Anyone can make the chain do the right thing .

It's not easy to achieve these three points , This will involve the game between safety and efficiency .Arbitrum Reduce GAS The core of the fee is to send and store different data to different blockchains , This is also the current Rollup The program reduces GAS The main way to spend money .

For example, the transaction data submitted by users is stored on the Ethereum chain , In order to ensure that the content of the transaction is open and transparent , But the computation and storage involved in the exchange will be placed in Arbitrum, It is carried out under the Ethereum chain .

But there are security problems with this solution , That is, how to ensure that the data sent to the Ethereum chain is safe ?

What we rely on here is Arbitrum Security mechanism , It's the key to scalability .ArbitrumRollup The chain consists of multiple rounds of interaction Optimistic Rollup Agreement .

Any user can submit a report about Rollup Assertion of chain execution . Before the assertion is submitted to Layer1 The Ethereum chain will enter the challenge period , Any other user can challenge the correctness of the assertion .

If someone raises a question , The dispute will be mediated by Ethereum , Honest users are rewarded . To encourage integrity , The Challenger will place a deposit , Once the dispute fails , Their deposit will be confiscated .

comparison Optimism programme ,Arbitrum Another big advantage is full compatibility EVM, Support any EVM Language (vyper、YUL+ etc. ).

Fully compatible with EVM What does it mean ?dForce Founder Yang mindao talked about in his circle of friends :“Optimism no 100% compatible EVM It's a major strategic misjudgment , Not to mention the delayed launch of the market , These people don't understand ,99.9% Compatible and 100% Incompatibility is one thing .”

Besides ,ArbitrumRollup founder Steven Goldfeder It has been revealed that there will be a ZK Rollup Researchers from the University of California joined Arbitrum The team , This means Arbitrum Maybe the future will integrate ZK Rollup technology .

ZK Rollup By introducing zero knowledge proof technology , Thus, all calculations can be performed in batches under the chain , Just submit a zero knowledge proof to Ethereum for verification ( Ethereum will verify these proofs ), And store enough data to accurately judge the status of the account under the chain , It has Ethereum level security .

He thinks that ZK Rollup The advantage of cash transfer is the rapid confirmation of cash withdrawal , There's no need to wait for that, whether it's Arbitrum Or is there no other solution available at present .

In the long run , If Ethereum wants to be widely used , Realization EVM Compatibility ,ZK Rollup The solution is a better choice , It's just that the time span will grow to a few years or even longer .

and Arbitrum What we have done is to meet the current demand of Ethereum expansion , And that's why it's now all kinds of DeFi The reason for the choice of agreement .

Main stream DeFi Protocol selection team Arbitrum

Except for what was mentioned at the beginning of the article Uniswap v3 as well as SushiSwap And so on Arbitrum, Mainstream exchanges OKEx Also announced with Arbitrum R & d team Offchain Labs cooperation .

Will support its users without having to work with Ethereum Layer1 You can interact directly in Arbitrum Recharge and withdrawal on the main network , And without Ethereum Gas fee .

Ouyi OKEx Express , about Arbitrum This kind of two-tier network innovation technology ,OKEx Always have an open and positive attitude , Help them test with more users , This cooperation will ease the blockage of Ethereum ecosystem and promote Ethereum's development Rollup Development plan for the focus .

At present, there are a number of application projects supporting and integrating Arbitrum, Including wallets 、 Developer tools and all kinds of DeFi Application facilities , The overall category and quantity of ecological applications are quite considerable .



DeFi Applications mainly cover decentralized exchanges 、 Automated market maker Services 、 Decentralized regulatory platform 、NFT Games, cross chain transfers, etc .

Among them, decentralized perpetual contracts and futures exchanges MCDEX It was the first to adopt Arbitrum The expansion project , Until now, the exchange has been Arbitrum Test running online ,5 month 28 in Arbitrum Main network deployment MCDEX v3.

MCDEX choice Arbitrum Why , In addition to multiple rounds of interactive fraud proof to reduce costs 、 Fully compatible with EVM outside .

There are two other reasons .

One is compared with Optimism,Arbitrum Provide more detailed documentation 、 Code and unlicensed test networks ;

Two is Arbitrum The sequencer model introduced allows users to Layer2 Quick confirmation of transaction status on .

RollupArbitrum The wallet applications supported on include MetaMask、MathWallet、Formatic、portis、WalletConnect and Burner Wallet etc. .

Rollup On developer tools ,Arbitrum Including the blockchain data index project The Graph、Web3 Blockchain cloud infrastructure platform Ankr、 Ethereum development environment tools Hardhat、 Blockchain data platform Blocknative、ethers.js、web3.js,Brownie And blockchain development platform Alchemy.

Browser aspect ,Arbitrum Recently and Etherscan Achieve cooperation ,Etherscan Will be for Arbitrum Developing browsers , The browser is expected to be launched in 7 The development will be completed by the end of this month .

Besides ,Arbitrum The oracle of cooperation is Chainlink. Whereas Chainlink Market share and position in the field of Oracle , It may affect the selection of other Oracle teams in the future .

Arbitrum Technology is now available Arbitrum One.Arbitrum The contract is deployed on the Ethereum main network , Has started testing the project , At present, it is in the main network testing stage .

Arbitrum Official expression , There are currently more than 250 A team applied to enter , It's open to all developers . For some time to come , There will be more and more DeFi The project will join Arbitrum ecology .

It should be noted that , Even now there is a lot of project support Arbitrum, That doesn't mean Arbitrum The final winner .

Layer2 There are more and more competitors now , Technically, everyone is in the exploratory stage , The so-called winner take all situation has not yet been formed . Even this game is just the beginning .

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