Chain news ,DeFi Tool development team Gnosis Plans to 2021 year 7 After the London upgrade in mid June , Stop maintaining and supporting the Ethereum client OpenEthereum 3.x, And suggest OpenEthereum 3.x User migration to Erigon ( Formerly known as Turbo-Geth) Ethereum client , also Gnosis The client development team will join after the upgrade in London Erigon . new Erigon Client support OpenEthereum 3.x All the functions currently available on the Ethereum main network , And introduce some new concepts : Modular client design , Realize client side parallel development ; A new way to store Ethereum state 「 flat 」 Model , Less disk space ; Preprocessing data outside the storage engine , Increase the speed of database write operation by an order of magnitude ; Phased synchronization technology , To speed up synchronization .

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