If a separate regulator can't stop musk , What happens when we work together ?

Original title :《 Wall Street watchman VS Cosmonet red :SEC Maybe it's really going to close Musk's social account 》
writing : Maori Goro

The day before yesterday , US local time 1 Daily news , Securities and Exchange Commission SEC Tesla has been warned , Said Tesla did not supervise its CEO Elon Musk's Twitter use , Or will be responsible for Tesla's corporate governance responsibility .

It's impossible to make a personal ban on musk SEC, But to choose the curve to save the country .

Wall Street watchman VS Cosmonet red

It's not just now that the SEC has noticed Musk's , But why now ?

2021 Year begins , The stock market just because Gamestop The problem of stock price manipulation in China has received great attention . Some individual investors use the Internet Reddit Forum Organization , Purchase Gamestop The stock price goes up , Disrupting the short selling plans of big institutions .

Even though SEC Many rounds of rectification and guidance ,Gamestop The valuation of the company has been turbulent , We have to look at the latest 6 Months of data found that , At present, it is still on a daily average 20% The ratio fluctuates from left to right .

 beautiful SEC More regulation , Can musk still 「 Voice control 」 market ?

Then musk tweeted 「Gamestonk」, And attached Reddit Web links for discussion areas .

After this , Securities Regulatory Commission SEC I started to be ruthless to manage social media V The account of . The first one to do it , Of course, it's Musk who's on the cusp of the storm .

Chain got mentioned in the previous article , The United States may usher in a new era 20 The era of the strictest supervision in recent years ,SEC Welcome a new chairman , This is a digital currency expert SEC After the Chairman , The price of bitcoin and other digital currencies has obviously been greatly affected influence .

And the control of public opinion supervision tools , The SFC is also on the agenda ,Gensler Express ,SEC More and more attention is paid to the interaction between social media and market behavior , More and more funds are making investment decisions based on the analysis of online posts and tweets .

Institutional tools used to detect public opinion on social media can lead to market manipulation risks .Gensler According to , He's strengthening SEC Internal monitoring system .

5 At the beginning of ,SEC It means ,「 Bitcoin is too speculative 」

5 month 19 Japan , The European Central Bank ECB The financial stability report data also showed that , The rise of digital currencies in recent months , Already exceeded 1637 Tulip foam .

More than 1720 The South China Sea bubble in the spring and Autumn Period , This is the final name in the early financial history of Europe 「 The three economic bubble 」 And 2 Famous financial cases in China .

Musk and SEC The history of

As cosmonet red , Musk has always played a lot of roles . The future auto daily used statistical tools last year Tweetstats After analyzing Musk's habit of using Twitter and his tendency to post, he also said that , Musk's Twitter 「 Active as a high parody 」.

Bloomberg 2018 year 9 month 28 It's been reported on the 21st , Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) According to the documents submitted to the court , Sue musk for fraud .

At that time, musk tweeted that Tesla would be privatized , Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Sue for misleading investors , After the news got out , Tesla's share price plummeted in after hours trading 13%.

Musk called the charges 「 unreasonable 」, And that he 「 Never hurt 」 My own integrity . He said in a statement :「 I am deeply saddened and disappointed by the unreasonable behavior of the securities and Exchange Commission of the United States .

I always for the truth 、 Transparency and the best interests of investors . Honesty is the most important value in my life , It will prove that I have never compromised in any way .」

Final , Tesla and musk pay separately 2000 Ten thousand dollars and a settlement , however , How can musk give up .

18 year 10 month 24 Japan CNBC It is said that Musk's Twitter account has been temporarily frozen , as a result of Twitter Thought his account had been hacked . The specific reason , We all have a smile .

A year later ,2020 year 5 month 1 Japan , Musk said 「 in my opinion , Tesla's share price is too high 」, Voice has just fallen. , Tesla shares fell more than 11%, The market value evaporated 140 Billion dollars .

also , Local time 2020 year 6 month 4 Day and 2021 year 2 month 2 Japan , Musk announced himself 「 Quit twitter for a while 」, Every time I come back quickly . But after every tweet , Tesla's share price 、 Market value of bitcoin 、 The fluctuation of dog currency , There was a big shock .

 beautiful SEC More regulation , Can musk still 「 Voice control 」 market ?

This year, 2 End of month , Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Stepping in and investigating Tesla CEO Elon · musk (Elon Musk) Whether it is suspected of using its personal social media account influence to manipulate Dog Coin and other cryptocurrencies .

Musk repeatedly tweeted about the event of Dog Coin platform , It's a hot topic in the currency circle all the time ,1 Yuemusk on his own , Raise the price of dog money 5 About times , Market valuation 2 The month has passed 60 Billion dollars .

 beautiful SEC More regulation , Can musk still 「 Voice control 」 market ?

SEC Can you seal Musk's mouth ?

Permanent title , Not new ,2021 year 1 month 8 Japan , Twitter announced a permanent ban on the account of former US President trump ( He was still in office ), Previous 6 The day begins , His account has been frozen .

Twitter presentation , The latest tweets from Trump's account and related information have been carefully reviewed , Given the risk of further incitement to violence , Twitter decided to permanently ban Trump's account .

Facebook CEO zuckerberg 7 It's also announced on May 15 , Shielding Trump's Facebook And its photo sharing website Instagram account number , At least to 1 month 20 Until the end of his term of office .

therefore , The title is possible , Whether it's the president of the United States or a passer-by , The main , How to find the reason . and , It's not just the regulators who want to shut him up .

In recent days, ,Facebook Flag WhatsApp Because of the modification of the user confidentiality terms, it has attracted attention , Musk tweeted that 「 Let's use it Signal Well 」.

Signal yes WhatsApp One of the most competitive products , musk 4200 Ten thousand fans are obviously affected ,Signal Tweet in Musk 4 It will be added in a few days 500 Million user registration , Even unrelated Texas Medical Device Manufacturers Signal Advance The stock price of the company soared in three working days 60 More than times .

The National Council on Industrial Relations NLRB It seems that a breakthrough has been found some time ago . This year, 3 month 25 Japan ,NLRB Ruled that Tesla violated labor law many times , Organize staff activities , Ordered musk to delete himself 3 Tweets a year ago .

The tweet suggests that if employees join a union , We're going to give up stock option benefits .NLRB It also asked Tesla to withdraw its license 2016 Part of the 2005 confidentiality agreement , These contents are not allowed according to the United States 《 National labor relations law 》 The first 7 And the 8 To carry out lawful activities related to trade unions .

If a separate regulator can't stop musk , What happens when we work together ?

It is imperative to strengthen the supervision of digital currency in the United States . Not only is it SEC,5 The U.S. trend in May shows that , U.S. currency general verification office OCC、 The Federal Reserve (FRB) And the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Executives join hands for the first time , Set up a supervision and management group of the Provincial Department of digital currency , And held the first meeting .