Looking forward to the future of platform public chain through Ethereum expansion 2.0

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looking forward future platform public

5 month 28 Japan , Layer2 The Internet Arbitrum Open the main network to developers , There is no difference for a while , Become a hot spot and focus . It's not officially launched yet Plasma, Plus the recent explosive growth that has been launched before Polygon, Layer2 Once again, it's the highlight of the year , Of course , The premise of all this is Ethereum 2.0 The expansion is really implemented .

The etheric fang (Ethereum) As an open source public blockchain platform with smart contract function , Provide people with decentralized virtual machines to handle point-to-point contracts . With the development of blockchain Technology , And people's credibility with decentralization 、 Trust in transparency functions , All kinds of applications based on Ethereum and other public chains have witnessed explosive growth , This year, whether it is built on the public chain defi still NFT This innovative application has become a new hot spot and technological breakthrough point , There are indications that , The development and application of new blockchain technologies are gradually approaching the real economy , Especially with the help of NFT The uniqueness and uniqueness of this non homogenous general syndrome , Build bridges inside and outside the chain . at present ,NFT Our technical support is only in the game 、 Works of art, etc , But its tentacles have begun to extend to the solid , And keep trying to get through NFT Technology Maps entity products into the blockchain .


Of course , All good premises , There must be a big platform that can carry the century level technology . But actually , We found that the public blockchain platform with smart contract function represented by Ethereum has many shortcomings , It's what people call the pain point , In short , Only Ethereum deals GAS Cost, for example, is not just a pain point , It's very painful ! Although there are many smart contract functions, the public chain imitates Ethereum , Even claimed that the public chain 2.0、3.0, Beyond Ethereum TPS, But so far , No matter how much people criticize , Even if it's shouting about the pain in the flesh , We still have to build applications on the Ethereum platform .

In fact, there are several opinions , One is to start again , Completely build a new public chain . These husband chains represented by Ethereum are from the beginning of their birth , Due to the limitation of technical conditions ,POW The workload proved to be very energy intensive , meanwhile , Low efficiency , This has caused frequent congestion and transaction costs in Ethereum and other public chains GAS stay in a high position without going down . In this reality , Platform public chains that claim to replace Ethereum are springing up , But the reality is brutal , Most of these public chains dissipate or survive , Even grapefruit, which was very popular at that time, is half dead now . What grapefruit calls innovation , Improve TPS, It's based on 21 On the basis of a super node , This is the key to the criticism , It greatly reduces the effect of decentralization . Of course , The waves behind push the waves ahead , The front wave is on the beach , Whenever Ethereum's congestion is unbearable , Then a lot of new public chains will emerge . Of course , We hope that with the innovation and development of blockchain Technology , Can create disruptive technologies , Without changing decentralization and security , Microsecond or even more advanced TPS, The emergence of this new technology , It will inevitably promote the birth of phenomenal applications , At that time, the whole world will travel freely in the blockchain , It will also promote the seamless connection between the real world and virtual reality .

The second is based on the original public chain technology for continuous upgrading and expansion . With the rapid development of technology and application in the block , Although Ethereum is one of the most popular blockchain networks , But it's 1.0 Version in terms of transaction speed , It still can't compete with mainstream competitors . by comparison , at present Ethereum The network can handle 3000 transaction , and Visa It can be processed per second 15000 transaction , This trading frequency is what we often talk about TPS. With ETH 2.0 Launch , Its trading speed will increase exponentially .Ethereum Of Vitalik Buterin In the face of Eth 2.0 In the introduction of , In the first phase of implementation , Its trading speed will increase to 100,000 TPS. But we know that even though 2.0 It's from POW The workload proves to be POS The transformation of proof of interest , But at the same time of increasing the speed of trading , It must be an improvement based on loss security and decentralized performance . meanwhile , The etheric fang 2.0 It's a long time to expand and upgrade , The process is difficult , Up to now, it hasn't really landed completely .


The third is born out of public chain technology , Build a new blockchain technology platform . For example, the current hot DFINITY, Is working on building distributed Internet computers . use DFINITY Founder and chief scientist of the foundation Dominic Williams Saying : Blockchain Internet computer is the third great innovation of blockchain . The first is bitcoin ; The second innovation is Ethereum , It builds a smart contract platform , It also promotes decentralized finance DeFi The revolution of ; This is the third major innovation , Blockchain Internet computers . because DFINITY Just set up , How about its scalability and application performance , It's up to people to do research , Leave it to time to verify .

Of course, we have reason to believe that , The continuous development and upgrading of blockchain technology , The outbreak of blockchain public chain platform will be a great integration of real economy and blockchain technology .

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