Dry goods: similarities and differences between optimization and arbitrum

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dry goods similarities differences optimization

Original title :《 The popular science | OptimismPBC vs Arbitrum》

author : Kris Kaczor

So let's see Optimism and Arbitrum Between Common ground

· All belong to Rollup, It's real Layer 2 programme , Store all transaction data in Layer 1 On

·  All are 「 Optimistic (optimistic)」, namely , Using fraud proof

·  They all use sequencers to achieve instant 「 deterministic 」

·  They all have common cross chain messaging functions , Can be used to build advanced token bridges , Such as  @MakerDAO  The fast cash bridge :https://forum.makerdao.com/t/announcing-the-optimism-dai-bridge-with-fast-withdrawals/6938

Next is the play —— Difference .Optimism and Arbitrum The biggest difference between them is the implementation of fraud proof mechanism , namely , After a deal is executed , If the status is controversial, how to solve it ?

Optimism Using a single round of fraud proof . in other words ,Layer 1 Will execute the entire... On the chain Layer 2 transaction , To verify the state root . This makes the fraud proof instant , This is the advantage .

however , There are also some problem

·  You need to supervise the execution of the deal , To do this, you need to use OVM( It's rewritten to avoid side effects EVM)

· Layer 2 Traded gas The amount used shall not exceed Layer 1 block gas ceiling

·  Every transaction executed , You need to generate state roots on the chain —— Cause costs to rise :(

There are safety risks

Arbitrum Using multiple rounds of fraud proof . Simply speaking , It's a binary search , Find the first opcode of the block that caused the disagreement . After finding it , Just execute the opcode on the chain .

Research on multi round fraud proof Advantages as follows :

·  It just needs to generate a proof of status for a whole batch of transactions , And publish it on the chain

· Layer 1 block gas The ceiling doesn't matter , because Layer 2 The deal is not entirely in Layer 1 On the implementation

Drawbacks as follows :

· need EVM -> AVM translate ( Fortunately, it's automatic )

·  slowly —— In the worst case , It takes up to 2 Weeks to complete the fraud proof . It's actually a week .

·  Need the original teller online and cooperate with

Think about it in another way ,Optimism It's containerized , and Arbitrum It's virtualized .

Optimism There's a big drawback to our approach . Imagine , If there is a hard bifurcation , Leading to changes in Ethereum consensus rules , The opcode is deleted / Repricing or modifying . At this time , Suddenly Layer 1 Re executing past transactions on the Internet will result in a completely different final state . I don't know Optimism How the team will solve this problem , But I think they will come up with a way by that day .Arbitrum Complete control of AVM standard , So don't worry about it .

Both projects try to be as close to the Ethereum ecosystem as possible , But there are some differences . in general , You can still use what you know and EVM Related tools (solidity、hardhat and waffle etc. ). But it's not that simple .

Optimism Need a special solidity Compiler to generate OVM Bytecode . therefore , It only works with Solidity, And it's a specific version of Solidity compatible . On the other hand ,Optimism Of Layer 2 Nodes are just modified geth client , The purpose of the modification is to improve compatibility .

On the surface ,Arbitrum Fully compatible with EVM/JSON RPC standard , But its nodes are custom implementations .Arbitrum Through automated EVM-> AVM Translation to support fraud proof . therefore , It supports any EVM Language (vyper、YUL+ etc. ).

Optimism Use weth, And the built-in wallet is abstract .Arbitrum Bring their own ETH Support .

Arbitrum Provide a unified license free bridge , To achieve any token and Layer 2 Bridge between ( It deployed a universal ERC20 The contract serves as Layer 2 The other side ).

Optimism I prefer special bridges , But in the Optimism It's also possible to build a universal bridge on the Internet . On this point ,@dmihal  Know more about ;)

The last difference is online implementation .Arbitrum It will be online at the end of this month 「 The main network for developers 」,Optimism Wait until 7 month .

If you want to learn more , I suggest you watch this show by  @stonecoldpat0  Presided over by  @karl_dot_tech  and  @hkalodner  Friendly debate between .

As far as I'm concerned , I'm very supportive of both projects . I can't wait to see their main Internet lines . The entire Ethereum community needs the right Layer 2 programme , Instead of an extensible side chain .

If you want to understand Optimism Bridge example , You can see  https://github.com/makerdao/optimism-dai-bridge. We're going to release compatibility next week Arbitrum Version of .

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