More and more DEX Start focusing on UI Interface innovation , This will help DeFi Get more momentum .

Original title :《 analyse DEX Innovative experiment of interface layer :Slingshot and DexGuru》
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This year, 3 month , The parent company DCG I'm writing about it and its investment strategy , The interface layer and middleware layer are the key investment direction , The former refers to the integration of middleware 、 Projects with experience friendly front end , It's about aggregation DEX project Slingshot.

In the near future ,Slingshot Now online Polygon The Internet , Its UI Interface converges with other mainstream DEX There are obvious differences , At the same time, another similar DEX project DexGuru It's also online , In this article, chain catcher will introduce these two main user-friendly interfaces in detail DEX project .


Slingshot Born in Concourse Open community , The community is also known for creating DeFi Data Statistics website DeFi Pulse The team .Slingshot The predecessor is the aggregation transaction protocol on the chain DEX.AG , It was announced last year that 310 Ten thousand dollars later, it was renamed Slingshot. This round of financing is funded by Framework Ventures Lead investment ,Coinbase Ventures、Winklevoss Capital、Digital Currency Group And other well-known investment institutions .

According to the data ,Slingshot With its consumer oriented brands and products , With its DEX polymerization API And novel on chain protocols , Will attract traders and novices to use its many in one DeFi platform . Online Polygon After the network ,Slingshot And plans to support Arbitrum And so on .

DeFi New drivers of growth : analysis Slingshot And DexGuru Interface layer innovation experiment

According to the observation of the chain catcher ,Slingshot The main features of the transaction interface are as follows :

First of all , Users can directly add and fix the target token in the left list , Instead of looking for tokens in the drop-down list every time you click on the transaction box , Simplify the user's transaction steps .

second , Integration of multiple transaction data , many DEX Only the transaction data will be displayed in a separate interface , and Slingshot In the transaction interface, the... Of the target currency is directly displayed 24 Hourly trading volume 、 The latest transaction history 、 Prices go up and down 、K Lines, etc , It is more conducive for users to make trading decisions .

Overall speaking ,Slingshot The logic of the trading page is more similar to that of a centralized exchange , Layout all kinds of transaction data around the target currency , At the same time, it supports the transaction between the target currency and any currency , It's more user-friendly to the custom centralized exchange .


DexGuru It's also a decentralized trading aggregation platform , from founder Nick Sawinyh found , Support users in Ethereum main network 、BSC、Polygon Wait for the network to aggregate transactions , This year, 4 In may 100 US $10000 seed round financing ,ParaFi Capital Lead investment , Participants include Lemniscap、The LAO、Divergence Ventures、BitScale etc. .

According to the introduction ,DexGuru The interface innovation of is embodied in the combination of analysis and research tools and transaction execution function , The real-time data of each market on the chain is completely integrated in one UI in .DexGuru Our goal is to establish DeFi In the field of 「 Bloomberg Terminal 」, Presenting market data on the chain in an operational and insightful way , Help traders analyze and EVM Compatible data in the main blockchain .

To be specific ,DexGuru The trading interface of is mainly divided into four sections , The top navigation bar 、 Left liquidity bar 、 The middle trading column and the right trading data column , At the same time, most of the information also revolves around the target currency .

DeFi New drivers of growth : analysis Slingshot And DexGuru Interface layer innovation experiment

On the top navigation bar , The user can choose the target currency , And check the market value of the currency 、 circulation 、 website 、 Twitter, etc , Help you learn more about token information ;

In the liquidity column on the left , Users can view the total liquidity on the chain of the target currency , And the increase of liquidity pool including this currency / Exit message ;

In the central trading column , Users can view information similar to a centralized exchange K Line graph , You can also choose other currencies to K Line trend comparison , And taking notes 、 Set the color size and other functions . stay K Below the line , Users can choose any token to buy / Selling and so on .

On the right side of the trading data bar , Users can view the chain transaction volume of the currency 、 Trading history and K Line trend . It is worth noting that ,DexGuru The type of the transaction initiation address will also be marked , It's about the past 30 The daily trading volume is 1-10 Thousands of dollars 、10 ten thousand -50 Thousands of dollars 、 exceed 50 Every $10000 address has a specific icon , It can help users to judge the token transactions 、 Capital changes in the chain 、 Whale overweight and directional market sentiment based on different types of traders .

overall ,DexGuru Provides a ratio Slingshot More diverse information data , But the interface is more complicated , The target group is more likely to be professional chain traders .

Now ,Uniswap The mainstream of DEX Still focused on liquidity 、 Capital utilization efficiency and other factors , And more and more DEX It's also starting to focus on UI Interface innovation , It will also help DeFi Get more momentum .

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