Stricter supervision and intensified "freeze card"

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stricter supervision intensified freeze card

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recently , China's regulatory authorities have issued strong regulatory signals one after another , The price of bitcoin has undergone the biggest adjustment this year . After the financial committee meeting set the tone , Inner Mongolia quickly issued local rules to crack down on virtual currency mining , The content is quite severe , Forcing many mining machinery manufacturers “ Sea ”. Outside the mining sector ,“ Frozen card ” More and more frequently .

“ Excuse me, , It's frozen ?”


There are hundreds of netizens gathered in a rights group , There are bank cards frozen 、 There are also exchange accounts frozen 、 There are also some reasons 5 month 19 The collapse of the Japanese stock exchange led to the burst of positions , Recently, news keeps coming every day “ lively ” extraordinary .

“ My Alipay has also been frozen , That's it .” Friends help me ,“ Liaison bank 、 The police station doesn't work either , Just wait . It's as short as three days , For half a year . Maybe I want you to take notes in person .”

“XX I suggest we stop playing , My account has also been frozen , I just charge money, not cash , Say I have abnormal running water . I only charged 15 It was frozen the next day , The frozen police station is Jinggangshan, Jiangxi Province , Call to say there is something abnormal in the running water .” It's not just this group friend who's been frozen , It's not just this exchange .


“ stay XX Why are so many difficult friends frozen , You can't withdraw money , You can't sell money ?”5 End of month , There are dozens more people in the group , After launching Solitaire, there was 20 A group of friends whose accounts were frozen filled in their personal information and amount :



The group friends who have been frozen ask the staff of the exchange , The answer is “ Your account is frozen by the police .” I was told that I need to ask the customer service for , And looking for customer service consultation, the expected queuing time is 6 hours . I was in the police station before “ Frozen card ” Of , Account management is in the hands of the exchange , It's the first time I've heard that my account has been frozen by the police station , The group also said they had never heard of it .



Several virtual currency exchanges in China , In fact as early as 2017 year 9 month 4 After the regulatory storm in Japan “ Sea ”, Moving servers overseas , But Chinese users can still trade on exchanges through the Internet .

According to the The Block Research data display , By 5 month 27 Japan , Stable US dollar and breakthrough in supply of currency 1 Billions of dollars ,USDT About occupy 62%,USDC About occupy 20.42%,BUSD About occupy 8.89%.2021 Early to 4 month 30 Japan ,USDT There are a lot of transactions on the chain 1.01 Thousands of dollars . We don't know how much trading volume Chinese users contributed , But some stable currency transactions have become a convenient means of money laundering .

An exchange official said , At present, the main channels of using virtual currency to launder money are “ Running platform ”.“ Running platform ” Hanging on the gaming platform or other APP Entrance , Aggregate third party payments 、 Cooperative banks and other service providers , Use the leased bank card and payment account to recharge the gambling money , Using flexible employment platform to withdraw cash in China , Cross border cash withdrawal by using underground banks and virtual stable currency . Stable currency , It's become one of these platforms “ New favorite ”.

2021 year 5 month 18 Japan , Chinese Finance Association of Internet 、 China Banking Association 、 China payment and clearing Association jointly issued 《 Notice on preventing the risk of speculation in virtual currency transactions 》, Clearly crack down on and restrict the exchange business of virtual currency transactions , Financial institutions are required to 、 Payment institutions and other member units shall not carry out business related to virtual currency .

5 month 21 Japan , The Finance Committee of the State Council held a meeting to emphasize that , Cracking down on bitcoin mining and trading , We should firmly guard against the transmission of individual risks to the social field .

More and more crimes are committed by using virtual currency , Public security operations are also increasing .2021 year 5 month 12 Japan , Hangzhou Xihu District People's court tried Zhao Dong, a well-known OTC trader, for suspected illegal business operation 、 Help the crime of information network crime , Get the attention of the industry . As report goes , The prosecutor simply performed his name and ID number in court hearing KYC to examine , And the funds mainly come from overseas gambling platforms “ Run points ” Fourth party payment platform transactions , The lawsuit was explained , It is also recommended that the sentence be fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years , Impose a fine .

A lawyer said ,“ An uninformed trader may be frozen for being involved in money laundering , I took black money, but I didn't know .” Because of the anonymity of virtual currency , Over the counter trading has become a disaster area for black and gray assets such as online gambling , Before that, it has become a key monitoring area of anti money laundering by regulatory authorities , In the near future “ Frozen card ” The phenomenon is even more .

An investor reported that , Wechat payment transaction cannot pay , And the trading function is restricted , The answer of wechat payment is ,“ The current transaction is suspected of fraud risk .”


5 month 19 Japan , After the announcement of the three associations, some exchanges closed the OTC sector . People familiar with the matter said “ It's not that the exchange has been informed by regulators , Closing a deal is an active hedge .

How to “ Antifreeze ” , It has always been a difficult problem in the industry . The threshold for OTC traders to enter is not high , Based on the exchange , Through the collection of sales USDT Profit from the difference between prices , Let this group of people have already become recognized in the circle “ Silence makes a fortune ” Group .

They have a lot of experience in avoiding freezing . When it comes to over-the-counter trading , Businesses will specifically prohibit remarks on digital currency 、 The currency 、USDT Equal word , Otherwise, it will be detected by the bank , Then freeze the card . in addition , Most businesses only accept the deposit in the bank card 3 More than days of funding , And look closer 3~5 Days of bank flow , Do video verification .

There are also a lot of large trading businesses directly choose Offline trading , Even with credit cards ,“ Just empty the credit card , The payment will be paid automatically , It's OK to be frozen , I don't owe you money anyway .”

There are many ways to deal with antifreeze card , But there's no guarantee that it's safe . Many want to recharge 、 The gold diggers kept asking in the group “ Recently, there have been many frozen cards ? Which is not easy to be frozen ?”, Therefore, many foreign businessmen have promised “ Safety guarantee , Frozen card guarantee ”.

The level of China's regulatory stance is unprecedented , But in the face of virtual currency, a new thing of decentralization , The existing regulatory means are unavoidably inadequate . Shut down the mine , There may be more advanced chips in the future , You can use any equipment to dig . Freezing the card is also difficult to completely prohibit the transfer of money from individuals to individuals .

Virtual currency regulation is a global problem , At present, the United States has not yet formed a unified regulatory framework for virtual currency , Scattered proposals have emerged . such as 5 month 20 Japan , The U.S. Treasury said in a tax report that , exceed 1 The $10000 cryptocurrency transfer needs to be reported to the IRS ;5 month 26 Japan , Gary · Gensler said at a congressional hearing , Cryptocurrency regulation , Investors on the cryptocurrency exchange need to enjoy the same protection as on the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ platform .

New things always have many problems , The growth of bitcoin has been accompanied by the regulatory game . Before the rules of the industry are perfected ,“ Frozen card ” I'm afraid the storm will continue ...

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